R.I.P Micheal Jackson! :(


Today morning @ 7:45AM CST,i saw status msgs of many of my frens on Facebook like…”R.I.P Micheal”, Goodbye MJ..! and so on..

I wondered what happened to King Of Pop MJ!!

I later found  my best fren from India online on gtalk and during our conversation,i confirmed the news from her..

Me:Did Micheal Jackson die?

She: Yes,today at 4:30am IST.

Me: Oh no!! 😦

Then i browsed various news websites and was shocked to see the news revealing the death of MJ saying he died of cardiac arrest at a rented home in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles..

I was devastated.:(

Also,read  many renowned celebrities like A.R. Rehman,Arnold,Mariah Carey,John Mayor and many more paying their tribute to the Great King of Pop!

A.R Rehman paid tribute saying… “Jai ho MJ! We all love you despite all Controversies!” and also about his conversation with MJ when he had been to recent Oscars.

MJ had once seen our very own Prabhudeva’s dance,admired him and had made a statement..”Noone can dance like Prabudeva”

During MJ’s concert in Mumbai,he had mesmerised thousands of his Indian fans!

He had great love and respect for the country India 🙂

The world has indeed lost a great musician and a dancer! 😦

Since my childhood i have heard his songs,admired his music and dance!

I just loveeeeeeeed his tracks… “Heal the World” and “They dont care about us” .

I had gone bonkers on his “Moonwalk”!! Tried imitating it,but failed miserably 😦

There is no one in this world who can dance and moonwalk like him.

Despite all controversies of being a Child molester. Freak. Delusional loon. Unfit parent,he had millions of fans!

He had mesmerised the world with his music,dance,charities and what not!!

Jackson had donated and raised millions of dollars for beneficial causes through his foundation, charity singles and support of 39 charities.

The recent news of him was he  converted to islam and changed his name to Mikeel..!!

The world indeed misses him !! 😦

May his soul Rest In Peace! 😦



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