P.S I Love You

This is a story of a couple Holly and Gerry who are happily married. Gerry dies of brain tumour and Holly is devastated and withdrawn.
She then finds the messages left behind by Gerry for her in twelve envelopes . She has the instructions of opening one envelope per month.
She opens the first envelope the first month and Gerry would have left her a message to do something that she always wanted to do,but had never tried.
Subsequent envelopes also contains messages asking Holly to do things which she was scared of or always wanted to do,but never had tried.
So Gerry acts as her Guardian Angel guiding her through paths,helping her conquering her fears and being with her always through his messages even though he is far away from her.
At the end of 12 months,Holly discovers that she had conquered her fears,fulfilled all her un-fulfilled ambitions and then feels extremely happy.
A lovely book which explains the depth of love,concern and committment


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