Jana Gana Mana-Revived?

When Zoom proudly rolled out “Phir Mile Sur”,which was the tarnished version of original “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”,little did they know that they would receive a volley of curses,tsunami of criticism & brick bats for portraying their so-called “Patriotism”.

I kept my fingers crossed hoping that my “National Anthem” will not be tarnished like this one day.

But looks like,my scariest dream came true!!

Presenting…”MTV’s Independence Day gift to All Indians” under the banner,”Are you ASLI INDIAN”?

“Mtv’s Jana Gana Mana”… Jana Gana Mana


I am ASLI Indian and I am proud of it! For heavens sake,please leave my National Anthem ALONE!!!



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7 Responses to Jana Gana Mana-Revived?

  1. Donno y every Indian filmy music ppl are after patriotic songs! There is no soul in this song,no patriotism. Not even make me feel stand and sing. Why are the spoiling patriotism in the name of singing(No offense to their beautiful voices)? Why do the agree to sing like this?

  2. yes dear.. its DISGUSTING!! dunno y they cnt leave our national symbols and representations alone!!

  3. Ram says:

    If that guy was in front of me I would definitely punch him on the face…Totally irritating…

  4. But Swati Its beautifully sung.I don’t understand what’s the point to criticise the song.

  5. nitin says:

    well… i also agree that its well sung… i dunno about others but i trust on sonu nigam about his purity in singing… and its not a bad thing that some one still cares about our national songs and national anthems and once again want to make it reach to the millions who i think have forgotten that they live in india due to some western effect or anything like that… so its a good thing but yeah some purity, some more feel and some more patriotism should have been there in the video by the singers but still its a good thing according to me… atleast i stood up on it… 😀

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