Chetan Bhagat Vs Aamir Khan!

The Hottest topic of controversy now is “3Idiots Vs 5 Point Someone”.Chethan Bhagat,the author of “5 point someone”,has accused Aamir Khan saying the movie “3 idiots” is based on his book “5 point someone”. He says he is hurt as the film  has not given him due credit”

Chethan Bhagat’s Claims:
1>He has not been given due credit even though the movie 3 Idiots is based on his book,”5 Point Someone”. He says his name appears after the end of the movie,in the section hardly anyone notices his name
2>Chethan Bhagat claims that he was kept under wraps about the story of movie 3 idiots.
3>He was told that the movie is based only 2% to 3% on his book,but in reality which is not true
4>He was not shown the movie or the script of the movie

Aamir’s Claims:
1>Aamir Khan claims that Chethan Bhagat was given his due credit,says Chethan’s name appears at the end of the movie
2>Aamir Khan says the movie is not based on Chethan’s book,but instead is brainchild of his writer.
3>Aamir Khan says,since the movie has become a superhit now,Chethan is trying to gain publicity by all this publicity stunt!

Well,frankly speaking,I have read the book and also watched the movie. When I was watching the movie, I could easily map and relate many scenes in the movie to the book 5 Point Someone. I too expected that Aamir Khan being a Perfectionist would have given Chethan his due credit and expected Chethan’s name at the beginning of the movie.

Even though I am Not a great fan of Chethan,I strongly feel people should be given their due credits for their original work. Its really sad and disappointing to note that Plagiarism prevails even in media and it was committed by someone who is called a Perfectionist!

Here are the similarities between the book “5 Point Someone” by Chethan Bhagat and the Aamir Khan’s movie “3 Idiots”:

1>3 friends, join the engineering college
2>Raju, the role played by Sharman Joshi – similar to that to book – Dad suffering from paralysis and mom a teacher
3>Rancho (played by Aamir Khan) – similarly creative as the Ryan character in the book.
4>MACHINE – and the definition, explanation.. similar to that in the book
5>Neha (the girl in the book, daughter of a professor) and Pia (Kareena’s role, daughter of dean of the college) are the same kinds.
6>The girl helps the hero in stealing the question papers, by giving them the keys of the room
7>The professor talks against their friendship most of the times.. similar to that in the movie
8>Suicide attempt by a student in the college, done by Raju in the movie
Here are few things in which both the book and the movie are dissimilar:

1>Finding the lost friend, the 3rd idiot. There’s nothing as such in the book
2>Astronaut pen, having a bird with him, power nap of 7.5 minutes – none of these in the book
3>Farhan’s ambition of becoming a wildlife photographer – One of the big scenes in the movie
4>Chatur’s comedy scene – 5 minute entertaining hindi speech
5>Pia’s fiance being obsessive about brands, prices.. all which helps bring Rancho and Pia closer
6>Chatur challenging Rancho to come back after 10 years, and then search for Rancho when he isn’t there
Well,even though there are few similarities and dissimilarities between the book and the movie, any sane person who has read  the book as well as seen the movie will admit : “Hands Down,the movie “3 Idiots” is based on book “5 Point Someone”

All these controversies could have been avoided if Chethan’s name was at the beginning of the movie,instead of mentioning it in the end where people hardly care to notice!

Well,lets wait and watch what turn this controversy takes!

Updated on Jan 2nd  2009:Chetan Bhagat says he is done with the interviews and will give no more interviews on this issue.
Check this link on his officical website!



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