26/11 attacks!

Who can forget November 26th 2008 where few terrorists from Karachi,Pakistan entered India through sea and opened fired indiscriminately at CST,Cama Hospital,Hotel Taj,Hotel Trident and Nariman House?

Who can forget the loss of 173 people(local),ATS Chief Hemant Karkare,Vijay Salaskar,28 foreign Nationals and many more ..?

Who can forget the Ajmal Kasab,the lone terrorist who was captured alive(all thanks to police constable Tukaram Omble)who had held Hotel Taj and the inmates as hostage for about 48 hours!!

On November 26th,2008 ,all the news channels like CNN-IBN,NDTV,TIMES NOW showed Breaking news every 5 mins with the developments of ongoing terrorist attacks at Hotel Taj,Oberoi,Trident and CST!

Later,RAF,MARCOS,NSG commandos were flown in,some of them lost their lives like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and many others and finally,these RAF,MARCOS,NSG commandos put an end to this situation and brought back Taj,Trident and Oberoi under control .

Indeed they were the real heroes who saved Mumbai and the Mumbaikars!

No idea as to where Raj Thackery(a self proclaimed PATRIOT )was hiding when Mumbai was attacked by the terrorists.

Later,we saw all the news channels showing how the situation is under control,how the buildings are being sanitised,how the well renowed personalities are visting the debris,Chief minister Vilasrao deshmukh visiting Taj along with Ram Gopal Verma (who is interested in making a movie on this attack instead of feeling sorry for the loss of lives)which cost Vilasroa Deshmukh his Seat and he was pressurised to resign.

Prime minister Manmohan Singh,Congress party and other parties,Presidents and Prime Ministers from other countries offering condolences.

Narendra Modi who had called Hemant Karkare a traitor before this attack changes tune and calls him a PATRIOT!

Mrs Karkare declining the compensation amount

Now,after Kasav was captured alive, what are the fruitful proceedings in this case?

India proudly produced a Dossier claiming that it has abundant proof to prove that Kasab is a Pakistani National and Pakistan is behind all these terror attacks. Turns towards U.S for intervention and banning of terror outfits in Pakistan.

On the Other hand,Pakistan first denied the Dossier saying,there is NO ENOUGH proof!!(wonder what they meant by ENOUGH)

The reporters visited the village of Kasav,where his family admitted that Kasav is their son, after few days,the family went absconding!

Later Zardari denied this also,but Nawaz Sharrif intervened and said.. “Kasav is indeed a Pakistani”

Later,Dr Manmohan Singh and Pranav Mukarjee pressurised the govt of Pakistan ,finally Pakistan admits that Kasav is a Paksithani National but asks India to have Kasav’s trial jointly to which India did not heed.

Since,in Indian law,every culprit should have a lawyer,India (even after losing many lives of innocent civilians) was hell bent on providing a lawyer(to a person who has killed Mumbai’s ATS Chief , around 173 nationals, 28 foreign nationals)

so that it doesnt defy Indian Laws and Constitution!!

OMG!! Dont you think this was all too much???

God dammit!! after all he s a Terrorist!!

If every terrorists in this world should have a lawyer, then what should all the innocent people have???!!

Lets continue..

Then after somedays, Anjali Waghmare was appointed as Kasab’s lawyer!

She was provided with Z class security. She later addressed the press saying her life was under threat and blah blah blah!

Obviously lady! When you are so hell bent on representing a terrorist who killed so many people just for your fame and money,will the boiling Mumbaikars keep mum??

Later the judge re-appointed a new lawyer who appealed that Kasab was a minor during this attack and should be tried in Juvenile court!

Now can anybody tell me,what difference it makes if he s a minor or a major? God dammit!! he s a terrorist and he has killed so many people!

If he was a minor,he should have acted like one and not involved in such henious act!!

For performing such acts,being a major or minor is of no concern ,but for trying him in court and giving judgement,his minority and majority is of MAJOR concern and also precious time of people waiting for justice,the panel,citizens of India is wasted!!

As usual,precious time of citizens of India is wasted in conducting tests on Kasav’s bones and teeth and finally the report said he was a major during this attack and should not be tried in juvenile court!

Did it end here?


A special pathway was constructed spending 1 crore for the safety of Kasav which is bullet,fire and what not proof!

When Govt has no money in feeding the poor of the counrty and for their upliftment,they had all the money in this world to spend for the SAFETY OF THE TERRORIST!!

This effort by the Indian Govt should be sincerely applauded!!

Its 7 months since the November 26/11 attack, but what is the fruitful proceeding in this case?

Even though we have all the proofs showing Pakistan is responsible for this, even though we have captured the terrorist alive,he s provided with security spending 1 crore, various unwanted tests are conducted on him, the court is postponing the hearing date for months together,the elections have come and gone and Manmohan Singh is re-elected,we have grown 7 months older,but Kasab is still not punished!!

Wonder whats happening in this world and who will get justice?

Wonder if the saying “Truth always Triumphs” should be changed to “TERROR ALWAYS TRIUMPHS”!! 😦

Lets wait and watch if even our grandchildren have the previlage of seeing this captured KASAB alive one day!!!



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