Slumdog Millionaire-originally Q/A book ‘Q /A ‘ originally by Vikram Swaroop is an excellent story of a boy from slum ,participating in a ‘Who Wants to Be a Billionaire’ quiz show and winning billion dollars.

The film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was recently released based on this book which created waves throughout the world and won BAFTA and Oscars.
But i personally feel that book is more captivating,has less flaws,neatly woven and is inetresting.
In the book,the boy’s name is Ram Mohd Thomas. He has the name Ram and Mohd in order to protect himself during hindu-muslim fights. He is raised by a father of the church,so he is named Thomas.
This is an excellent story of a boy who is from slums reaching the quiz show and wining the cash prize.
The police suspects him of cheating as he is from slums and is an illiterate.
But the boy has actually answered all the questions from his life experiences!
Every question he is asked in the quiz show has a link to an experience in his life.!


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