Does any of friends invite you saying…” There is a presentation which can change your life, so please be free at so and so time on so and so date?”

You are enthusiastic about it and you enquire further details,but your friend is against divulging further details of what this presentation is all about!

As,they say “Curiousity kills the cat” you make sure to attend the presentation on that perticular date!

You are all geared up and reach the venue on time and the friend greets you and introduces you to the speaker.

You are made to sit in the hall with lot more audience and the speaker is all decked up and comes on the stage to address the audience!

He speaks about the following..

1>How poor he was before and how rich he has become now?

2>How to make quick money.

3>What this Quest International is all about..

Asking you to invest 30k to get a gold coin . Also asking you to introduce your friends to it to make a binary structure and also get a cheque of Rs 11,500 for every 3 persons on your left and right side of tree

4>How different is it from AMWAY,Maha Dreams and other MLMs

5>Shows you few cheques saying Quest International is indeed genuine and is NOT FRAUD!

Then you are sooooooo tempted by this presentation that you start day dreaming and building castles in air and hell bent on investing into this..!!

There you are trapped!!


This is a FRAUD company which is functioning to trap all the innocent people and swindle their money!

The main authorities have been arrested and the search is still on!

Read on..

I saw a telecast on sun tv showing some Major Lead of this Quest International in India is arrested and the police are finding the downward links and arresting them too!!

Many people who had invested lakhs of rupees in this scam lost all their money.

Pls find the articles showing that Quest International is FRAUD!!



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One Response to QUESTNET Frauds!

  1. Sugeeth says:

    I was a witness to see my hard working friend’s ( just like the grass hopper) crumble and run into debt. He lent money to his friends to join under him and also borrowed from his GF, but the people under him were not as energetic as him and did not bring any more new links. He probably got 1 or 2 checks of some 20k but lots 70 – 80k as a result.

    And so, you watch sun news 😦

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