2010 Horroscopes

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Aries is the first zodiac sign and is ruled by the planet Mars. Aries individuals would get mixed results in 2010. First half of the year would be somewhat troublesome, but the second half would provide great relief from the tensions. Nevertheless, the work that you had taken up last year and the one that would be assigned to you this year won’t give you the desired results quickly. You might face unnecessary delay in the work you do. You may also get perturbed due to poor health. It is predicted that 2010 would be rather eventful for Aries individuals, at the workplace. However, work pressure is also foreseen.

For 2010, the placement of Jupiter is in the 10th house, which indicates a good future for the Aries individuals. You need to be pragmatic and vociferous with your approach. By doing so, all your endeavors will follow the path to success. Socially, your charisma will entice everybody around you.The year 2010 is the time to take care of your health and visit your family doctor. It is suggested to go for regular health check up.

It is foreseen that adventurous individuals and those involved in outdoor activities might get injured by falling from height. Therefore, they should take special care of themselves, while indulging in such activities. Talking about students, they should avoid preparing for the exams in the last moment, because it may lead to depression and break from academics. You should concentrate more at the practical aspects of the curriculum, while preparing for the exams. It is recommended to finish the preparations before March and only revise the lessons at the time of the exams.

Financial independence is on the cards for Aries individuals, for the year 2010. The year would be fulfilling, as many of your dreams might come true. You would also enjoy a good rapport and understanding with your superiors. A change of residence is indicated. Your friends and well-wishers would be of great help and support, during the year. Your fame and respect would be on the rise, in the New Year 2010.

Saturn’s placement in the 6th House would bring satisfactory results for you, in the year 2010. Enigmatic enemies might trouble you, but your intuition prevails and ultimately, you would emerge victorious. The position of Rahu in the 8th and 9th houses would also work in your favor, but only partially. Mental turbulence and trauma might prevail in the later half of the year; otherwise the year would bestow regal status.

is the second zodiac sign. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus is also often regarded as ‘the zodiac sign of wealth’. For Taurians, the year 2010 would remain the same as the previous year, except for a few things. Jupiter would be placed in the 10th and 11th houses, which would bring an element of stability, especially when it comes to finance. The placement of Jupiter would also be reflected on work ethics and efficiency of the Taurus individuals. Individuals born under this sun sign would enjoy cordial relationship with people in authority. Frequent trips related to job are on the cards. You would be engrossed with metaphysical aspects of life.

In the year 2010, you might face delays and obstacles in achieving your goals. This would be mainly because of Saturn’s position, which would be in the 5th house. You might develop strained relations with your own people as well. Nevertheless, these hitches would not prove to be a hindrance in your progress. Rahu’s placement in the 9th house, till November, is acceptable and due to it, you might have benefits socially. Rahu’s transit into the 9th house, from November last year, could prove beneficial.

is the third sign of zodiac. Individuals, born between May 21 and June 20th, fall under this sun sign. Apart from being the first air sign, Gemini is also the first zodiac sign of communication and music. Basically, individuals born under the sun sign Gemini are considered special. They are best known for exuding dual nature. They behave younger than their actual age.

If you are a Gemini individual and are keen about knowing what life has in stock for you in the upcoming year, then this article is the right for you. Go through the following lines and get the yearly predictions for Gemini individual, for the year 2010.

Jupiter’s position in the 9th house in 2010 would be favorable for Gemini individuals, in the year 2010. Some of your ambitious projects would come through, during the year. The family atmosphere would be cordial and you would witness peaceful co-existence among your family members. Rahu’s placement, in the 7th house, is not in accord for marital ties.

Try to make the best use of time in 2010, the year might prove to be beneficial, financially. You would do quite well in your business. An expansion in the same area of interest or launching of a new venture is on the cards. If employed, your working conditions might improve in the year. Health and familial ties are to be examined thoroughly, in 2010.

Cancer :
The professional life of Cancer individuals will be full of anticipations and unpredictable situations, in 2010. You would maintain vitality in the year, while having cordial relationship with your subordinates or junior, at the workplace. As far as wealth is concerned, you will be lucky in 2010. You might witness an increase in your bank balance and fixed property. In the year 2010, you might face problems related to your mother, house and vehicle. Problems may also creep in relation to your father-in-law’s family. Pilgrimage and business tours are on the cards.

First half of the year might give you a platform to show your talent and special abilities, while the second part of the year might prove troublesome. You would be in dilemma, on how to get the desired results. Unexpected and unforeseen situations have to be tackled quite carefully, in the year 2010. You might lack support from many of your loved ones, especially in the second half of the year.

Talking about family matters, there are chances of an extension in your family as well as in the source of your income. In 2010, you will be in no mood to make commitments. You should acquire control over your emotions; otherwise, you may face troublesome situations in your love life. Bachelors have fair chances of tying the nuptial knot, after October. Divorced people may get a new partner after/during a short or long distance journey. A change in the way you speech or the tone of your voice might result in significant changes in your family life.

Common cold and cough may cause sickness pertaining to lungs, in 2010. Due to different positions of the planets, possibilities of a surgical treatment cannot be ruled out. If you are a heart patient or are suffering from the problem of blood pressure, you should avoid fatty and oily foods in 2010. Otherwise, you might suffer from clotting of blood or even heart attack. Routine health checks are suggested. You must be very cautious while having food and drinks that you usually don’t have.

is the fifth sign of zodiac. People born between July 21st and August 20th come under this sign. A fire sign, Leo represents royalty. Leo individuals generally assume high ranks in the society. Many rulers and politicians are Leo individuals. Leos are good looking, rather magnetically attractive. They impress others with their charisma and are naturally attractive to the society as well. People born under this sun sign are very powerful at middle age, but their power and strength deteriorates as they grow older. Leos are naturally broad minded, very caring, good organizers and highly enthusiastic.

In the year 2010, the planets might change their positions very often, which is not so good for Leo individuals. Politicians in the ruling party might face difficult situations until July, after which, the situations might get better. This year, Jupiter would be placed in the seventh house for most of the time. For the entire year, Saturn, which controls the situations related to finance, family and life style, would be placed in the second house.

Leo individuals might face financial crisis in 2010. The placement of shadow planets would not prove beneficial for individuals born under this sun sign. The arrangement of shadow planets in the zodiac is not encouraging for the Leos. They might face hardships in relation to the future, talents, romance and children. Even friendships would be disturbed and fulfillment of individual wishes would prove difficult.

is the sixth zodiac sign. It is ruled by Mercury and its nature is earthy. Sun enters this sign from August 21st to September 20th. The position of planets in the year 2010 is encouraging for Virgos, for the entire year. The position of Saturn would give steadiness and good growth in profession. Leisurely trips and traveling in relation to job is on the cards. This year might prove to be adventurous for Virgo individuals.

The placement of Jupiter is predicted to be adverse for Virgo individuals, in 2010. The position of the planet might create disturbance for the Virgos, in relation to the matters pertaining to marriage and partnership. However, there is also a beneficial side of this position – the enemies of Virgo individuals would become powerless. Moreover, you will have settlements in your favor, in the year. However, you might face some problems while on foreign tours. Therefore, it is better to avoid overseas connections this year.

If not utilized properly, the investments might incur losses for Virgo individuals, in the year 2010. This might affect their monetary position. The position of the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are encouraging for the Virgos. First half of the year might be slow, but things would progress at a greater speed in the second half.

is seventh zodiac sign. It is ruled by the planet Venus. The second airy sign, Libra is the sign of balance, because it is at the exact center of the zodiac. In the year 2010, the position of the planets is uncertain – they are encouraging at the same time, adverse. Jupiter, which would be positioned in the 6th house, would cause some deterrence to the Librans. You might face health problems in the year and would not be able to enjoy the status you possess, completely. You would develop high intuitional ability in 2010.
Saturn would be positioned in the 7th and 10th houses. This combination will be good for Libra individuals. The position of the planet would encourage the Librans and would be good in relation to profession, marriage and agreements and their writing ability. Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu would be placed in 10th house and 4th house axis, respectively, which will be good for you in the next year. This combination would give sudden political power to the Librans. You might indulge in activities with a noble cause for the society, but such activities would be unscheduled.
is the eighth zodiac sign. Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is a water sign. Understanding individuals born under this sun sign is quite difficult, but not impossible. They love independence and have a very secretive nature. Scorpio individuals are generally impulsive in actions, self-assertion and are very courageous. If you are a Scorpio individual and are keen about knowing how life would be like in the upcoming year, then go through the following lines.
In 2010, the position of the planets would be encouraging for the Scorpions. Jupiter is good and favorable. It would be placed in the 4th and 5th houses, for the entire year, which will be a boon for the Scorpions. It is the time for change and investment in property. Saturn would be positioned in 11th house, which would be good to fulfill your dreams in 2010.
Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu placed in the axis of 3rd and 9th house won’t prove to be favorable in 2010, in relation to communication and information. Jupiter will fetch you good luck and favorable circumstances, which will help you earn cash in profit making ventures. There are possibilities of an unexpected profit, in terms of more money, property, jewelry or promotion. Jupiter’s placement will help you maintain good reputation in the society.

is the ninth sign of zodiac. Sun enters this sign from November 21st to December 20th. This is the first sign of planet Jupiter, which is considered the ‘teacher of divinity’. This sign is a fiery sign and is symbolized by arrow. Sagittarian’s have good intuition and the skill to adapt themselves to any given circumstances. If you are a Sagittarius individual and want to know about the general forecast for the year 2010, then go through the following lines.

In the year 2010, the arrangement of planets and their position is good for people born under this sun sign. The lord of Sagittarius placed in Third house entire year might improve the communication skills and adventurous nature of the Sagittarius individuals. This is good time to improve your social networking. You might often travel for work and undertakings. Saturn placed in Virgo, which is 10th house for the Sagittarius, might give good results. You would see good growth and stability in your profession. Life will be easier in the year 2010, for Sagittarius individuals.

Sagittarius individuals are blessed with immense vigor and vitality. The only problem they face is the inability to get love at the right point of time. In the process, sometimes they tend to over possessive and bland. Therefore, it is suggested to develop a broader vision and perceptive in life, which would in turn help you stabilize the situations. Sunday is good for long journey and higher studies. Tuesday is good for the planning and health improvements. Thursday is good for self-and family. Saturday is good for finance and short trips. All shades of yellow and green are favorable. Avoid wearing dark shades.

is the tenth zodiac and is ruled by Saturn. This is one of the most important houses, because it is Saturn’s own territory and forms the house of occupation. Capricorn sign stands for water bounded forests, canals, tanks and wells. In human body, the zodiac sign represents hair, bones, two knees and patella bones. This shows that experts in any field are mostly Capricorn individuals. They are mostly genius personalities.

The year 2010 would provide good results for the Capricorn individuals, due to the positioning of the planets. Jupiter, placed in the 3rd house, would give good financial support to the individuals born under this sun sign. Change of position or places is also in-store this year, for the Capricorn individuals. Short journeys are on the cards. You might start a write-up about work or your life’s experiences. Regular writers, journalist, columnist would spend a busy time in the entire year.

Saturn placed in ninth house would be good for Capricorn individuals, in the year 2010. This arrangement of the planet, with co-operating Jupiter, would enhance the quality of lifestyle of the Capricorn individuals, in 2010. Shadow planets Rahu and Kethu placed in Twelfth house and Sixth house axis would produce mixed results for you. In the society, you would hold a respectable position and the people around you would accept your influence, quite easily. Hard work would result in completion of pending works. You might buy a new vehicle in 2010. It is advisable to work hard, in order to get the desired results. Sunday is risky day. Wednesday is good for higher studies and to keep good health. Friday is good for any work.

is the eleventh sign of zodiac. Ruled by Saturn, it is an intellectual sign. Aquarian people are known for their sheer imaginative, innovative and indigenous skills. Many Aquarius individuals can be seen in the media, films, and medicos or in the field of finance. If you are an Aquarian and are enthusiastic about knowing what the next year would be like, read the article. Go through the following lines to get the yearly predictions for Aquarius individuals, for the year 2010.

In the year 2010, the position of the planets and their arrangement would produce mixed results for individuals born under this sun sign. Jupiter placed in the ascendant would be good for personality and money, but not so good in relation to friendships. New contacts made by the Aquarius individuals would prove to be favorable. Thursday is good for family finance and friends. Friday is good for any work. Saturday is good for personality improvement and practicing philosophy.

Aquarius individuals would clear long waiting dues in 2010 and therefore, would be debt free. Lifestyle changes are expected, with more parties and family gatherings. You might get good help and financial support from others. People awaiting settlement in the ancestral property might get their share, this year. Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu would be positioned in the 11th and 5th houses, respectively, which would prove to be a bit disturbing to get help from the society. All shades of blue, brown and white conducive whereas Yellow is good for family and finance.

is the 12th and the last sign of zodiac. Ruled by Jupiter, Pisces is a water sign. Individuals born under this sun sing are artistic, kind and sympathetic. ON the other hand, they are also extra slow in comprehension. Their ideas are based or filled with fantasies and superstitions. The one characteristic that sets apart Pisceans from others is that they show genuine empathy towards humanity.

The arrangement of planets in the New Year 2010 will give mixed result to Pisceans. Jupiter will be positioned in the 12th house throughout the year, which would improve the intuitive nature of the individuals born under this sun sign. You might clear majority of your debts, in this year. Pilgrimage or frequent meeting with saints is on the cards. People settled abroad would spend a great time in 2010.

Piscean parents might go to foreign countries, to meet their relatives. Travel to hilly areas and pilgrimage are on the cards, for elderly Pisceans. Sunday is the most disturbing day for Pisceans. Mondays are good for studies and for planning and execution. Thursdays are good for any work. Saturday is the day of joy, earning and spending under control. Lucky colors for Pisceans are all shades of green, blue or yellow, while dark brown and black should be avoided.

Saturn would be placed in the 7th house throughout 2010. The position of the planet is good for agreements, while the business partnerships might give good dividends. Pisceans in search of job abroad might fulfill their wish easily, in the year. Those who are about to marry might tie the wedding knot this year. People would improve their attitude and students might perform excellently, in 2010. Shadow planets Rahu and Kethu would be placed in important axis, that is, the 10th and 4th houses, respectively. However, this arrangement would bring disturbance in the professional life of Pisceans, in 2010



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