Facebook Fees?? Oh Please!!

Well,after all the circulation of rumour emails of Amy Bruce( a kid which is unwell in hospital since 20 years),Coca Cola, Sudarshan Reddy(Indian Science Whizkid who disapproved Einstein’s theory!.. well,I am still on look out for the brain-child who generated this email!),now the new rumour doing the rounds currently is “Facebook plans to charge 4 Pounds  monthly starting from July 10th 2010 for usage”!!

I guess  Facebook designers will be now thinking as to why they had not thought of this before!

On receiving an invitation from my Facebook friend asking me to join an “Anti – Facebook Fee” community http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=242409277285, I landed on  a community page titled,”NO, I WILL NOT PAY £3.99 A MONTH TO USE FACE BOOK FROM JULY 9TH 2010!”.

This community pledges to revolt against this new(Virtual!) proposal of Facebook. It has defamed the Facebook logo,requests the Facebook Users to invite their friends to join the community and plans to reach 1,000,000 benchmark in order to revolt against this Virtual Proposal..! Hmmm… such is the Power of “Word of Mouth” is all I can say!

Whats more amusing is people are actually “buying this rumour” and in fact fearfully joining this community with  self-satisfaction and achievement that they can now prevent the “Facebook’s usage charge” from coming into effect!! There are already around 677,488 members in this community!

However, speaking to the Telegraph, a spokesman for Facebook said that these users’ concerns are unfounded. “We have no plans to charge users for Facebook’s basic services. Facebook is a free service for its 350 million users,” he stated.

It is believed that speculation over whether Facebook will charge for access to its network first arose over a hoax email spreading the rumour.

So,in case you receive any invitation to join such a community,do not forget to use the “Shift + Delete” key on your keyboard! 😉



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