The ‘SIXTH SENSE’ English movie by M Night Shyamalan(An Indian)

This is a movie of a small boy who sees dead people!
The movie starts with the murder of a renowned Child Pschychologist,Dr Malcolm Crowe by his student as the Dr was unable to cure him.
Then the movie fast forwards one year later and shows how the Dr again meets another small boy who is undergoing the small pschychological fear as his previous patient.
The Dr feels that he should cure this boy as he was unable to cure his previous patient.
But this boy is not candid enough to inform the doctor about his problems.
The Dr befriends him and makes the boy spill out a secret that has been troubling the boy since ages– that is “The boy can see Dead People walking around and talking to him” and they want the boy to do tasks for them!
The boy is experiencing great fear due to this,but is unable to tell anyone as no body beleives him and everybody thinks that the boy is a FREAK!
So,the boy will be silent,introvert and withdrawn always
The boy then meets this doctor and spills the beans to him. The doctor is so involved in solving this issue and treating the boy that he starts neglecting his family and wife and his marriage is on rocks!
The Dr later divulges a plan and informs the boy as to how to handle this issue.
This is an AWESOME-Must Watch Thriller movie which is full of twists and turns and the movie ends with an AMAZING TWIST! 🙂


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