Synopsis: Engineers of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Media
Interaction group have developed a Fembot, a female robot,HRP-4 which can sing,dance,breathe,tilt its head,blinks,opens her mouth and show facial expressions mimicking a singer. This was done using breathe analysis software
and mouth movement observations. This robot danced with a bunch of other
human performers on stage and it was difficult to identify the robot in the group.
This team has also developed this robot to breathe realistically by modelling the
breathe of real people. The robot tilts its head,feels the beat, rhythm and shows
human emotions as the real singers do.
Opinion: I feel this is a break through in robotics to develop such a robot which
can ape human emotions,movements and also can breathe realistically. This
robot is surely gonna give the pop stars and divas a run for their money!!


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One Response to Fembot!!

  1. Mohan says:

    Agree with the last line! Most of these pop stars( or shd that be star dot stars ) just look cute and dance around 🙂

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