Social Networking FADS

The impact of internet in today’s world is such that social networking has become an Essential reason for survival..!
Many social networking sites are launched today in competition with the other like
7>Bebo!! [excuse me,isnt it Kareena Kapoor’s nick name?]

Social Networking has become such a fad now a days that when new people meet,in order to keep in touch,all they ask is ‘Are you on Orkut?’ or ‘Are you on Facebook?’ or any other social networking site!

I personally had a  few experiences in U.S. I met few people,we chatted,became friends,then one person asked me ‘Are you on Orkut?’ ,’Are you on Facebook?’ 
All i had to say was.. ‘Excuse me..! I have a phone number also!!

Also,i have seen people joining Facebook,twitter,orkut etc and updating their status messages as..

“I am new to Orkut/Fb/twitter, I am unable to understand this site,Please help me how to use it”
My answer to them is..
“Excuse me boss! This is NOT Rocket Science! So you better learn it yourself!”

While at work,people are more busy updating their statuses on facebook or orkut such as..”I saw”,”I drank”,”I slept for 8 hours”,”I watched this” , “I did this” blah blah blah,…
Gimme a break! Who in this world is interested in your breathing,sleeping,snoring,eating,farting??!!!

Also,i have seen people chatting on orkut,fb,or gtalk or ym with people who are just in their next cubicle!
Excuse me,how long or far does it take for you to get up,go to that person and talk instead??!!!

If one person celebrates a festival,captures pictures and uploads them on orkut,for the next festival,you get to see all your friends capturing and uploading pics in SIMILAR FASHION..!

History of Social Networking sites..

a>Hi5 was the social networking site launched long back,which hardly succeeded!

b>Next one to launch was Orkut which was in news for all wrong reasons like photo mis-use,crimes,cyber crimes etc. Also,the fable of Mr Orkut launching Orkut to find his lost love(whom he lost on the platform of some railway station) was and is still doing rounds.Now orkut has copied many features,applications from facebook, provided security for photos,personal information etc

c>Facebook is a site which is not so popular in India but very popular in U.S and other countries..
Facebook provides with great collection of applications,quizzes,games,virtual gifts,games etc which are more than sufficient for people to joblessly waste time! There are wierd quizzes like ‘when will u die’,’what were you in your previous birth’,’how will u die’,’which cartoon character are you’ blah blah blah which surprisingly people take and display the results on their profile page.There are also games like Poker,Bejeweled Blitz,Farmville,Mafia Wars etc which are more than sufficient to render people jobless!
Same is the case with other social networking sites.

d>I recently came across BEBO on the internet! All these years,i knew that BEBO was the nick name of Kareena Kapoor! Now the existence of a social networking site by the same name is a new info for me!

Uff!! What is this world coming to??!!!


Howdy!! I am a Blogger,a Writer and a Cartoonist! I maintain around 14 blogs ranging from cartoons,food,travel,photography,sci tech,music to reviews on books and movies.
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