Ruchika Effect!

After former Haryana police chief S.P.S Rathore was awarded a light punishment of 6 months imprisonment and fine of Rs 1000 INR for molesting Ruchika 19 years ago,Nationwide outrage caused following “Effects”

1>Rathore was suspended.

2>Home Ministry proposed a new rule that “All complaints should be filed as FIR in police station from here on”

3>Rathore’s wife is desperately trying to prove her husband  innocent by taking up his case. Lets see how far she succeeds. She has condemned media’s intervention in this case and made a statement “Mob Rule is having its Day”..
Well madam, “Mob Rule did have its day when your husband molested a budding tennis player Ruchika 19 years ago and was not punished until now,but was given promotions one after the other”.
Where were you then? Now why are your playing “Sati Savitri?”. Will you say the same thing or defend some one if the same thing had happened to your loved one?

4>A non bailable case of “Attempt to Murder” was booked against Rathore.

5>More such cases came into light in Haryana ,Rajasthan against officers with innocent victims seeking justice.

6>Home Ministry  recently stripped Rathore’s medal.

7>Justice Ranjit Singh has asked home secretaries of both states and the union territory to submit details of cases pending against police officers, politicians, bureaucrats and other highly connected people by Jan 12.

8>Punjab Supercop K.P.S Gill will lose his ‘Padma Shree’ for molesting a Senior IAS Officer Rupan Deol Bajaj in 2005!

Updated on Jan 8th 2009!
9>The school which expelled Ruchika citing false reasons of non-payment of fees was indicted.



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