Pramod Muthalik gets a "Black Face Pack"

Sri Rama Sene,Chief, Mr Pramod Muthalik’s face was “Blackened” by some youths of “Youth Congress” during his “Hate Debate” over “Valentine’s Day” Celebration in Karnataka.

Sri Rama Sene had created “Hooliganism”,vandalizing and disrupting “Peace and Prospority” in Karnataka  by attacking women for their “Modernity”.

Pramod Muthalik was participating in a debate conducted in the state over Valentine’s Day celebration, and some youth from Youth Congress jumped on stage,attacked him and Blackened his face.

Pramod Muthalik has condemned this attack calling it “Goondaism” and “Shame on Democracy”!!

Well,Mr Pramod Muthalik,
Dont you think its IRONY to hear such words from a person like you who have been attacking women for their Modernity under the name of Moral Policing?”

A sincere request to ALL the Ladies,

Ladies, pls parcel Mr Pramod Muthalik,your “Fair and Lovely” creams as his V-Day Gift”!!

See the video below showing how Pramod Muthalik was attacked and was given “Black Face Pack”!



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