Beware of Rental Scams!

Students from India are  enthusiastic in pursuing their masters or phds abroad. They face many problems when they leave their motherland and enter the foreign land to fulfill their dreams. One of the major problem faced is ‘Renting of houses/apartments in foreign land’. There are various scams involved in such renting of houses in foreign land. A friend of mine recently saved herself from being swindled in such a scam and wants me to spread this word about it to caution people about such scams.

Recently a good friend of mine,Pankaja(name changed to safeguard identity),a student in some foreign country was searching for a rented house. She actually came across a beautiful house and wished to rent it. So,she sent her personal details to the email specified on the website. The landlord infact replied back to her email with warm response. But the matter in the reply mail smelt something fishy. This is when Pankaja realised that there is something fishy and refrained herself from zeroing in on this house.

What was so fishy about the reply mail that refrained Pankaja from furthering this deal? Read on..
The landlord had replied to Pankaja saying how the previous renters had damaged their property in the rented house, all emotional drama about how lord had saved them from further destruction,how they planned to safeguard their property in future etc. Ok,lets assume this had actually happened. Now the fishy part is… The landlord had told Pankaja that the keys of the house would be given to some courier company and Pankaja should first courier the landlord some down-payment,the receiving of  payment upon which,the keys would be delivered to Pankaja from the courier company. The landlord had also given the email id and address of the courier company. The most fishy part was here where the email address of both the landlord and the courier company were from the same domain!!

Pankaja guessed that this is a scam to swindle people of their money and immediately she refrained herself from zeroing in on this deal.

So,all the students out there who are renting houses in some foreign country, the moment you receive an email asking to courier the down-payment to some courier company,upon which the keys will be sent to you and also the moment you realise that there is something fishy about all this and this must be a scam,its high time you back off from such deals..!



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