Creating Pages in Blogger/Blogspot

One of the most used feature of any website/blog is a ‘static page’

This feature is missing in Blogger/Blogspot. But other hosts like provides the ‘static’ page feature as an in-built feature.
The ‘static page’ feature can be still replicated in Blogger. Here are the steps..
1>Backdating a post
2>Linking the html page of the post
1>Backdating a post:
a>Create your post as you do it normally by filling in the title,content and the label.
b>Click on the “Post Options” icon just above the “Publish Post” icon on the post editor window(is a place where you write your posts)
c>Backdating : Search for the option “Post date and time” and make it point to the previous month’s date.
***** The above step “c” is done if you do not want your posts to be displayed as “Latest posts” on your blog***** or the step can be skipped if you have no problems with displaying the post as “Latest post”******
2>Linking the Html page of the post:
a>The next step is to obtain the HTML link of your post. –
->Click on ‘Posting’ option on the tool bar (which consists of other options like ‘Settings’,’Layout’ etc)
->Click on ‘Edit Posts’ option .This opens another window containing the details of all your posts like title,date, etc with 2 buttons : a> “Edit” button b> “View” button
->Choose the “View” button.The chosen post opens seperately in a new window.
->Copy the url from the address bar. This is the url of your post on your blog
b>After obtaining the url, link it to a gadget:
->Go to “Layout” tab and click on “Page Elements”.
->Click on Add Gadget and select “List” gadget.
->Enter the name and url of your post and save it.
Now your posts will be displayed as Pages on your sidebar


Howdy!! I am a Blogger,a Writer and a Cartoonist! I maintain around 14 blogs ranging from cartoons,food,travel,photography,sci tech,music to reviews on books and movies.
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