Google Buzz

In answer to Facebook and Twitter,Google today,dated 9 Feb 2010 has unveiled “Google Buzz“,a social networking product!

What is “Google Buzz”?
It is a Google’s new way of sharing status messages,pictures,videos and anything you find interesting right from your Gmail..!!

Here are the few main features of the desktop version of Buzz, which will be built right into Gmail:

1. Auto-following-You don’t need to build your social network manually. Buzz uses your Gmail social network, and automatically adds the people you email and chat with most often.

2. Rich, fast sharing-You can now share your thoughts(as status messages),pictures,videos and other stuffs to the world or selected group of people right from your gmail inbox!
It automatically posts pictures from links, play videos in-line.
You can also connect other sites that you use: like Picasa,Google Reader,Twitter and Flickr.

3. Public and private sharing-Privacy settings allow you to share publicly and privately, and with custom groups.

4. Inbox Integration-Buzz shows up the new comments on your inbox when someone comments on stuffs you share.You can also reply to the comments right from there by typing @ and a username and Buzz will autocomplete your contact and deliver your message to that user’s Buzz.

For more details on “Google Buzz“,watch this video!



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