4 number plates for vehicles in Karnataka

I recently came across this article in Deccan Herald where the RTO has issued a circular for all vehicles in Karnataka to have 4 number plates viz. One in Kannada,another in Arabic(why Arabic?!) and 2 more in English.
As of now Vehicles in Karnataka have only 2 number plates,now 2 more number plates in Arabic and Kannada needs to be added!

RTO has also proposed the position of placement of these number plates.
English plate should be displayed on the left side of the vehicle,Kannada plate on the right side of the vehicle,and one more English Plate on the rear of the vehicle.
Now vehicle manufacturers are scratching their heads how to implement the slots for fixation of 4 number plates in a vehicle.

The key features that RTO has failed to consider are:

  • It is easier and quicker to read English number plate on a moving vehicle rather than any other language!No offense to Kannada here,as i m a Kannadiga myself and i m proud to be one..!..But lets be REALISTIC instead of Flaunting Kannada Pride
  • There are people from various states speaking various languages residing in Karnataka. There are many Non Kannadigas residing in Karnataka who do not know to read/write or speak Kannada.So,lets assume there is a traffic violation,or an accident or a ‘Hit and Run ‘ case witnessed by a Non Kannadiga, now suppose this person plans to report this to cops,it is difficult for them as they cant read the Kannada number plate..!! Now the RTO should first propose a plan to educate Kannada to all Non-Kannadigas residing in Karnataka and then implement this law!

What the RTO should basically do is retain the trend of only 2 number plates and have the numbers both in English and Kannada on the same number plate!

Btw,i did not understand the concept of having number plate in Arabic?!!



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