Hypocrisy at its BEST!

On Jan 7,2008, the famous ‘Harbhajan-Symonds Racial Controversy’ created havoc in the entire world with ICC imposing a 3 match ban as well as fine of 50% match fee on Harbhajan Singh for calling Andrew Symonds ‘Monkey’.The ICC as well as the Australian govt created ‘hue and cry’ over this entire controversy and branded this as “Racism Attack” by Harbhajan Singh. Did it end there? No!
Off late,day in and day out,we hear the news of ‘Indian Students being subjected to Racial Attacks in Australia’. Why is the Australian Govt, who once preached about ‘Intolerance of Racism’ now silent when Indian students in Australia are being attacked by petrol bombs and being stabbed by screwdrivers?. According to Australian govt,is only calling someone ‘Monkey’  racism but ‘Attacking Indians Students on basis of their colour ‘ not Racism? The Australian govt  who had made hue and cry over ‘Monkey’ controversy are calling these attacks as “crime related incidents” and not “racism”! Hypocrisy at its Best! 
Why is India tolerating and is hands tied over this issue? Why are Indians always at receiving end of such nonsense? The Indian govt is having un-fruitful talks with the Australian govt over the attack of Indians in Australia. Does such talks serve any purpose? Daily,one or the other Indian student is being hospitalised and critically injured due to this Racism attack. Its high time the Indian Govt does something to safeguard Indians all over the world instead of having un-fruitful talks and dialogues and giving false hopes and assurances 



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