Capricorn One is a story about how NASA fakes the Mars landing Mission and fools the entire world.

Minutes before launch, the bewildered crew of Col. Brubaker, Lt. Col. Willis , and Cmdr. Walker are removed from the capsule and flown to an old abandoned U.S Army Air corps base deep within the desert. The televised launch proceeds on schedule, but the public is unaware that the spacecraft (Capricorn One) does not have a crew.

The public continues to beleive that these 3 men are on their mission.
One scientist at NASA detects some irregularities in signal transmissions and smells something fishy in this mission.He informs this to his boss,but the boss flatly dismisses it by saying that the machine on which the scientist is receiving signals is mal-functioning.
The scientist later tries the same experiment on different machines and he is confirmed that something is fishy about the Mars mission.

So he shares his concern with his journalist friend. Two days later,the scientist is missing,NASA denies the existance of any such scientist in their crew and the apt in which lived denies the existance of any scientist by that name.
This makes the journilist more suspicious about the MARS mission and he starts investigating and finally proves to the world that this is a fake mission


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