World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10 is celebrated worldwide as ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’

This is a term which we hear day in and day out!
You wake up in the morning,open a newspaper,you will find articles of students commiting suicide over failure in exams,lovers committing suicide after being spurned down by people whom they love the most,helpless dowry victims committing suicide,people committing suicide over loss of jobs,or money,or bad health.
As though newspapers are not enough,even we get to hear the same thing on television and radio!
What has this world come to???!!!
Now a days,Faring well in exams,being successful in love, job,money,status,health have taken more priority than the precious life which we are blessed to live only once!
1>Students committing suicide: The parents are always after the life of their children to score well in exams.They just want to flaunt ‘how brilliant’ or ‘how intelligent’ or ‘how studious’ their child is rather than understanding the emotions,difficulties the child is experiencing!
I personally know some people who have disconnected the cable and net connecting during the board exams of their children and brain washing the child to study and score well like the ‘tom’,’dick’ or ‘harry’ next door!
There were few aunts of mine who used to bring their child’s markscards for any function or get-together,flaunting and bragging ‘how studious’ or ‘how intelligent’ their children were!
The child is experiencing a mixture of emotions here like ‘pressure from teachers,parents’,’comparisons with others’,’threats for doing good’ etc
If a child scores bad or fails in exam,the first thing he decides to save himself from all misery,shame,embrassment is ‘to end his precious life’.
What the child,the parents or the teachers fail to realise is..”Exam can be given again,but the precious life of the child cant be brought back again!’
2>Spurned lover committing suicide: This is another ridiculous thing to do. The spurned lover may be feeling bad,deserted,or cheated etc,but at the same time he/she should be grateful,happy and thankful to God that they did not end up marrying such a person who did not know the meaning of love! Instead,they end up their life for a person who is hardly even worth knowing!!
3>Dowry Deaths: This has been a major issue in India. Everyday,a newspaper carries atleast one report of dowry death.Whats more astonishing is these torture are not given by un-educated people,but also there are few cases of police officers,software engineers,doctors,lawyers and govt employees harrasing and torturing their wives to bring more dowry!
The helpless victim has no other go,but to commit suicide!
There are various organisations for women,helplines for women established,but hardly these depressed women use it. There is also a law to act against the person who harasses for dowry,but hardly the women lodge complaint against their husbands fearing social strata,respect in the society or tarnishing of their image.
4>Suicide over loss of jobs,money: Recession is the major cause for all these un-natural deaths. There are various cases of people losing their jobs from many renowned companies due to recession.They experience great grief,shame,disappointment when they are fired from their respective jobs and end up comitting suicide.!
What they fail to realise is ‘They can get a new job sooner or later,but they Cant get Another life!’
Same is the case with people who have lost money. What they fail to realise is ‘They can earn money again,but they cant be reborn with such a wonderful life again’!
I heard there are also few ridiculous websites which help the people to actually gain ideas of committing suicide and there are numerous people around the globe actually watching you die LIVE!
How PATHETIC and RIDICULOUS can that be!! and i am still wondering how such websites are still flourishing!!
Its very important for us to realise,understand,identify,help the people in distress and with suicide motives.
How to identify the victim:
1>When the person has gone into withdrawal or showing symptoms of not interested in life anymore by saying about death all the time,showing dis-interest in things
2>Person is talking about all crazy ideas of committing suicide and is doing intense research in it.
and many more such symptoms
How to help the person:
1>Dont judge them for their intentions,instead listen to them by being non-judgemental,show empathy,empower them and help them come out of it!
2>Talk to them,make them realise that their life is more worthy than anything else
3>Empower them to face distress,sorrow,disappointment and help them to come out of it.
4>Keep a vigil watch over the victim
5>Dont isolate the people in distress.
6>Try diverting their minds
Spread the word.. Save LIVES..!!! 🙂


Howdy!! I am a Blogger,a Writer and a Cartoonist! I maintain around 14 blogs ranging from cartoons,food,travel,photography,sci tech,music to reviews on books and movies.
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