Corruption and Citizen Responsibility!

A 74 year old staunch Gandhian, donning the “Gandhi” topi was on indefinite fast for 12 days, so that you and me can live peacefully in a “corrupt free” India. The government first ignored and undermined his “anti corruption” movement, thinking that it will “pass”. But, millions of Indians in India, as well as across the globe made sure that they proved the government’s instincts wrong, and sent across a strong message to the government saying “Enough is Enough”! Millions of Indians marched across various parts of India, as well as different parts of the globe: New York,California, Dallas, London,Singapore, Australia, etc, donning the Gandhian topi, and holding candles in their hands, expressing solidarity to Anna’s movement against corruption. After the government’s unfolding “high voltage drama” of  numerous “U-turns”, foiled attempts of Anna’s “character assassinations”, abuses, apologies,”Anna’s arrest & release”, etc,the Govt had to finally “give in” to,what is termed as “Second Freedom Struggle” by some Indians.

Now that Anna’s three conditions are being sent to standing committee, will this corruption end? Hypothetically after this bill,becomes a law, will corruption end? After millions stormed the streets,in support of Anna, after the mombattiwalas have burned millions of mombattis, have we uprooted corruption? Assuming that the Tihar jail, will display the sign board “House Full” after all the corrupt officials, traitors, money launderers have graced it, can we proudly say that we live in a “corrupt free India”? I doubt it!

Ask yourself, are you not directly or indirectly involved in any corruption, EVER, in any walk of your life? The main reason for corruption being so rampant in India, is that, it is not only government officials or politicians who are corrupt, but also, WE as Citizens, acting as a “catalyst” to it, there by, making corruption existent in various spheres and circles of various radii of our lives!!

What can WE, as citizens, DO to curb and uproot corruption?

1) STOP “Greasing palms”Need a “driver’s license”? Afraid of flunking the license exam? What is the easiest way out? Catch hold of the broker, “grease” his palms, and voila!! You will get your driver’s license in a “jiffy”!

Did the traffic cop stop you for over speeding or breaking traffic rules or for not wearing helmet or jumping traffic signals or shifting lanes? or didn’t you carry your legitimate driver’s license or RTO certificate or emission certificate or insurance on your vehicle, when the traffic cop stopped you for “routine checks”? Is your hand itching now to “grease” the cop’s palm with some “moola” and slide away?

 You have to get your job done at government office, you faint seeing the long bee line, or even your work demands you to make multiple trips to the office, you are thinking of ways to get the job done,sans multiple trips, more effectively,easily and faster. Is your brain hinting to “grease” the government officials’ palms?

2) STOP “Influencing”You have a low score,which does not facilitate you to get into a renowned college or you did not pass a job interview? No worry, Money and influence speaks!! You have connections with “big bulls” in this industry? or are your bank accounts “overflowing” with cash?? Why not “use” your hard earned money to get into some renowned college or school on “management quota”? or why not even use your connections, to “influence” you or your kids to get a job offer, thus depriving the eligible candidate of his/her worth?

3) STOP “Dowry” practice You may ask me how does “dowry” lead to corruption? Yes, it is corruption! Taking or giving “cash” or “kind” for any “purpose” amounts to CORRUPTION! I have heard many inane arguments by some guys where “dowry” is prevalent in their religion or community. Their argument is:  “Whatever we take in cash/kind or gold from our father-in-law, will be used for our wife only” or “it will be moved within our own community”! Really dude?! Are you not MAN enough to earn your own bread and feed it to your wife and children? Do you need your “father-in-law’s” money to feed your family?!!! And what do you guys do after taking dowry? Do you and your parents treat her like “Queen”? If so, why are dowry deaths,suicides and harassment cases so prominent? Parties who “give” dowry are equally wrong, compared to parties who “demand” dowry. It is a market, if there is demand, there is supply; converse also holds good.

I m planning to write a separate blog post on “dowry”, will cover more points there. 🙂

4) STOP “Female infanticide Desperately need a boy child? Your doctor,who is not supposed to legally reveal the sex of your child,during your pregnancy, informed you stealthily that it is a girl child? What is the best way out? “Female infanticide”! You will be shocked to know that this practice is not only existent in poor,uneducated classes, but also in rich, educated classes who are “boy child maniacs”! Other reasons leading to “female infanticides” may be because of “rapes”, “dowry”, “acid attacks” being so rampant. Parents feel it is more safer and cheaper to have a “boy child” than a “girl child”, due to the above stated reasons!

Do you know that in USA, it is legal for the doctors to inform the sex of the child to their parents in the fifth month itself? That’s because, “female infanticide” is non-existent there!

“Female infanticide” is also a long pending blog post of mine. 🙂 🙂

5) STOP “Income tax” avoidanceYou earn more money than you can actually hold? or are you greedy to hold all your money to yourself? What do you do? Catch hold of your kith and kin in “income tax” department, or even a CA, who can help you file wrong affidavits of your salary,so that you end up paying “peanuts” as your Income tax? Same thing holds good for “property taxes”. Pay your taxes properly on time for better India!


6) STOP relaxing on “Election Day”I have personally known many people, who “chill out” on election day. They relax at home,munching snacks, lying like “couch potatoes” on their couches, “glued to” their idiot boxes, resembling idiots,themselves, and watching a movie marathon or cricket match. When asked why they are not participating in voting, their common excuse is: “I do not believe in democracy”! Really dude, then what do you believe in? Mubarak’s or Gadafi’s regime? Do you want some dictator to rule over you, who will gun you down if you dare to speak or protest? You should be proud that your country is the largest democratic country in the world, which gives you the opportunity to “vote” for the party of your choice!

One more lame excuse is “Every party is corrupt, so it’s of no use voting for anyone”! Really, so you mean to say that you are the descendant of Satya Harishchandra or Gandhi? No doubt,every party is corrupt in some way or the other, but don’t you think, it is your duty and responsibility to contribute to the exodus of that “corrupt party” by exercising your franchise?

Another excuse is “The EVM’s are not working/tampered“. Did you even get your a$$ off that couch, go and stand in a line, to actually check and prove your claim right?!!! Seriously, you get ONE opportunity,every four years to overthrow the corrupt government and you blew it?!

What do you do after “bomb blasts” or “terrorist strikes”? Curse, cuss, rant and burn mombattis at India Gate? Will your curses,cusses,rants or half burned mombattis bring back your loved ones to life?!

Now honestly analyze and assess the above mentioned six points and introspect who is more corrupt? You or the politicians? Now luckily, Janlokpal will take care of corrupt politicians and officials, but HOW will YOU be punished for your “routine” corruption?!!!

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Barkha for PM!

Since 26/11, NDTV journalist, Barkha Dutt has been silencing her critics by suing, blackmail,  abusing, or even by implicating them in false police cases.

Post 26/11 mumbai attacks, a blogger by name, Cheytanya Kunte had written a blog post, criticizing Barkha Dutt, for her insensitive LIVE coverage,which was responsible for deaths of many innocents, including ATS chief Mr Hemant Karkare. His Blog post link:

News link confirming her insensitive coverage during 26/11:

What did Barkha do? Did she ignore his blogpost or take it in lighter vein? No!! She sent him a legal notice, forcing him to apologize and withdraw his blog post and she succeeded in getting it done. Even today, Cheytanya kunte’s original blog post is not available, but, the synopsis of his blog post is available in many blogs and he still remains eternal.

When the “Radia tapes” audio links first broke on twitter, tweeple, her followers and few nationalists questioned her about her involvement in “2g scam” and about her response to the “Radia Tapes” controversy! What did she do? She started abusing all the nationalists,tweeples,her followers and critics, by calling them names like: “Trolls”, “lynch mobs”, “lumpens”, “loonies”,”goonies”, “psychopaths”, “nuts”,etc; she teamed up with filthy women abusers and stalkers and abused women as “Tramp”; and then went on “blocking spree”! I bet she has blocked more people, than the number of people following her currently! 🙂

During Anna ji’s initial fast at Jantar Mantar, Ms Barkha Dutt,who had just returned from her brave reporting inside “hotel room” in Egypt,during crisis, came walking in flamboyantly, with a wide bindi stuck on her forehead, to commence her “brave” LIVE reporting from Jantar Mantar, thinking that protesters present there will spread out a red carpet to welcome her. But what happened there was exactly the reverse! On seeing a journo implicated in “Radia tapes” for her lobbying, present at at “anti corruption movement”,the protesters started shouting slogans against her, not allowing her to do LIVE reporting from Jantar Mantar. One of the brave person to start this was a student, Y.K Sheetal.




This insult did not go down well for Barkha Dutt. Y.K Sheetal still accuses her implicating him in false case and making him lose a job offer. His interview in “Sunday Guardian”, here:

Today, Barkha Dutt tweeted this:

Well well, a lady, who verbally abused nationalists on twitter,questioning her for her involvement in Radia tapes; a lady who sent legal notice to Cheytanya Kunte curbing his freedom of speech; a lady who implicated Y.K Sheetal in false case, for his protest at Jantar Mantar, now wants to go out and “shake hands” with protesters???!!! That’s Interesting!! 😉

I have NEVER EVER seen a bigger “HYPOCRITE” than her in my life! I think it is HIGH TIME we start using “Barkha Dutt” as synonym for “HYPOCRISY”!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Frankly speaking, I shudder at the thought of her aspirations to be PM!! 😉 😉

Tweeple were quick enough to reply to her “If I were PM” tweet and these were what they had to say!!! 🙂 😉 😉

These were just a snapshot of the tamasha unfolding on twitter,following her tweet. 🙂

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Google+ or FB- ?

Google+ was rolled out on Tuesday as Google’s answer for monopolistic social networking giant,Facebook. But will Google+ ever replace the “immensely addictive” Facebook? Let’s take a sneak peak!

Google+ Demo:

The features of Google+ which beats Facebook, “hands down”:

1) Circles- Do you want to share your information only to “specific” group of people in your friend list, and restrict from the rest of your friends? Do you want to post statuses,photos,videos etc only to specific people in your friend list? Well, it’s a piece of cake with Circles on Google Plus!

->Suppose you have your family,friends and colleagues on your friend list. You can drag and drop them into different circles say “friends” “family” and “work”. Now if you want to share personal information with only your friends and family,but not work colleagues, all you need to do is just type the status,or share photos and videos, select specific circle (here friends and family) and click share! Your work friends will be totally unaware of what you have shared with your work and family!

->You can also add people to your circles and get updates from them on your feed,even if they are not following you! Suppose you add person A to a circle,but person A doesn’t add you, you can still get updates from person A on your news feed!

-> Suppose you have 2 circles, A and B, the people in circle A cannot see people in B and vice versa!

-> None of your friends can see the circles they are in,or name of the circle they are in, or people in other circles!!! Beat that?!

Facebook: lags here, as currently it doesn’t support restricted content sharing with restricted people. You can still have limited restrictions on Facebook,but it involves a “herculean” task of requiring you to type each name individually,every time to restrict content.

2) Notifications: Google+ also shows notifications whenever you receive a comment,like or wall post,just like Facebook. But, there is something more than just the red number on the top right corner of notification window!

In Facebook: It shows a red number,the number of times any new update is present. You then need to click on that notification,to go to the respective location to see the comment or like.

But,in Google+ : if you click on notifications, the “entire nested comments” on post will be displayed as “drop down”,there itself! It saves your time and effort, from manually going to specific post to read new comment or notification!

3) Hangouts: Now you can video chat with your restricted group of friends using “Hangouts” feature in Google+ . You start a video call with your friend in a circle. ONLY,the other friends in that circle receive notification. They too can join the hangout,instead click “start a hangout” and they’re instantly in a video chatroom. You can eventually end up having “group video chat” with a specific group of friends. The friends in other circles are not aware of this. This is an integrated feature of Yahoo group chats and Skype! One cool feature of Hangouts is that it doesn’t place a chat window on the screen for each participant. Instead, Google changes the chat screen to whoever is currently talking. It quickly switches from video feed to video feed, moving faster in bigger groups.

Facebook: not present.

4) Sparks: is a new way to start following and get instant updates of things that interest you. You want to get updates of WSJ or NYTimes? Just click on “sparks” on left hand corner,type in “WSJ” and click on “Add interest”. This is added and you will get news feed from WSJ!

Facebook: not present

5) Instant Photo and video upload feature: The photos you just clicked and the videos you captured will be automatically updated on a private album(visible only to you) on your Google+ profile. You can later change the settings to make the stuff visible to more people.

Facebook: uploading from phone is currently supported, but not instant uploading and hassle free uploads!

More information will be updated shortly!

Interestingly, even Mark Zuckerberg(FB’s CEO)couldn’t resist Google+ Is he on Google+ to decipher it or to spy on new features and plugins, only “time will tell” 🙂

I am desperately waiting to see how Facebook will sustain the “juggernaut” of Google+ and how it will prevent its users from switching!

P.S: As of now,Google has restricted the number of invites as this is in testing phase.

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Gayatri Mantra and Women

Om  bhurbhuvah swah  tatsaviturvarenyam  bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah  prachodayat”

The moment I posted this on my facebook wall and tweeted it, I was bombarded with comments and private messages from my girl friends stating, “Hey don’t you know, girls are not supposed to chant gayatri mantra”!

I asked them, “Why shouldn’t girls chant Gayatri mantra”? You will be surprised to know that more than half of these people didn’t know the answer to this question. All they just know is “Girls cannot chant it”.

Being unsatisfied with their answers, over this taboo, the “curious” me started frantically rummaging Google for answers. I started typing all possible key strokes combination and finally, Google was courteous enough to throw me right answers.

Before proceeding further, lets understand this powerful mantra:

Om  bhurbhuvah swah  tatsaviturvarenyam  bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah  prachodayat

  Om!                Brahma or Almighty God
 Bhuh               embodiment of vital spiritual energy (Pran)
 bhuvah           destroyer of sufferings
 swah                embodiment of happiness
 tat                   that
 savituh           bright, luminous like the Sun
 varenyam       best, most exalted
 bhargo           destroyer of sins
 devasya         divine
dhimahi         may imbibe
 dhiyo             intellect
 yo                  who
 nah                our
 prachodayat  may inspire

In short, the literal meaning of “Gayatri Mantra” is:

“God! You are Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Almighty.
You are all Light. You are all Knowledge and Bliss.
You are Destroyer of fear; You are Creator of this Universe,
You are the Greatest of all. We bow and meditate upon your light.
You guide our intellect in the right direction”

This mantra is the most powerful mantra in Hinduism,which when chanted accurately, will bestow: strength, knowledge, bliss, right path,courage, success and glory upon the chanter.The chanter can also acquire high mental power,by chanting this mantra.

I chant Gayatri mantra while performing puja. Whenever I am in stress ,solitude,depression, or even before exams, I have chanted this mantra. I can feel the adrenaline rush of new energy, strength,courage and power, everytime I have chanted it. It also gives me mental strength and boosts my confidence. I see my worries fading away and new happiness and hope rushing in. I can feel all the negative energy within me fading away.

->Why women were not allowed to chant this mantra in olden days?

During the vedic age,in south India, men commanded the family. They chanted vedas, performed yagnas, rites and rituals; while women were confined to cooking,cleaning utensils, keeping the house clean,etc. Women were refrained from chanting vedas or perfoming/assisting in rituals.

Chanting this mantra bestows light, knowledge, power and strength on the bestower. Since women were the downtrodden lot in olden age, men didn’t allow women to chant this mantra, in the fear of being over powered with the fruits of chanting this mantra.

This mantra was also passed on to the younger men during their Upanayana(thread)  ceremony. During this ceremony,the son sits on his father’s lap and his father whispers Gayatri mantra into the son’s ear. Men chant mantra in praise of Goddess Gayatri,who is a woman, to gain empowerment, and in turn prevent women from chanting it. Irony, isn’t it? 🙂 😉

On the contradictory, mother plays a significant role during upanaya, as she prepares her son to go to gurukula to receive the formal education; when she herself was the first teacher to the child after the birth. Therefore she has every right to know what the child is going to learn. How can you refrain women from knowing or chanting this mantra?

This mantra is supposedly for Nitya Karma for men: meaning, it should be performed daily,without fail,before sunrise and sunset by men.Since women undergo menstrual cycle every month, they were not allowed to chant this mantra.

But my question is: “Women also perform puja daily,of course,except the days of their menstrual period. So,will they be refrained from performing puja too,citing “menstrual” reasons?

Arya Samaj, Hindu Reforms movements and AWGP (All world Gayatri Pariwar) strongly advocates for women to chant Gayatri mantra, to enjoy the same fruits of success enjoyed by men. It only pleads for this mantra to be chanted and pronounced accurately and in extremely careful manner, to prevent getting harmed by, high levels of energy generated while chanting them.

According to AWGP, “A girl student named Kumari Kalyani wanted to seek admission to a course in which Vedas were taught in Banaras Hindu University. The authorities refused to grant admission according to the prevalent belief on the ground that a woman, according to Shastras, had no right to chant Ved-mantras. This controversy continued for quite a long time. A paper “Sarvadeshik” published several articles in support of the right of women to study Vedas while the other paper “Sidhanta” took an opposite view. A deputation of Arya Samajists met University authorities and there was prolonged discussion on the subject. Ultimately, the University appointed a committee under the chairmanship of Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya in which several Vedic scholars were included. The committee, after a thorough study of the shastras, gave a finding that women have the same right as men in respect of Vedas. Mahamana Malviyaji, who was considered as the standard bearer of Sanatan Dharma, announced this decision of the committee on 22nd August 1946. Kumari Kalyani was accordingly admitted to the course in which Vedas were taught and it was finally decided that henceforth women would have the right to study Vedas and there would be no discrimination on grounds of sex.  What can be said about the wisdom of those persons who still persist in saying that women have no right to worship Gayatri when this controversy has been settled once for all by eminent persons like Malviyaji? The names of several learned women of the ancient times are still famous. References are found in Vedas about several women rishis being authors of several Ved-Mantras.”

Interestingly,Gayatri is the other name for Sun. Since Sun is the creator of every creature in this world, the same way, mother is the source of everybody  in this world. So how can women be deprived of chanting “Gayatri” mantra?









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Art or Tart?

On account of M.F Hussain’s death, I see numerous empathetic message floating on social media like twitter and facebook, as well as Indian media conducting shows,by trampling over each other,in order to offer condolences to the demise of the so called “great artist”. I beg to differ here. Today,M.F.Hussain was compared to the epic painters, Michelangelo and Picasso. Now, I can understand, why Michelangelo and Picasso died early. Had they been alive today, they would have committed suicide over this inane “comparison”!

The bombastic words “Art” and “Freedom of Expression” have been misunderstood, mis-utilized, turned,beaten and twisted according to their convenience by the so called left “liberals”. Before procedding further, lets understand what “ART” and “Freedom of Expression” actually means!

ART– According to Wikipedia, ART is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses,emotions, and intellect.”

“Freedom of Expression” Wikipedia defines it as, “The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law.”

Freedom of Expression sternly prohibits Hate Speech, which is “any communication that disparages a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or other characteristic“.

Pornography is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter.Pornography may use any variety of media ranging from books,magazines,postcards,photos,sculptures,drawing,painting,etc”

Clearly, from the above three definitions of “ART”, “Freedom of expression” and “Pornography”, any normal person with IQ of 70+ has the tendency and capacity to analyze and conclude that, “the depiction of Hindu Gods/Goddesses and Bharat Mata as nude is NOT “art” or “freedom of expression”, but is “Pornography”, intended to hurt the sentiments of Hindus, who hold their Gods/ Goddesses in the highest regard!

Let’s take a look at few NUDE paintings,drawn by M.F Hussain: [courtesy:]

1) Goddess Durga in sexual union with Tiger:

2)Goddess Saraswathi, (the Hindu GOD of Education) nude:

3) Goddess Lakshmi naked on Shri Ganesh’s head:

4) Naked Shri Parvati:

5) Naked Draupadi :

6) Naked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita on Ravana’s thigh:

7) Fully clad Muslim King & Naked Hindu Brahmin:

8. Naked Bharat Mata (Mother India) :

Clearly, we can see his burning hatred towards Hindus,where he has depicted the Hindus Gods and Goddesses in explicit sexual positions in order to humiliate them. He definitely has freedom of expression to express “sexuality” in his drawings. But, the point to be noted here is “depiction of sexuality of Hindu deities”.

Some people argue that he loved INDIA a lot, hence he drew Bharat Maata naked. My question is “Didn’t he love his own mother & daughter”?

Now,lets take a look at his paintings which are fully clothed:

1) M.F Hussain’s own mother fully clothed:

2) Hussain’s daughter fully clothed:

3) Muslim poets fully clothed:

Why this HYPOCRISY? Why did he draw Hindu Gods & Goddesses nude, but his own mother, daughter and muslim poets, fully clothed? Where is his bullshit “art” and “freedom of expression” explanation? Obviously,the self respecting and tolerant Hindus felt humiliated by this insult, and opposed his so called “art”. He ran away from India and settled in Qatar. He seemed to have bragged that Qatar permits and respects “Freedom of expression” more than India. Is it? Then WHY he didnt draw any nude paintings of their religious deities in Qatar? Didnt he love Qatar, the way he loved India?

Just because you hold a paint brush in your hand and paints in your pallet,you cannot go around frantically scribbling your canvas with bullshit,what your perverted mind suggests! Any art which hurts the sentiments of certain group of people based on their sex,creed,color and religion is NOT an Art, but an ABUSE! M.F Hussain’s paintings have undoubtedly “Abused” Hindu sentiments!!

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has done a detailed analysis of his drawings on their website. Please have a look:

Also, a staunch Catholic, Dr Mrs Hilda Raja has defended Hindus over this insensitive paintings by M.F Hussain:

Don’t we all know the case of Danish cartoonist, who was murdered by muslim radicals, for drawing cartoons of Muhammed? Why was he killed? Was his drawings not considered “ART”? Didn’t he have “Freedom of expression” just like M.F Hussain?

The screens of M F Hussains film Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities were  vandalized and the movie was pulled out from theatres a day after some Muslim organisations like All India Muslim Council and Jamiat-ul-Ulema-e-Hind argued that one of the songs, Noor Un Ala contained verses directly taken from the Holy Quran. The case of Blasphemy was slapped.

Why this double standards? When your religion is in question, you feel threatened, you go ransacking, vandalized, traumatizing the world, assassinating, murdering,beheading and killing people who portray your religion in the form of “Art”, be it movie or painting. But, when you do the same thing to Hindus, we all should keep mum and not even say a word against it? How long will Hindus tolerant this nonsense of “indifference”? Looks like we Hindus have become too “tolerant” about this “intolerance”!

My question to ALL the supporters of M.F Hussain for his so called (bullshit) ART:

Dear Men,

Would you have still sung praises of M.F Hussain’s “art”, if he had drawn your own mother, sister, daughter or wife naked and had put those paintings on sale? please answer me!

Dear Women,

Would you still have gone gaga about him and given lectures on “art”,defending M.F Hussain, if he had drawn YOU naked, without your consent?

It’s HIGH TIME these people introspect themselves,before blurting out things, just for the sake of talking,to increase TRP’s, followers, or to appease the minorities or prove their “secularism”!

I being a proud HINDU, severely condemn these insensitive paintings which depict our beloved deities and HINDUISM in general, in poor light!

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Mr PM, my 12 questions!

Mr Prime Minister,

Until June 4th, I used to proudly brag,with swollen heart,that I am really PROUD to be born in the nation which has the LARGEST DEMOCRACY in the world. The nation which harbored stalwarts like M.K. Gandhi, Subhash Chandra bose, Mangal Pandey, et all. The nation,which taught AHMISA and Non violence to this world, that, even Martin Luther King had visited India to meet M.K. Gandhi to learn the art of “non violence” from him,to practice the same, in order to bring freedom to African Americans. You will be even astonished to know that Martin Luther King museum has Gandhi’s bust size statue, as a salute to his teachings of “non violence” and ahmisa to the world.

Let’s leave USA for now, let’s go back to INDIA. On June 4th,2011midnight, I was flabbergasted to learn from the fellow tweeple(who were LIVE tweeting seeing BREAKING NEWS on television) about the massacre at Ram Lila grounds, launched by your honorable government,under the instructions of Sonia Gandhi.The horrifying scenes of women being pulled by their hair, duppattas pulled, molested, children being lathi charged, etc. Were you aware of this or were you as usual,kept in “dark” and you don’t know what happened “behind closed doors” when Sonia summoned for meeting at 6PM that day,before sending her vaanara sainya?

If you have come out of your hibernation, could you please take your precious time,off your busy schedule and reply to my below concerns?

1) Why was Baba Ramdev evicted forcefully,when he was holding a peaceful protest? When Mahatma Gandhi, now called, the Father of the nation, did fasts and peaceful protests in the past, when Anna Hazare was allowed to do peaceful fast,without any interference from your police force, WHAT wrong did Baba Ramdev do? What was your problem? Did Baba’s “saffron” robe traumatize your govt? or the presence of more than 1 lakh of his followers? or did your government have “nervous breakdown” fearing old skeletons tumbling out of closet, if Baba turns out successful? Read Wikileaks on KGB  and proof of Rajiv Gandhi’s swiss bank account containing 2.5 million Franken

2) Some of your chamchas were found suffering from “foot in mouth” disease,with their inane theories,”Baba was arrested for assembling people. Are these chamchas of yours immune to intelligence? Can you educate those dimwits that, according to Article 19 of Indian Constitution, “Every citizen has the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to hold peaceful protests”! Link: 

3)WHY did the delhi police swoop down,opening tear gas on sleeping protestors at 1:10 am midnight on June 4th? The protestors over there were sleeping, they were not playing “treasure hunt”,searching for your “spine!” The act of opening tear gas on sleeping people is so Barbaric. Even the Britishers had the spine to attack from the front! Your government said they arrested him as they received information that RSS planned to kill him. Oh yes! RSS is a terrorist org and I just saw an alien knocking at my door!

4) WHY was RAF sent to evict Baba Ramdev? Is he a terrorist? RAF squad at Ramlila grounds brought back memories of Rang De Basanti movie’s ending scene where the govt sent RAF to kill Aamir Khan and his friends for fighting corruption! Did Sonia Gandhi watch Rang De Basanti and get inspired by it, before she called for press meet at 6PM?

5) Your government gives Z class security to Kasab, feeds him chicken biryani in the prison. He is living a more secured life than you in India,despite being a terrorist. Your government has formed pro terrorist rules and laws, appealed for clemency of Afzal Guru,even though Supreme court gave him death sentence! In spite of fighting terrorism and punishing the terrorists, your goverment went hammer and tongs on “Baba Ramdev” and harmless women and children,protesting peacefully at Ram Lila maidan! Can you explain this?

6) Kapil Sibal yesterday said “He is a yogi, he should stick to yga, instead of fighting corruption and forming political parties”. Will you mind showing him the mirror and asking him “If a bartender can head congress party,why can’t a yogi float a party”? Why this double standards?

7) Digvijay Singh called Osama Bin Laden as “Osama ji” and Baba Ramdev as THUG!! He also made some inflammatory speeches on Baba Rmdev. Can he be arrested under IPC 153A,just like Varun Gandhi?

8) Your party members were crying foul over Sadhvi Ritambara sitting with Baba Ramdev! When Agnivesh, a well known Maoist supporter sat with Anna Hazare,why didn’t your government rant over it? Because he supports Maoists just like your government does? What about Teesta? She is pro LeT. But, your government has her on NAC planning committee!

9) Previously Arundathi Roy and Syed Ali Shah Gilani had made anti India speeches in Delhi. Why were they not arrested ? Why was Baba Ramdev arrested and barred from entering Delhi, even if he did not make any anti India speeches?

10) Your government had no problem with Geelani holding peace rallies following Osama Bin Laden’s death,recently,in Kashmir But had problems with Baba Ramdev’s peaceful protest against corruption?

11) Your Home ministry and police denied attacks on women and children. But the pictures and news articles show otherwise! WHY were women targetted by pulling their hair, molesting them, pushing and kicking them? WHY were children below 1 year lathi charged?

Links and proofs of women and children being assaulted and molested:

1)Rajbala a woman protester was lathi charged.Her spinal cord is fractured now and she is in ICU. She is paralysed for life.

2) 25 women gone into hiding after being molested by drunken cops

3)Pictures of assualt on men and women:

a) Man in bandage after aasault:

(b)Rajbala who is paralysed for life:

(c)Rajbala’s condition released by doctors:

(d) Police used lathi charge on protestors:

4) Videos:

a)Watch this video to know what really happened at RamLila grounds:

(b) A woman saying on TV ‘Ladkiyon ki chaati par maar rahe hain’ (police hitting on the chest of women)

I watched with immense frustration,agony and aghast, when Times Now, showed LIVE images of women being assaulted and molested. Women cried and pleaded with police,to spare them; asked them, where they should go at midnight in the city known as “RAPE CAPITAL” of India,where girls/women are molested everyday, at the blink of the eye! But kudos! your policemen were found heartless!

12) Your government took 3 years to arrest Raja,(2g scam), 2 years to arrest Kalmadi (CWG Scam), but less than one day to arrest Baba Ramdev, even if he was fasting peacefully for the welfare of the nation! Your government has no time and interest to look into rape cases in Delhi, despite being ruled by a woman,Shiela Dixit, but has all the time to assault, molest and beat the hell out of innocent women and children!

Lastly, I was very concerned over your absence,since June 4th 2011, 1:10 AM. I wanted to have a glimpse of you. I wished that, you would come out in open and say “I condemn the attacks on innocents on June 4th,2011”. Many people on twitter launched #findingManmohan initiative to find you in every nook and corner in India. Finally, news channels started flashing your statements. I felt relieved to see that you had finally woken up and smelt your coffee. But what disappointed me was when you said :” It is unfortunate that operation had to be conducted but quite honestly, there was no alternative” .

Really Sir? Really? You had no alternative, other than swooping down heavily with RAF on innocent sleeping people, who had no idea about the forthcoming barbaric act on them? You had no alternative, other than turning this Ram lila grounds into another Jallianwala Bagh or Tiannammen Square massacre? You know what? fortunately or unfortunately,your barbaric act coincides with the date,when Chinese government killed innocents at Tinnaneman square on June 4 1989!!

You said that you don’t have a magic wand! Why not,first concentrate on having some “spine”?

Yours Sincerely,

(Frustrated) INDIAN CITIZEN!


Update as on June 9th, 2011:

1) BKhush has published this post on their e-mag:

2) Haindava Keralam has published this post on their website


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Communal Bill

Recently, Sonia Gandhi used her “magic wand” to make NAC draft a “Communal Violence prevention bill”. Any naive common man, hearing these bombastic words, will be rejoicing and blessing congress,for their attempt to curb “communal violence” in the country. But,lest do they know that this bill is the exact “contrary” of what it sounds!

Ladies and Gentlemen,UPA, headed by Antonio Manio, aka Sonia Gandhi and the ceaser’s wife,who is always above suspicion,whether he is a “lame duck” or not,Mr Manmohan Singh, are all set to sweep out “Hinduism” from India, with just one stroke: “The Communal Bill”! 

Don’t believe me? Read on…

Few excerpts from the Bill: (Link: )

Chapter 2: Offences: (Pages 4-7)

Clause 7: Sexual assault.– A person is said to commit sexual assault if he or she commits any of the following acts against a person belonging to a group by virtue of that person’s membership of a group:
(a) against a woman,
(i) rape;
(ii) gang rape;
(iii) mass rape-means the rape of more than one woman belonging to any group.

Very good! Finally, our Shiela didi finished reminiscing her “jawani” and is trying to care for “jawani’s” of other girls in Delhi! Shabhaash!

Clause 8: Hate Propaganda : whoever publishes, communicates or disseminates by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representation or otherwise acts inciting hatred causing clear and present danger of violence against a group or persons belonging to that group

BADIYA!! Now, Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi will be tried for spewing venom against RSS!

Clause 9: Organized Communal and Targeted Violence: Whoever engages in continuing unlawful activity of a widespread or systematic nature knowingly directed against a group or part thereof, by virtue of their membership of that group, by use of violence or threat of violence or intimidation or coercion or other unlawful means, is said to commit the offence of organized communal and targeted violence.

Wow!! So now, Godhra riots victims will rest in peace!!

Clause 12: Torture: Whoever, being a public servant, or under the control or direction of or with the acquiescence of a public servant, intentionally inflicts pain or suffering, whether mental or physical, on a person belonging to a group by virtue of his or her membership of a group, including causing grievous hurt or danger to life, limb or health or sexual assault, for the purposes of obtaining from him or her or a third person information or a confession or punishing him or her for an act he or she or a third person committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or her or a third person, is said to inflict torture.

Impressive! Now,the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy,which occurred,right  under the nose of Arjun Singh,(who safely escorted and bade goodbye to Warren Andreson), will get “justice”! But, wait a minute! Didn’t Arjun Singh recently die at AIIMS? (to which he was hell bent in bringing reservation), many tweeple also offered their “sanskrit” shraddhanjali (condolences) to him on Twitter and other social networking sites,with few “educated and humble” people,giving them “art of living” classes as to how,no one should rejoice anyone’s death?!

Btw, Why is the word “group” in “infinite loop” in all these above clauses? What is this “GROUPISM” all about?

*scratches her head for sometime and then scrolls upwards to “Chapter One” on Page Two” in this doc

Eureka!!! (Hell No, I am not in my bath tub..!! )

“group” means a religious or linguistic minority, in any State in the Union of India, or Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes within the meaning of clauses (24) and (25) of Article 366 of the Constitution of India;

Why do I get the “deja vu” feeling of “brimming with joy seeing the ad in newspaper which says: Buy one,get one free,but suddenly spotting the asterisks above the ad,which directs me,downwards to “Conditions Apply”??!!!

Bingo! You guessed it right! According to the above bill, it indirectly says that ONLY Minorities are the ones who are victims of Communal violence, and the Majority, are ALWAYS, by default, the offenders!! Any sane person with normal IQ of 70 is “smart” enough to read between the lines of this bill and analyze that this bill is all set to brand Majority, aka Hindus, as COMMUNAL, with a single yard stick! Thanks to have been born in the land of Aryabhatta( who invented 0) and Ramanujam (who invented infinity), we can introspect that any communal attack/riots on majority, aka Hindus,by the minorities, will go unheard and unpunished!!

Let’s Zoom the lens on the “elite” people,who will be seated on cushion couches in AC rooms,enjoying the scenic beauty of beach,from their glass door and scribbling away to glory, in the handwriting, which will resembling a “worm dipped in ink and left to wriggle on the paper”, purchased by Mr Kalmadi for Common wealth games.

Thanks to @kiranks (for the links) and @nationalizer (for agglomeration) here are the “hororscopes”,”biographies” and “life achievements” of those “HONORABLE” people on the “Communal” bill drafting panel:

1) Harsh Mander || ||

2) Anu Aga: 1 of India’s richest women, a harsh Modi critic & obviously a Padma Shri

3) Aruna Roy: A Magsaysay award winning anti-Hindu psec

4) Jean Dreze : A Belgium citizen who’s an Indian for less than 10 yrs ‘drafts’ bill!

5) Farah Naqvi, who pushed one Gujarat 2002 case to Mumbai & ‘re investigated’ by CBI!

6) Mirai Chatterjee, Another Modi baiter,having Guj Muslim agenda.

7) AK Shiva Kumar read a comment by Viren here. ‘Secular’!

8) Narendra Jadhav, A Buddhist by law. Seems a moderate so far.

9) Teesta Setalvad (till Feb 11). India’s loudest liar, Modi baiter.

10) Shabnam Hashmi (Advisor): Blatantly anti Modi. ‘come & shootme’

11) Syed Shahabuddin (Advisor): Anti-Hindutva, Babri masjid agitator

12) John Dayal (Advisor) India’s loudest conversion agent, anti-Hindu

13) Niaz Farooqui (Advisor), a mullah demanding Muslim reservation!

14) Just Hosbet Suresh, loudly called Bush a terrorist, with Z Naik!

15) Sister Mary Scaria – Her bio is pretty much Jesus, Jesus & Jesus

16) Gopal Subramaniam : Wasn’t his residence a 2G scam headquarters?

A big round of applause to all the above mentioned great men and women, who will be shaping the future of India, shortly! 😉 😉

Dear Hindus,

Congrats!! You have just,been featured in the latest episode of “MTV BAKRA”!! (Read UPA Bakra)!

Do not forget to lay your rightful hands on attractive “Bakra” caps, being distibuted by the leaders of Congress party, designed exclusively for you!!

P.S: If anyone finds this post “Communal”, grab your daily dose of freshly brewed coffee! We are obviously discussing “COMMUNAL BILL” here! 😉 😉 🙂

P.P.S: Feeling deprived? Want to do something, other than usual ranting, cursing? Sign this petition against Communal Bill:

P.P.S. 2: Someone raised a valid concern on twitter “If there is a communal riot between Muslim and Christian, who is a MINORITY, between them, according to Congress”?

Well, I am ALL EARS to hear the answer! 😉 😉

Btw, comic made by me on the same:

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My experiments with “Jewellery”!

Jewellery forms an integral part of every woman’s life. Those dangling earrings, sparkling necklaces, jingling bangles, tinkling anklets et all. redefines and enhances the beauty of a woman, sure enough for a man to go “weak on his knees” for her.

Its a very common sight in India,to spot jewellery,donned by girls/women belonging to all ages,culture,religion,creed and from different walks of life. Husbands/boy friends,men in general,have had unsuccessful attempts and faced tough time,alienating women from jewellery. Jewellery brings pride,status and prestige to a woman, every time she flaunts it to her friends, at social gatherings,parties, functions or ceremonies.

I,being a woman,too have this fetish for jewellery. I had spent my fortune in amassing jewellery sets comprising of matching earrings, necklaces, bangles, anklets etc, in turn,turning my dad bankrupt,while swiping his card every time, on my purchases in India. The vendor used to always give me “Are you seriously gonna buy this much”? look, every time I dumped the jewellery pieces on his desk, during check outs.

After wedding, I was successful in convincing my hubby, the dire “necessity” in carrying my jewellery collection to USA, despite having to pay extra baggage cost. Now, my hubby has given up all hopes,of me abandoning jewellery, or refraining from purchasing them, even in US. 🙂

During recent “Beads show” in US, I successfully plundered different genre and colors of beads, with the acumen of creating jewellery sets myself. I also bought the necessary accessories to facilitate me in jewellery making, comprising of crimps, strings, fillers, earring hooks, hand pliers, etc.

Last weekend,being a long weekend,on account of “memorial day”, I started my experiments with “jewellery making. The beads, strings,fillers,earring hooks,et all, lay scattered on the floor, with me comfortably seated on carpeted floor, engrossed in my new adventure.

I was able to create few jewellery sets: necklaces and matching earrings, which I proudly flaunted,on emails,facebook,photobucket,picasa and twitter. I was amazed at the overwhelming response I received from family,friends and followers,on my creations. This has encouraged me to create more jewellery in future. 🙂

Thanks to all my friends and twitter followers who absolutely loved,appreciated and admired my jewellery sets. Thanks for all the encouragement! 🙂

Few “Jewellery sets” created by me:

1) Brown bead and White Swarozki set: necklace and earrings:

2) White bead and Blue Sapphire set: necklace and earrings:

3) Jade “double layer set” – First ever piece of jewellery made by me 🙂

4) Pure Jade combination set: necklace and earrings

5) Black bead and silver filler set: necklace and earrings

6) Me at work! 🙂

7) My bead box

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“Hosa Diganta” PLAGIARISES my Comic!

Kannada daily, “Hosa Diganta” had published my comic sans my name on May 31st 2011 on Page 6.

I was shocked by their unprofessionalism. I shot emails to the editor,bringing this incident to their notice.

Before proceeding further,my heartfelt thanks to all my friends, followers, blog readers ad subscribers for sharing, commenting and retweeting this link on twitter. Thank You for ALL the help,support,love and encouragement friends!

My special thanks to @AvinashCKM @jemin_p @PunjabXpress @Krishnara for taking up this issue and writing an email to Hosa Diganta editors.

Below is the letter sent by me to the editor of “Hosa Diganta”, a Kannada daily for Plagiarizing my comic:

Their email ids are:, and


Respected Sir/Madam,

This letter is in reference to the article titled, “Bharatiyanenalu Rahuligey Naachike ante” carried on your reputed newspaper on May 31st 2011, on Page 6. This article was accompanied by a comic, featuring Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.
Link to your newspaper article:

I am writing this letter to you out of sheer disappointment and aghast, to bring to your kind notice, that, the comic used by your article is originally a comic done by me.

Link to my original comic:

I am Swathi Pradeep and I have been creating comics under the pseudonym “ARCHERS COMICS” for my comics blog since more than two years now.

I am extremely disappointed to see my comic feature in your reputed newspaper without any reference given to me , or my comics blog or my twitter handle @drone_gal (which can be seen on the left sidebar of my comics blog, quite prominently).
I would like to know why my name or any reference to me was skipped on your newspaper article, when you carried the translated version of my comic.

I would sincerely appreciate if “journalistic professionalism” is displayed by giving credit to me,where it is due.

Thanks in advance, for the understanding!

P.S: Screenshot of my original comic and the comic used by your article can be found here:

Top one is my original comic. Bottom one is the Plagiarized comic


Update on June 1st, 2011, 6:00 PM IST
Its been 18 hours since I wrote an email to them, I have neither received their reply, nor seen any rectification done. Am I asking for too much? or is this how a magazine gains popularity: “By ripping off content from blogs sans acknowledging the bloggers”?



Update on June 10th, 2011:

Hosa Diganta has rectified its mistake and given me due credit. Screenshot attached below:


The above screenshot translates to:
” In the article carried by Mrs Hilda Raja, there was a comic lifted from internet. We had forgotten to mention the creator’s name. Our readers have informed us that, the original creator was “SWATHI PRADEEP”. We apologize for our mistake”


By the way, they have not replied back to my email or sent me any apology letter. But “something is better than nothing”, ain’t it? 😉 😉


Follow me on Twitter: @drone_gal

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I support Anna Hazare!

Anna Hazare movement has ramified BOTH online(blogosphere, twitter and facebook) and offline community,into two spheres,where people from different strata,society,status,genre,age,religion and walks of life,in India and across the world, are frantically expressing their views “for” and “against” it. Indian media like NDTV and CNN IBN are trying their level best to save Congress’ skin,thereby maligning Anna Hazare and his Janlokpal bill.

Anna Hazare

What is Janlokpal bill?

Few stalwarts like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, etc, formed an organisation called India Against Corruption to fight against the FARCE Lokpal bill proposed by the government. This organisation has gained large visibility and momentum, both on facebook(with more than 54,000 people) and twitter(more than 3000 people) supporting it. When this org was formed,least did they expect that,they would receive such tremendous support.

The salient features of Janlokpal bill are:

  1. Cases against corrupt people will not linger on for years anymore: Investigations in any case will have to be completed in one year. Trial should be completed in next one year so that the corrupt politician, officer or judge is sent to jail within two years.
  2. The loss that a corrupt person caused to the government will be recovered at the time of conviction.
  3. How will it help a common citizen: If any work of any citizen is not done in prescribed time in any government office, Lokpal will impose financial penalty on guilty officers, which will be given as compensation to the complainant.
  4. So, you could approach Lokpal if your ration card or passport or voter card is not being made or if police is not registering your case or any other work is not being done in prescribed time. Lokpal will have to get it done in a month’s time. You could also report any case of corruption to Lokpal like ration being siphoned off, poor quality roads been constructed or panchayat funds being siphoned off. Lokpal will have to complete its investigations in a year, trial will be over in next one year and the guilty will go to jail within two years.
  5. But won’t the government appoint corrupt and weak people as Lokpal members? That won’t be possible because its members will be selected by judges, citizens and constitutional authorities and not by politicians, through a completely transparent and participatory process.
  6. What if some officer in Lokpal becomes corrupt? The entire functioning of Lokpal/ Lokayukta will be completely transparent. Any complaint against any officer of Lokpal shall be investigated and the officer dismissed within two months.
  7. What will happen to existing anti-corruption agencies? CVC, departmental vigilance and anti-corruption branch of CBI will be merged into Lokpal. Lokpal will have complete powers and machinery to independently investigate and prosecute any officer, judge or politician.
  8. It will be the duty of the Lokpal to provide protection to those who are being victimized for raising their voice against corruption.

When Anna Hazare lead a march in January, they expected a crowd of 3000 people,but to their astonishment,they received an overwhelming response of more than 30,000 people.

A 72 year old man,Anna Hazare is observing a fast until death from April 5th,2011 at Jantar Mantar,so that we and our children can lead a better,corrupt free and quality life. Surprisingly,more than 12 lakh people have turned up at Jantar Mantar in support of his fast. They are patiently listening to his speeches, observing “fast” with him, cheering him and supporting the cause. The common elements seen in the supporters,(which comprise of youth,elders,men ,women,children,doctors,students,engineers,housewives etc) are anger,frustration,irritation etc. All are frustrated with the current functioning of government. People are frustrated with the speed at which new scam is cropping up,everyday,which will even override the rate of cropping up of mushrooms. Anger and frustration,bundled up,inside people’s hearts for more than 42 years are now being erupted. They needed an outlet to vent out their irritation,anger and frustration against this corrupt government,officials and politicians. They needed a spark,a podium, a cause.They needed a leader to hold their hand and lead them towards right direction,one movement to be worthy of the fight. They couldn’t have found something,more credible and apt movement,than the one,lead by a ethical and credible leader like Anna Hazare to change the fate and future of India, their own lives and the future of their children,for good.Anna Hazare’s supporters have even shooed away few politicians who had visited Jantar Mantar to have talks with him.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari has called Anna Hazare childish. Many politicians are calling this non-violent movement,”blackmail”. CNN IBN and NDTV journos did not miss the opportunity of linking this movement to BJP and RSS,thereby calling Anna Hazare, a RSS man or a person belonging to Sangh Pariwar. Many believe he has been influenced and planted. Many tweeters are expressing their views against him and his movement. Ms Barkha Dutt, who recently had invited Kiran Bedi on her show,fight against corruption, changed tunes and is frantically tweeting hatred against Anna Hazare and his movement. Irony eh? Congress lapdogs like NDTV,CNN IBN are at their best,trying to churn out rubbish,and giving this movement a political twist.

Whether people like it,hate it,criticize it,condemn it or loathe it, Anna Hazare has been trending at #1 spot on twitter since 2 days,with more than 2000 tweets sent in support of Anna Hazare,every 2 seconds! Astonishing ain’t it? Times now is currently in favor of this movement.

What I fail to understand is the same people who sang praises of M.K Gandhi and called him “Father of the nation” when he held “Salt Satyagraha” , “Dandi March”, “Quit India movement” etc, are now condemning and criticizing Anna Hazare when he is following Gandhian footsteps of non violence and fasting until death,to fight corruption. They are calling his “fast”, blackmail. So,by the same yard stick,does Gandhi’s non violent movement also amount to blackmail?

Congress government’s apathy towards this movement is pathetic. Its been second day of fast,but still, neither Sonia Gandhi, nor Manmohan Singh or Prathibha Patil have visited Anna Hazare, or requested him to end the fast or proposed to have talks with him,regarding his fast or movement. If Anna Hazare faces any health issues,due to his fast, will it not prick the conscious of these apathetic people?

Also, if these corrupt people are not in favor of this movement,its fine. But instead of refraining from commenting,they are indulging in defaming,name calling,maligning,criticizing and ridiculing a 72 year old man,who is on fast,not for his own selfish needs,but for the future of India.

Lately,PM Manmohan Singh had falsely accused Anna Hazare for not having sane and calm talks with him, to solve this issue. But,Anna Hazare has denied and proved ALL those allegations wrong by writing this 5 point letter to Manmohan Singh.

Previously, Mr Sharad Pawar was appointed as the head of “government of ministers” to frame the lokpal bill. But,Anna Hazare criticized and questioned this decision of electing a corrupt minister, like Sharad Pawar to head a committee, designed towards forming a bill against corruption. The first achievement of Anna Hazare movement is “Resignation of Sharad Pawar” following this criticism.

Also,Bollywood celebrities like Aamir Khan,Diya Mirza,Juhi Chawla,Anupam Kher,Purab Kohli,Priyanka Chopra,etc have rendered support of Anna Hazare through their tweets,and also,pleading their followers to follow suit.

Do you ever lament,for not being part of freedom struggle, lead by Mahatma Gandhi? You can definitely compensate for it,by rendering your support to Anna Hazare’s movement. The only difference is Gandhi fought against Britishers,but Anna Hazare is fighting against pseudo-Gandhis and the corrupt system.

Please support JanLokPal and Anna Hazare on:
1) Facebook:
2) Twitter :!/janlokpal

Its NOW or NEVER!!!


P.S : A blogger,S.Sudhir kumar also writes why he fasts for Anna Hazare! His post can be found here

Another blogger, i_panchajanya has written his views, as to why he supports Anna Hazare here

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