My Name is Khan Controversy!

Everyone in India is aware of the Controversy and “High Voltage Drama” surrounding the Shiv Sena’s Chief Bal Thackery and our beloved Shah Rukh Khan over the release of SRK’s movie “My Name is Khan”.

It all started with SRK’s decision of inclusion of Pakistani Players in IPL 3. SRK even went ahead and made a public statement that “Pakistan is a great Neighbour”. This statement and his decision of inclusion of Pak Players infuriated the Shiv Sena,esp the Chief Bal Thackery.

Ironically,Karan Johar,(who is  the director of the movie MNIK) had bowed down before Shiv Sena and rendered apology when his movie “Wake Up Sid” was in soup for using “Bombay” instead of “Mumbai”.

Now,MNIK despite being directed by the same director is in soup again and SRK refuses to bow down before Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena(who had lost their stand and momentum on account of previous elections) decided to regain their position in politics by threatening SRK to render apology over his “Statement and his decision”.
Shiv Sena also threatened that if SRK does not apologize,then they will stall the screening of his upcoming movie,”My Name is Khan”.

On the other hand SRK refused to budge and maintained his stand by giving press conferences and twittering that his ideas,statements and ideologies have been mis-understood.

Many of his supporters,fans and his co-stars from Filmdom like Gul Panag,Ritesh Deshmukh,Sonam Kapoor etc stood by him by twittering “I support SRK”.

Shiv Sena’s Sainiks were adamant too. On the eve of release of MNIK, Shiv Sena activists portrayed hooliganism in Mumbai by creating havoc,chaos,staging protests,creating rampage,tearing the movie posters and thus trying every way possible to stall the screening of the movie MNIK.

Around 1800 Shiv Sena activists were arrested,detained and refused bail. This did not bring down the spirits and enthusiasm of either Shiv Sena or SRK as both persisted to remain adamant on their stand over this issue.

CNN IBN’s corrspondents like Rajdeep Sardesai,Barka Dutt invited the Thackerys for debate,arguing and questioning the Shiv Sena about their “Double Standards” and the “False Patriotism”.

It is beleived that few years ago,Javed Miandad,a Pak Cricketer who also is believed to have close links with underworld don,Dawood Ibraham was invited as a guest to Shiv Sena’s chief’s Bal Thackery’s house.

Also,one more common question raised by the people of India is “Where was the “Self Proclaimed Patriot”,Shiv Sena and their Sainiks when India was attacked on 26/11?? Nobody got a glimpse of either the Sena leaders or their Sainiks during 26/11 until the NGS Commandos,RAF gave “All Clear” signal after ceasing the 26/11 attacks.

Now,the “Self Proclaimed Patriot” Bal Thackery is calling SRK a “Traitor” and asking him to go to “Pakisthan” for his decision of inclusion of Pak Players in IPL 3 .

The entire nation is frustrated over Bal Thackery and his party’s “Double Standards” and their unacceptable attitude of  “Taking Law and Order into their own hands”.

If parties like Shiv Sena take “Law into their own hands” and decide on behalf of Nation,then for what purpose is “Indian Judiciary System” for?!!

India is a “Democratic Country”. Everyone in India is entitled the “Right for Freedom of Expression”. But it is really heartening and disappointing to see this “Right” being buried deep under the soil by Hooligans like Shiv Sena.

 Maharasthra CM, Ahsok Chavan had to intervene and plead for peace in the state. His pleas were turned “Deaf Ears” and now in spite of rendering “Tight Police Security” to facilitate the peace screening of MNIK, around 46 theaters(of 60 theaters) have refused to screen MNIK!

This episode has created a “Mockery of Indian Democracy”!

1>This controversy row is also reported in New York Times!

2>In Berlin,MNIK Tickets are sold in 5 secs.. Link:

3>After the Mumbai Multiplex owners had an internal meeting, MNIK is being screened in Mumbai and the cinemas halls are HOUSEFULL and advanced booked until Sunday!

Well,I am glad to see that “At Last, Indian Democracy Prevailed”!!! 😉

Since MNIK releases in US today, I am agog to watch MNIK today!! 😉



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