A Date with a Lawyer

Recently,we accidently bumped into my dad’s lawyer friend. After formal introductions and aquaintances with the lawyer,out of curiosity I put forth few questions which were gladly answered by him.
This was the conversation which took place between me and him.

Me: So,uncle,what is your view on Rathore’s case and Nithyananda’s case?
Lawyer (obviously he did not expect such a forthright question from me.. he asked me what I meant)
Me: Uncle,I m asking “Do you feel the case proceeded in the right way? Could something have been done better?
Lawyer: Frankly speaking, they are wrong in letting them go scotch free. I ll explain you how state law functions.

See,when a top notch official like Rathore or luminary like Nithyananda is arrested,according to law,the State appoints a lawyer to defend these luminaries. In Rathore’s case,it was Delhi Govt which provided him a lawyer. In Nithyananda’s case,it was Karnataka Govt which provided him a lawyer. Obviously,since the state govt’s provide lawyers to these culprits,they will build the case so strongly in favour of these accused so that they escape. The same thing happened with Rathore. Since,he was a top notch officer in Delhi,due to his contacts,his case was built in favour of him and thus his punishment was lessened. This is the major drawback of our law that state govt has to appoint lawyers to defend such luminaries. If we have the facility to appoint private lawyers for them,then it will be challenging as these luminaries will need to spend astronomical sum over their private lawyers to prove themselves innocent, their influence and power doesn’t work and he will be treated as normal accused.

Me: Why do we have such laws? Why cant it be reformed then?
Lawyer: The Britishers formed these laws 60 years ago. They were Just to all the Indians but now a days,this law has been misused by our Govts. The central Govt is also not keen on reforming these laws as it serves as a boon for them in jeopardy! So,these laws still prevail harrassing the innocent and poor victims who have no social status or affluence. The bottomline is,” If you have Power and Wealth,then you can walk scotch free”

Me: I was actually astonished and watched him agaped when he uttered the last sentence so forthrightly! To reconfirm if I had heard correctly,I asked him..
“So,uncle,You are saying that Power and Money overshadows Justice?

Lawyer: Thats correct.
Me: Uncle dont you think this is such a contradiction of Justice,fair trial etc etc? It is such a mockery of Indian Judicial System.
Lawyer: Yes it is. We have to deal with it.

Frankly speaking,I was surprised when the lawyer admitted to farce judiciary. I thanked him,procured his visiting card(in case of emergencies) and bade goodbye.

Now,my question is..”Why do we have a Judicial system when we the verdict is gauged over money and power? Why do we have trails when the fate of the accused is already pre-decided? What is the fate of numerous helpless poor victims who are undergoing harrassment daily,suffering in silence,hoping and fighting for their justice thinking that someday they will procure justice and the accused will be punished? Why is the central govt so hell bent on retaining the laws framed by our rulers 60 years ago even when numerous significant changes have occured since independence? Why is “Democracy called, “For the people,By the people,Of the people” when Judicial system hardly cares for the aam junta??

Will the same laws apply if any kith and kin of our ministers,IG’s,IPS officers,MLA’s MP’s etc are harrassed,abused,abducted,raped,killed in the same way?
Why do we need such a Farce Judicial system which is Partial?

I now understood why our Justice God is “Blindfolded”. Its because,she cannot/does not wish to see the helpless,poor,innocent suffering victims!!



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5 Responses to A Date with a Lawyer

  1. Mohan says:

    These are symptoms of a deep and complex socio-economic-cultural situation, which can be discussed for hours! You should read this very fascinating book by Ramachandra Guha – http://amzn.to/cCWeH4

  2. The culprits might get out of the hands of the Judicial Law but not the unwritten laws of life. If a person is arrested for drunken driving and escapes the punishment because of his connections, wealth and power, it does not mean lack of justice. It rather means that the person is going to meet the consequence of drunken driving sooner or later in the road!Destination Infinity

  3. @Raghu,Thanks :)@Mohan,Yes,these re issues which cannot be solved even for years together 🙂 will surely read the link.. thanks :)@Destinationinfinity,Looks like you believe in the concept of Karma like I do 🙂

  4. Kartz says:

    Rather surprising to see the gentleman own up like that! Dunno what to say, though…

    God save.


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