H1N1 Virus


This virus is spreading like a nightmare all over India! It had actually originated from a small boy from Malaysia who entered India long back! Worst part is the boy is cured and is hail and healthy now,but there are loads of people being infected everyday and are dying!
Before this epidemic spread,the procedures for scanning at BIAL airports were not so stringent.
I remember returning from Mauritius on May 20th 2009 ,on the plane,we were given a sheet of paper to check the boxes Yes/No if we have any symptoms of cold,cough or fever. (Now tell me how many people will be so Truthful that they will actually check YES if they are actually infected?)
Then at immigration,the officials would look into the sheet ,if we had No,then they used to just send us off without even scanning.They used to only emphasize on people who had checked ‘Yes’ box!
I am atleast happy now that the methods and procedures of scanning at all the 22 airports in India are procedural and stringent.
Almost 49 lakh air travellers have so far been screened at the airports by a team of 225 doctors and 172 paramedics at 83 counters till Monday. Out of 2,026 positive reported cases, 773 were identified through entry screening.

According to Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, the Centre will buy 24 more thermal scanners for installation at various international airports.Four thermal scanners were imported last month and were installed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi on a pilot basis. After this, the detection rate at the airports went up from 5 per cent to 20 per cent!

Also,there is a huge hue and cry over the H1N1 masks. A recent tv coverage on some news channel showed a sting operation showing that H1N1 masks are being sold in Black for amount of Rs 350/- when they are actually Rs 20/- or Rs 30/-.
This is actually DISGUSTING and ‘HEIGHTS OF PATHOCITY!’.There are many people dying in India and Abroad and people are even making BLACK MONEY over such things which are a dire neccisity for everyone!!!

Anyways,recently WHO has asked India to stop screening for H1N1 at airports in India for WHO’s own reasons and substantiation!
You can check the article on Deccan Herald,Dated 19th Aug 2009,Wednesday.
I still dont agree or understand with the reasons provided by WHO for this statement of theirs!
India is doing its part to spread this epidemic,i dont understand what is WHO ‘s problem with that!


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