International Literacy Day

September 8th of every year is celebrated as International Literacy Day!

Literacy: What does the word Literacy mean to you?
It means the ability to hear,read,write,understand,converse and communicate.
Literacy acts as a basic foundation for being successful in life,respected and recognised in the society.
It teaches morals,values,ethics,principles and makes a person behave,think,act in a more humane way rather than acting,thinking,behaving and living the life of an animal.It makes a person to introspect,realise,analyse,visualize his potentials,dream big and strive for excellence and acheiving his dreams.It also prevents us from being exploited and being cheated
Lets take a peep into our flash back where the early men used to converse each other by using symbols.The art of speech,hearing,conversing were not known to an early man.Early man lead his life similar to life of an animal where his dire essentials were only food and shelter.
He did not dream of acheiving anything in life because he had no education ,so he did not know how to dream,what to dream and how to acheive his dreams.
Its very sad to know that there are still children and adults in this world who are deprived of education.They lead their life in a very low profile way by doing domestic work,low profile jobs and earning to satisfy the basic necessities in life like food,clothing and shelter.
It really pains to see children of small age working in hotels,sweeping floors,delivering milk,tea,newspapers,polishing shoes,selling articles on street instead of spending their Golden Age of Childhood by studying,playing,learning,dreaming.
The govt has indeed proposed few free education schemes in order to educate children who are the future pillars of the country,but these schemes are barely put into effect or the parents and the children barely take these schemes seriously.
In India,Kerala is considered as 100% literacy state among all the other states in India.This is higly commendable.But it would be really nice to see the same results for all the other states in India as well.
Recently,Times of India Group in India started a campaign ‘Teach India’ in order to educate the deprived lot.This campaign consisted of volunteers from various professions across India actually signing up and coming together in order to take up the responsibility of teaching the deprived lot.
Infact every weekend,the volunteers organise free classes in various hired schools where they bring in children and adults from various villages and teach them.
This initiative is higly commendable.There are also many voluntary organisations striving hard to provide educate the adults as well as children.
In the villages,the farmers,phesants and poor people are often cheated and exploited by the landlords,money lenders etc because they are unable to read or write.Therefore the greedy people exploit them of their money,life making the life of farmers,pheasants and poor people miserable.So the govt should take up initiatives of educating the deprived lot and also punishing the greedy.
We all are aware of various crimes and terror activities committed in this world by various criminals and terrorists.One reason may be because these criminals are not educated enough to differenciate between the good deed and the bad deed.They feel these ways are quick ways of making money,but what they do not realise is that they are not doing good to either their families,or the society or themselves by indulging in some henious crimes.
The terrorists are often brain-washed by their higher officials about planting bombs,handling the arms and ammunitions,creating havoc,killing people,ruining other’s lives and families.
But what these terrorists lack is the ability to analyse,realise and visualize and introspect whether they are gaining anything by indulging in all such henious crimes. They behave like animals instead of thinking,acting,behaving and leading a life of a human!
Therefore, Literacy is a basic foundation which is required for every indiviual to lead a successful,competant and satisfactory life.Litercay is also required for an indiviual to be respected,recognised,appreciated in the society.


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