Stop ‘Blame Game’ and Lets Blame Ourselves!

Andra Pradesh’s Governor N.D Tiwari in sex scandal,resigns without any remorse, Haryana’s DGP S.P.S Rathore gets only 6 months of imprisonment for molesting budding tennis player Ruchika,who committed suicide,some people in Andra Pradesh want a Separate state “Telangana”(even though everyone speaks the same language TELUGU!!), even after 1 year,there is no fruitful proceedings in the case of captured terrorist Ajmal Kasab, today our Honorable AICC President Ms Sonia Gandhi is rejoicing  the completion of 125th year of Congress Party,says her party is a “National Revolution” and they have done a lot for minorities,promoted secularism(gimme a break!), blah blah blah…!! What is happening to India????

Before we point our fingers to the government,lets blame ourselves! Yes!! Why and How are we responsible???Because… even though we are not directly responsible for all these, we are 100% indirectly responsible for electing such a govt and bringing such a govt into power!!
India is a Democratic country! It is a government “For the people,By the people,of the people” But,how many of us exercise this previlage and cast our votes during elections?? You may ask me have I casted my vote?
Yes! I did cast my vote last year,but unfortunately,the party I voted for did not come into power at center!
During elections,instead of exercising our duty of casting the vote,we sit at home,relax,watch tv,cricket match,hang out with friends as if this day is just like another holiday. Hence,the puppet govt comes into power and makes the entire country into a “Puppet Show”!!
Day in and day out,when we hear cases of girl being molested, dowry deaths,bribery cases,female infanticides,sex scandals,terrorisms, what do we do??? Crib,Curse,point fingers,play a Blame Game!!
Sit,think,analyse,visualize,rationalize who is directly/indirectly responsible for all these things? Who has the power and authority to change the govt which has done a mockery of India???
We had enough of such CRAP! Its time to Stand up and  ACT! Lets all make a new year resolution that we all will cast our vote in coming elections and make India a “Paradise” by uprooting all the “PARASITES”!!

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