Watched INCEPTION on Friday night! Well,I ll try to review this movie by trying “Poetry” for the First time in my life..!!
Here goes my 5 line “Poetic Review” of Inception:
“If you are in “Perception” that “INCEPTION”
is naive,crude and primitive “Reception”,
Then,be ready for the “Deception”
of Christopher Nolan’s Brilliant “Conception”
as this movie is an “Exception”!!
The main idea of this movie is “You can achieve your dream in your Dream”!! Confused? Read on!
Cobb,(Leonardo De Caprio) has this brilliant skill of entering people’s mind through dreams,extracting valuable secrets and thoughts from their subconscious mind in dream state. Cobb and his wife Mal had spent years together in their dreams building wonderful empire. Mal gets physchologically affected by this and wishes salvation. She commits suicide and leaves behind a note accusing Cobb for her suicide. Cobb now flees the country and has one hope of proving himself innocent and returning back to his children.
Cobb is given a chance of redemption when powerful Saito cracks a deal with him. This time the deal is “Not to steal idea, but to Plant an idea ” into his rival businessman Robert Fisher Jr. Saito promises Cobb that he would reunite him with his children if he plants an idea inside Fisher’s mind to break his father’s empire. Lured by the idea of reuniting, Cobb accepts this task.
Cobb always carries a “totem” which he spins to check if he is present in his dream or real world. If the totem spins indefinitely,its dream,else,its real world. If a person dies within a perticular dream experience,he enters a “limbo” state in which in which time is compounded so drastically that even few minutes of real time seems like decades.
Cobb and his team successfully drug Fisher in the plane and enter his dream. The circumstances demands them to enter a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream and so on. Thus they enter multiple levels of dreams to achieve their mission.
Christopher Nolan has beautifully embroidered this movie where each scene is co-relatively stitched to another.
If you bat your eyelid, or attend phone calls or nature calls or concentrate on your popcorn, then Congrats! You have lost “track” of this movie!!
Will Cobb’s dream of proving himself innocent and reuniting with his children ever come True?  Keep an eye on rotating “Totem” throughout the movie for the answer!!
My ratings:
Direction,Concept and Production:Christopher Nolan: 5/5
Acting: Leonardo Di Caprio as Cobb: 5/5
           Marrion Cortilad as Cobb’s wife: 4/5
Cinematography: Wally Pfister : 4/5
Overall Movie: 4.8/5


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5 Responses to INCEPTION

  1. Nethra says:

    gonna download the movie for sure

  2. The movie is good enough to have multiple multilevel mindgasms. 🙂

  3. pra says:

    You have reviewed movie perfectly easing out story line in the process! I liked Nolan's idea but I feel that he had made the movie bit complecated!

  4. tlcfree2bme says:

    I really like your blog so I decided to give you the "lovely blog award" =) please stop by my page to pick it up (right click to save image) then it is your turn to pass it on to some blogs that you love!

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