Supercop K.P.S Gill to lose his ‘Padma Shri’

Call it “Ruchika’s Effect”!! After S.P.S Rathore was stripped off his medal, Center has now decided to take back “Padma Shri” from Punjab Super Cop K.P.S Gill for molesting Senior IAS Officer Rupan Deol Bajaj in 2005!

“Gill’s case is also one of moral terpitude. All his medals and the Padma Shri should be taken away,” said Bajaj, who is currently a Information Commissioner in Punjab.
“It is very necessary that some kind of message should go out to society that such persons do not deserve to have these high decorations(Padma Shri),” Bajaj said.

Gill, a recipient of several police medals, also appeared to suggest that he was not unduly bothered if the medals given to him were taken away by the Government.
“Who is bothered about that medal yaar. I never asked for it. They gave it to me. They can take away all the 20 medals.”
Gill was the DGP of Punjab and Bajaj a senior IAS officer at the time of the molestation incident. He was sentenced by a trial court to pay a fine of Rs 2 lakh, be imprisoned rigorously for 3 months and simply for 2 months.



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