Illegal Mining

We are aware of the ongoing “locking of horns” between Karnataka’s CM,Mr Yediyurappa and Lokayukta Chief,Santosh Hegde over “Illegal Mining” issue.

Lets take a sneak-peak into what “Illegal Mining” is..

Mining lease is allotted after a series of formalities. Clearances from Department of Mines and Geology, Union Ministry of Environment and Forests are required.The Indian Bureau of Mines allots the quantity of iron ore to be extracted by a license holder in a year, for which stamp duty has to be paid.
While transporting the extracted ore  to the port, truck drivers should hold copies of mining lease and road permit issued by  DMG. These papers must be presented at DMG and Forest department checkposts and to RTO staff on demand.The DMG issues road permits only for the allotted quantity of iron ore. However, license holders excavate in excess of the allotment and transport the same using ‘fake permits’.
They create fake mining leases as well. The trucks too carry loads in excess of the permissible limit of 16 tonnes. An official said officers at the checkposts are aware of the fake permits and excess load. But they are bribed . Mining company managers give each driver anywhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 7,000 as bribe money.
Karnataka Forest Rules, 1969
Checking of forest produce, Rule 159 (1): The owner or the person in charge of the forest produce in transit shall always accompany the produce when it moves on land or water and it shall be his responsibility to stop and subject such produce for check at all notified checkposts or barriers on the prescribed route and get the pass or way permit endorsed by the officer in charge of the checkpost or barrier.

Information Courtesy: Deccan Herald



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