Da Vinci code

This is a story about Robert Langdon investigating the murder of curator of the museum, Jacques Saunière (the Grand Master Of Priory of Sion)

Robert Langdon will be called for deciphering the code written near the body,while the police believe that Robert Langdon is the prime suspect.
Sophia Neveu shows up at the murder scene as a police cryptographer and quickly gains Langdon’s trust. Jacques Saunière was Neveu’s grandfather.
Both of them start deciphering the codes where one code leads to another and finally to a key of the safe.
Inside the safe deposit box they find the keystone which is actually a large cryptex, a cylindrical device supposedly invented by Leonardo Da Vinci for transporting secure messages. In order to open it the combination of rotating components must be arranged in the correct order. If the cryptex is forced open an enclosed vial of vinegar ruptures and dissolves the message, which was written on papyrus.
How do they find out the combination of the key and read the message?
This is an amazing story with twists and turns.



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