Tintu Mon(LKG) jokes

Courtesy: Email Circulation


Teacher: Name the liquid which changes to solid when heated
Tintumon: Dosa

Bus Cunductor: Why are you standing near the door, is your father a watchman?
Tintu Mon: Why are you always asking for “Change”, Is your father a Beggar ??

Tintumon: Im sleep with dad last night
Teacher corrects him: no..no..I slept with dad last night
Tintumon: so.. you came after I slept..?

Father to Tintumon: Why can’t you not think every woman as your mother?
Tintumon: I can, but if i did so, what will people think of you?

Teacher : What is “Al2 O3″ ?
Ramu : Alumina.
Teacher: Tintu, What is ‘Fe2 O3″?
Tintumon : “Filomina”

Teacher :What is the name of Gandhiji’s son?
Tintumon: Dineshan
Teacher :Why?????
Tintumon : Mahatma Gandhi is the father of di-neshan



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