Auto Trouble??

You are in a hurry to reach your destination,you don’t have your own mode of transport,you spot an auto advancing your way. You thank your lucky stars,wave your hand and stop the auto. Putting your best smile forward,you enquire in your sweetest tone if he can drop you to your destination. What happens?The auto driver either flatly turns down your offer or demands you to pay “double charge” even though the destination is not far away or even though its not passed 10PM too!! The lame excuses cited are “I will not get any passengers back from that area,Sir”,” Its too far Sir” etc etc.If you are in a hurry,you have no other go but to accept defeat and pay the cited price. But if you possess the “arguing” and “fighting” skills,you get into heated argument with him with hopes that he will change his mind,but eventually,which doesn’t occur in 95% of the times.

Recently I had visited Bangalore. My aunt and I were scanning for autos under scorching sun at noon. Luckily the auto driver stopped for us and enquired our destination. On hearing the name,he mentally calculated something and asked us to pay Rs 100/- even though it was just Rs 40/- to reach that place.

I quipped,“If we need to pay the fares cited by you,then why on earth do you need auto meter for”?

To which he said,“I will not get any customers from there Madam,so please pay me “double fare”.

This irritated me more and I asked him fuming,” Why should I pay you double fare during noon?” Its not even 10P.M! This enraged him and he sped away! We continued trying our luck and bumped on one more auto. This guy appeared kind enough to take us to our destination. We thanked him and boarded the auto. After covering 5% of our distance,he said,”Madam, I ll not come there until you pay me 1 1/2″ I will not get any customers back from there.

My aunt and I were frustrated and we told,” You could have asked this before we boarded the auto right? Why did you agree in the first instance?

To which the driver said,”Madam,I can still drop you here too” and he offered to drop us right there. Cursing him and our ill luck,we got down halfway resuming our auto search!

I guess most of you have experienced this in the cities you live in. You must be wondering to teach these drivers a lesson,but did not know how! Well,here is the answer:

This search took me to the Koramangala RTO office (BDA complex) and to my surprise i found that there did exist a government system which i believe 99.99% of Bengaluru is unaware of !!
The SystemNote the vehicle number (KA-XX-YY-ZZZZ) and email the details to Based on the prefix XX (for example KA-01), complaint will be sent to one of the ten RTO offices in Bangalore and adjacent taluk areas.
Alternatively, one can also call these offices at the number given below based on the vehicle number prefix and directly lodge a complaint.

Vehicle Prefix (KA-XX) Bangalore location Phone number

  • KA-01 Koramangala 080-25533525
  • KA-02 Rajajinagar 080-23324104
  • KA-03 Indiranagar 080-25254310
  • KA-04 Yeshwantpur 080-23376039
  • KA-05 Jayanagar 080-26630989
  • KA-41 Gyanabharthi 080-28602833
  • KA-50 Yelahanka 080-28561366
  • KA-51 Electronic City 080-25735522
  • KA-52 NeelaMangala 08234-285598
  • KA-53 KR Puram 080-25617951

Once the complaint is received at the corresponding office, a notice is issued to the address of the vehicle’s registered owner, requiring him/her to turn up at the RTO office within 7 working days. Every RTO has about 10 IMV’s (Inspector of Motor Vehicles) who seize the vehicles which don’t report to the RTO.

The penalty levied from the auto-waalas is rs.100 under section 200.

The various offences among others for which one can lodge a complaint

  • Refusal to come to destination (Any destination!!!)
  • Demanding excess fare
  • Using rough language
  • Cheat the public, for e.g. taking longer routes.
  • Faulty Meter

There is also a helpline number – 080-22353785 available Monday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm on which one can call to lodge complaints.




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5 Responses to Auto Trouble??

  1. mayz says:

    oh it gets worse in chennai…faced the brunt of being a north indian there…no distance is less than 200 bucks

  2. Oh that was a really useful piece of information girl!

  3. Niveditha says:

    I’ve tried it. By calling the RTOs. But to no avail. I don’t think the RTOs punish the auto guys at all…
    Thanks for the info. REALLY helpful!
    And I thought you live in Bangalore! 😛

  4. Mayz, Is it? Thats bad 😦
    @Avada, Thanks girl.. glad that it helped ..
    @Niveditha, yes girl,me from blore only.. a typical kannadathi 🙂 I m in USA now,so I had written,”When I visited Blore” 🙂 r u from blore too??

  5. Niveditha says:

    yes yes yes!!!! 🙂 🙂

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