Inspirational thoughts and feelings

I have come across various people in my life whom i can categorize as:
1>Myth Believers
2>Failure Phobics
3>Critic Phobics

May be we all do possess some of the above mentioned qualities,which we might not have recognised!
I explain briefly all the above mentioned categories with examples and based on my experiences

1>Myth Believers: These are the category of people who believe in certain myths.They base their actions,plans,ideas,expeditions based on the certain myths.

Myth 1: ‘Only Vaishyas(a sect in India who are well versed in Business) excel in business’

Myth Buster:
Infosys Narayan Murthy(who is a brahmin)is an excellent example for this Myth Buster!
Infosys started by Narayan Murthy is not only doing good in business,but also excelling,competing and expanding worldwide in comparison with other companies.
Bill Gates,the richest man in the world is another classic example of this myth buster!

Myth 2:’Only People with Computer Science degrees out-perform others in an IT industry’

Myth Buster:I have myself seen people belonging to various other backgrounds like civil,mechanical,electronics etc performing better and even out-performing the people from computer science backgrounds in an IT industry!
and many more such myths exists.

All i want to say is ‘Dream Big and follow your dreams’. You being successful or not only depends on how you analyse,visualize,realize and implement your dreams!

The below video shows how people excelled in various fields breaking various myths.. for one reason..”They followed their HEART”!

2>Failure Phobics:

These are the second category of people who fear to start or do anything listening to their heart. For one reason :’Fear of Failure’
Inspite of possessing the interest,talent,knowledge,resources and potential,they still take the back seat. They fear FAILURE and even prevent themselves from giving it a try fearing that they might FAIL in it and may become a laughing stock.
There are classic examples of the famous celebrities whom we know and worship today who have had failures,were turned down,were expelled,lost their jobs etc,but they did not quit!
Instead,they followed thier heart and they are a great source of inspiration to millions of people around the globe.
One example is our very own BIG B,Amitabh Bachchan.
Do you know that Big B had actually approached a radio company for the job of radio jockey,but was turned down by them because of his rough and baritone voice?
Now,today,what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Big B?
His tall personality and Baritone voice!
Did Big B quit his dreams of acheiving something and just sit quiet just because he was turned down by some radio company?No!
Did Radio company’s rejection have any impact on Big B’s quest for acheiving something big and following his dreams? No!
There are various Failures experienced by various famous celebrities and how they bounced back and made a mark in this world in the video below.

3>Critics Phobic:

These are another category of people who fear from listening to their heart for the reason:
‘Fear of Critics’.
They always think ‘what if people laugh at me?’, ‘what if people talk bad about me?’,’what if i become a laughing stock’ etc etc.
I have personally come across many people who dream of achieving something BIG,but the fear of being ‘critised’,’laughed at’ stops them from following their heart.
They think more about the world and what the world thinks about them rather than pursuing and acheiving their dreams!
I have recently started blogging. There may be many of my friends who think blogging is a waste of time or only jobless people do it.
I started blogging because i want to pen down my ideas,thoughts,experiences and get connected
Even for a single moment before blogging,i Never thought what the world would think about me.
For one single reason:
There may be a small percentage of people who may laugh at me,think i m wasting my time,i m jobless etc, but there are many people who can realize andvisualise my ideas,talent and potential.
So,when many people really appreciate me for my blogs,i HARDLY care for the criticism from an insignificant number of people!
My advice is : There may be people who criticise you,laugh at you,talk behind your back etc.
But these people are of least importance to you when compared to your dreams.
Weigh the criticism of these handful of people and your dreams on a weighing scale,you will notice that your dreams WEIGH MORE!
My Brother once said..’Consider your dream to be a ‘room’ and these people to be a ‘pair of socks’ in your room.Never make the critics ‘your room’ and your dream,’a pair of socks’in your room”
I have realised the meaning of his words.

Watch this amazing video of ‘Lead India’ Campaign by Times of India Group

These are a category of people who follow their heart,start something new,but quit in the middle when they experience a road block or a failure.
A Failure/Road block may prevent them from proceeding further,resuming or re-starting again.
Their main fear is that ‘they may FAIL or experience road block again’.
There are various examples of people,companies,organizations experiencing Road blocks,failures and bouncing back emerging successful
1>Cadbury had been in the recent news for ‘worms being found in the chocolates’ and many cadbury units were shut down,hindering the progress of cadburys and resulting in failure.
But Cadburys bounced back with a Purity Seal and now cadburys is still the most sought chocolate brand!
2>ABCL started by Amitabh Bachchan experienced failure and was in great debt.He was into depression at that time!
But Amitabh Bachchan faught back by taking up assignments like ‘KBC’ in order to repay the debt of ABCL and also became the most busiest superstar in India!

Here is an amazing video from the animal kingdom which portrays the message “Never Give up”

Therefore,its very essential to dream BIG and follow your dreams! There may be failures,roadblocks,criticism,people may laugh at you,people may criticise you etc.
When you conquer all and acheive your dreams,you will have the LAST LAUGH!! 😉


Howdy!! I am a Blogger,a Writer and a Cartoonist! I maintain around 14 blogs ranging from cartoons,food,travel,photography,sci tech,music to reviews on books and movies.
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2 Responses to Inspirational thoughts and feelings

  1. DancingQueen says:

    I don’t have words…The flow is simply amazing…If I halted while reading, it was because I got lost in my thoughts, started analyzing myself in situations where I have bothered about what people say, got really angry at people who talk behind my back, quit in the middle, never took that step because I was scared of failure and then 2nd failure and so on….
    I totally loved what your brother said about the room and socks example…so true…
    It was really nice reading your blog….

  2. @Dancing queen,
    Thanks a lot for dropping by,reading and liking my writing 🙂 I m glad that it helped u 🙂
    Yes,I too love that saying of my bro!! 🙂

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