India to issue Travel Advisory for Australia!

Following the series of attacks on Indian students in Australia,pressure on Australia by Indian Govt over the recent brutal attack on Indian student, Nitin Garg, India has decided to issue “Travel Advisory” for Australia!

What is a “Travel Advisory?”

A travel advisory is a public notice issued by a government agency to provide information about the relative safety of traveling to or visiting one or more specific destinations.

The purpose is to enable travelers make an informed decision about a particular travel destination, and to help them prepare adequately for what may be encountered on their trip.

Travel advisories may relate to issues such as inclement weather, security matters, civil unrest or disease.

Well,my question is : “Why was this not done before by the Indian Govt?” Was the Indian Govt waiting for some “Auspicious Moment” to propose and implement this??
But,as the saying goes,”Its Better Late than Never”!



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