V.G.P Golden Beach Park- Hit ya Miss??

The first thing that crossed people’s mind when they heard the name,”V.G.P Golden Beach Park” was Sridevi and Jeetendra juxtaposing in front of beautifully carved pillars facing the gigantic “Golden Beach”, heroes and heroines chasing each other and romancing on the shores of the beach with beautiful blue sky overhead,mightly waves kissing the shores and crystal clear blue sea water. V.G.P Golden Beach Park in Chennai was the abode of various directors,producers,cinematographers and film makers long ago.

I too remember visiting V.G.P Golden Beach Parkwhen I was in my 7th grade on account of All India Tour sponsored by my dad’s bank! I reminisce the beautiful scenaries,sculptures,artistic carvings,spots,locations apt for filming a movie and not to forget the beach. The park had erected huge structure and sets where many renowned hindi,telugu,tamil and kannada movies were shot.

Recently,I visited V.G.P Golden Beach Park with my in-laws when I went to chennai for my “Student Visa” interview. I was shell shocked looking at the annihilated state of the park. I still wonder if this was the same beach park which had satiated and gratified me when I was a child.

Things which leave you shocked are:
1>The entry fee per person is Rs 150/- . I dont mind paying Rs 150/- and entering. But what’s disgusting is ALL the rides inside are “pay rides” in spite of you paying an entry fee!! Wonder why they charge Rs 150/- at entrance though!! Only few children rides are free!! Where as in places like “Appu Ghar” [delhi] or “wonderla”[bangalore], you just need to pay at the entrance and can enjoy any number of rides,any number of times.

2>Pathetic Maintainence: You will see few sculptures,statues destroyed. Place is littered very badly. Toilets are filthy. Flush doesn’t operate in toilets!

3>Place is deserted: If you enter the park with mindset of finding large number of people savoring the spot like you,then welcome to reality! The place is deserted. You hardly find a handful of people. Where as even people operating the rides will be missing at perticular rides or will be found snoozing.

4>3ft dosa?? Earlier,the park was renowned for availability of 3ft dosa which could be consumed by 10 people surrounding a table. I too remember devouring that dosa when I was a kid. Now,we still get the dosa,but the batter is sour. The aroma of sour batter fills your nostrils when you stand at the counter to order one! We did not eat this dosa this time.

5>Crows are regular customers of Restaurants:You catch the sight of large number of crows sitting at the food counters and pecking the food with their beaks. Eekssssss it was an ugly sight to watch,hence we decided to skip food at the beach.

6>Very Pricy: We came across a fruit vendor who was selling freshly cut cucumbers,mangos etc. We were shocked to see the exorbitant rates of Rs 20/- per 2 slices of mango and cucumber. I noticed a blackberry on his fruit stand and enquired him as to when he was planning to own an iphone or ipad!!

Looks like V.G.P. Golden Beach Park did not withstand the juggernaut of “Ramoji Film City”[Hyderabad]!! A V.G.P Golden beach Park lover is surely to be disappointed if he visits it now. All that remains now is golden memories one spent at this golden beach park!!

Now,the only attraction and saving grace of this beach park is the “Beach”! The magnificient crystal clear Blue water that spreads to an enormous mile, the gushing winds,clear blue sky above,the milky white waves which kiss the shores of the beach is still an enthralling and captivating sight!!

Image Courtesy: Google Images.. Piks captured by me will be uploaded shortly!!

So,if you are planning to visit V.G.P Golden Beach Park now, I suggest you to give it a MISS!!! ;) :)



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4 Responses to V.G.P Golden Beach Park- Hit ya Miss??

  1. The thing is these theme parks are obviously out of business, after the construction of IT corridor in Chennai. This is also the same thing with MGM Dizzee world when I visited there in 2007. After construction of certain malls and entertainment centers, people hesitate to go there. Probably they should revamp them with certain multiplexes.

  2. magiceye says:

    sad state of affairs

  3. ah well thats one place i wont go then the beach looks good thoughBikram's

  4. Sugeeth says:

    Hi Swathi, That was a nice article.

    VGP Golden Beach was the poor man’s theme park in the 90s. However, today a higher influx of money to the middle class has happened and people prefer to go to a much more modern, albeit expensive theme park like Kishkintha.

    Secondly, a sunday get together was a bonding for the entire family, but sadly , today values and respect for human relations are deteriorating. Today’s generation kids prefer playing with the computer and their parents equally encourage (spoil them) rather than going to play in the hot sun . ( I can see this happening in front of my own eyes with a close relative of mine.)

    P.S: I am surprised that you did not mention the human statue at VGP. Had been there last, a couple of years back, and he was still around 🙂

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