The Aftermath!

After S.P.S Rathore got away with light punishment of 6 months of imprisonment for molesting a budding tennis player Ruchika 19 years ago, Home Ministry on account of National Outrage,is planning to enforce new rule that “All complaints at Police Stations to be registered as FIRs from here on”!

This circular which is planned to be issued next week will direct state governments and union territories to issue free and complete registration of all complaints as FIR.

Also,in Punjab,”Sacred Hearts girls convent school” in which Ruchika studied is facing the heat now from public for expelling Ruchika without proper reasons.

My question here is : “What will happen to Rathore”?
Is 6 months of imprisonment,justifyable for a person who was responsible for wrecking the lives of Ruchika and her family ?? Will his 6 months of punishment bring back the life of Ruchika or do justice to her family who went through hell during his tenure??

Is such an act  committed by a person of such stature like a DGP acceptable???
If every DGP gets away so easily after wrecking lives of so many innocent girls, what will happen to the police department in India? Will the people still have faith or respect for it??

CBI has also become a mockery in Congress’s hands!

Previously,in the case of Prathiba,a HP Call center employee, after she was raped and murdered, new laws were enforced that women should no longer work in night shifts, also that security escort should be provided in ladies cab travelling at night.

Now after Ruchika’s case,the home ministry is planning to implement a law asking every complaint to be registered at police station be treated as FIRs!!

Why does the govt bring new laws only after someone dies? Will the govt only open its eyes after someone’s death or nationwide uproar by  activists,or some organisations???

Why cant more stringent and stricter laws be enforced and followed???

Gandhiji had once said “India will get Independence on that day when a girl walks fearlessly on street at midnight”

But the saying should be now changed to “India will get Independence on that day when REAL LEADERS rule India instead of people from Puppet show or some Ram Leela!!”

Well,all I can say is “Better Late than Never”!!



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