Google Wave

What is a “Google Wave”?
Google Wave is “personal communication and collaboration tool” announced by Google on May 27, 2009
It is a web-based service, computing platform, and communications protocol designed to merge e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, and social networking.

Awesome Features of ‘Google Wave’:
1>Real Time Communication : You can chat/converse with the people in your wave in ‘Real Time’. You can see them Typing,replying to your waves in Real Time!! This is an awesome feature!

2>Collaborative editing and inline discussion : Instead of normal procedure of creating a doc,sending it across to everyone, receiving feedbacks,then editing again and sending across, Google Wave provides a feature where everyone in the discussion can contribute for Collaborative composing,editing and formation of the document. This is an awesome feature which prevents spamming of mail-boxes and saves time!

3>Playback : If a person is added to a wave later in the conversation,then,he doesnt miss any conversation. All he needs to do is click the ‘Playback’ button to see the history of events!

4>Drag and Drop photos from Computer: How nice it would be to just drag and drop photos from your computer directly instead of taking pains of attaching a doc,photo and then uploading it?
Yes,with ‘Google Wave’,now you can drag and drop photos directly from your computer! This is the Awesomest Feature!

5>Tweety : You can receive tweets from the people directly into your ‘Google Wave’ by adding the ‘Tweety’ robot to your wave!

6>Bloggy : You can blog directly from ‘Google Wave’ by adding the ‘Bloggy robot’ to your wave.

7>Rosy  : This robot provides Real Time Translation as people converse with each other!

8>Adding Maps,docs etc to the wave: You can also add Maps,docs etc to your wave

9>Real Time Spelling Checker: Prompts for correct spelling whenever you mistype words.

and many more such features.

Presently,’Google Wave’ is in Beta and you require an invitation in order to access it.

To know more about ‘Google Waves’ and their functionalities, watch this below video:

All the ‘Google Wave’ extensions can be found here

How to install the ‘Google Wave’ extensions:

1>Click this link to see the list of extensions:
2>Copy the email id of the extension of your choice
3>Open your ‘Google Wave’ account.
4>In the Contacts Panel (left hand side), beside the Manage Contacts,  click on + button
5>Paste the email id you have just copied and click on submit!

Happy Waving!!! 😉



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