Originality Forfeiture!

After the “High Voltage Drama” of “Infringement of Rights” over the “Credit Due” to Chetan Bhagat in “3 Idiots Vs 5 Point Someone” row,another analogical controversy making news recently is “High Court issuing notice to Salman Khan for his movie “Veer” as the author of the book “Trilogy of Wisdom”, Pavan Choudary has pleaded the court to stay the screening of the movie “Veer” as he claims that the idea/concept has been lifted from his book and used for commercial gains!

“3 Idiots Vs 5 Point Someone” controversy resulted in Chetan Bhagat and Aamir Khan locking horns with each other.

After this controversy had died down,another analogical controversy has sprung up between Pavan Choudary, the author of the book “Trilogy of Wisdom” and Salman Khan, the writer and producer of movie “Veer”!

Originality is something which is creative,credible,accolade and realistic. Directors,actors and story writers are practicing “Plagiarism” day in and day out in order to make fat bucks quickly,maintain their existence in filmdom and to keep their bank accounts flooding.

This practice is in turn making the authors and their books loose their accolade, Credibility,Originality and Creativity.

A movie made by renowned actor,director “overshadows”  the book written by an author! Also,the people feel watching the movie for 3 hours is easier than reading a book for hours together.

The actor’s/director’s “renowned”ness,popularity and social status even overshadows the creativity and credibility of the author and his books!

Also,the “Richie Richs” feel that they can get away easily practicing Plagiarism on account of their affluence!

Well,all I can say being a voracious reader is this act of Plagiarism is  abominable,aghast and affronting!



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