"New Orkut" launched!

Excited about all the interesting Facebook features and bored with Orkut features?

Well Mr Orkut heard you again and has aped Facebook again..!!
Introducing “New Orkut” which is just a Ctrl C + Ctrl V of Facebook.
Whats this New Orkut?
1>You can get this updated orkut version only through invites from your friends who are currently using the ‘New Orkut’ version– Well this is a limitation i must say!
2>’New Orkut’ is more faster than older version
3>The new features added are aped from Facebook which are :
a>Now friends can comment on your orkut profile status,your videos,photos and other statuses just by clicking the comment button below the message and posting a comment.
b>You can see all your friends at one shot by using the scroll bar in your Friends section
c>Same is the case with Communities
4>Wish to check your gmail from orkut? Do not worry,just click on the ‘Gmail’ button on your header bar
5>Search the web from orkut by typing in search button and selecting the option “Web”
For full details about what this New Orkut is all about, see this video

Limitations of ‘New Orkut’
1>Needs invite from friends who are currently using ‘New Orkut’ version for you to access it
2>Even after updating the version of your orkut to ‘New Orkut’, you still need to wait for days for an option for sending invites to your friends for the access of  ‘New Orkut’

Currently,what ‘New Orkut’ lacks is ‘Virtual Reality’ games as in Facebook! I will not be surprised if this feature is also copied from Facebook!



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