Time to Kill

This is a story of a Black American girl getting raped by 2 drunkard white americans.
But the court will set the culprits free as they are white americans. The father of the girl is devastated and he kills the culprit as revenge and is put behind bars.
Then a white american lawyer takes up the responsibility of freeing the father who is behind bars.
The lawyer experiences opposition and threats from other white americans for taking up the case of black american.
The lawyer’s life,his wife and chil’d life is also under threat.
This is a story of the differenciation meted out between blacks and whites in america and how the lawyer finally succeds and wins the case despite all odds


Howdy!! I am a Blogger,a Writer and a Cartoonist! I maintain around 14 blogs ranging from cartoons,food,travel,photography,sci tech,music to reviews on books and movies.
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