Karan Thapar’s promise

The hottest trending topic right now is: “Barkha Dutt-Radia-Vir Sanghvi” controversy. Check my previous post for full details of this scam: http://bit.ly/a3mOG9

This scam is fueling on twitter and various blogs,since one week with tweeple and bloggers frantically tweeting and blogging,questioning Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi over this and expressing their disgust,anger,disappointment,shock,disbelief,outrage over this shocking revealation.

The tag #barkhagate is trending at Number 1 spot since one week. Now, a new tag #mediamafia is trending too. All thanks to Twitter and few bloggers, the internet junta is now aware of this scam

This scam is already covered and discussed on various International newspapers/journals like “Washington Post”, “Huffington Post” ,”New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal” etc.

Sagarika Ghosh of IBN first supported Vir Sanghvi on twitter,but after the twitterati slashed back at her,she retracted and promised to cover this scam on her show,”Face the Nation”. She indeed did,but diplomatically without divulging any names of her co-journalists like Barkha Dutt,Vir Sanghvi etc. All she said was “few journalists” are involved.

Our Indian media is busy raving about Pamela’s sarong,her sweeping the floor at Big Boss 4, her namaste,shukriya,dhak dhak karne laga etc. Its busy discussing whether Rakhi Ki Insaaf and Big Boss 4 should be pushed at 11pm instead of prime time. Arnab Goswami is busy yelling his lungs out over Kalmadi enjoying his vacation,yeddiyurappa’s resignation,change of timings over BB4 and Rakhi Ki Insaaf”,A Raja,Lalit Modi etc.

Indian media has pushed this controversy under carpet permanently,and the common man in India who banks on newspapers and news channels for nation’s news is “kept in dark” and deceived of this scam.

Recently,succumbing to pressure on twitter,blogs, “Times Now”, NDTV and other news channels are talking about these tapes, making Radia scapegoat and inturn shielding their own journalists who are “hand in glove” with Radia in this scam.

I recently shot an email to Mr Karan Thapar asking him if he can unearth this scam on his show and as well take the names of journalists. I received affirmative response from him.

Here is his response:

Lets keep our fingers crossed.


Updated on 26th Nov 2010:

1>Mr Karan Thapar keeps up his promise! He is indeed speaking about Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi on his show at 10 PM:

He had invited both Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi to his show tonight but both declined.

See Video here:


2>Barkha Dutt feeling the “heat” blogs her defense on NDTV website:[which sounded more like Politicians rendering their justifications after caught red-handed”]




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15 Responses to Karan Thapar’s promise

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  2. sri says:

    Common man in India do not watch NDTV,CNN-IBN,Times now etc., People who are born & brouth up in cities they will watch these channels. Not only they watch these channels they have great respect for Pranoy Roy, Bharkha Dutt, Vir singhvi etc., I used to watch these channels 7 years back. I stopped watching because my commonsense told me these guys are phonies. Whatever points now people are discussing on net, I had same points at that time. But if I go share my views people will thing I was inclined to some ideology thats why I did not like them. So I kept mum.
    South nobody knows about them. Because people watch local news channels. South Indian news channels covered this episode.

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  4. shashi menon says:

    I applaud your efforts to unearth this devils in Media!! They have hijacked the problems India is facing!! Their vision is one which Sonia Madam or her advisors look at!! We can see it the way CBI is behaving!!

  5. AVH says:

    What you have done by writing to these media people is admirable indeed. Now, even if Karan Thapar does a program, there is no fresh perspective that he can contribute after one week of raging debate and uproar on the internet, except perhaps naming names which is only a formality. Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi will walk away from this untouched, thanks to the unified support of media houses who decided to protect them at all costs and of course thanks to the Congress party, which they quite clearly claimed to represent in the recordings. So to that extent, the media cover-up has succeeded. Where they have failed miserably is in their own credibility. Whenever anyone hears or reads the news hereafter, one corner of his/her mind will always wonder who paid for it? The next time anyone sees these TV anchors going blah-blah about transparency, common man, etc., they will not see a journalist speaking but a potential dalal. Even now, if you open http://www.ndtv.com on any given day, what do you see? Most of the videos are about Pamela, Aishwarya, Kingfisher girls, SRK, Malaika, horoscope, etc., which only goes to show the caliber of the newsgroup and the level they have reduced themselves to. Hopefully, the days of fearless and true journalism will return. Until then, there is always the internet to find the REAL news and there will always be bloggers, commentators and tweeters who will keep reminding these pseudo-journalists that at least some people are not fooled. You’re doing a great job. Don’t stop.

  6. Phoenixritu says:

    Thanks for the info, Swathi. I am definitely going to tune in

  7. S.R.Ayyangar says:

    Let us wait and watch if Karan Thapar has guts to interview Barkha on TV show.Please let us all know a day or two before the show is aired.

  8. chanukya says:

    An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.”-M K Gandhi

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  10. Just saw the gate says:

    My family stopped viewing NDTV years back.. those days, NDTV used to telecast “Girl Rapped” “Acid thrown” kind of news 24/7.. all of the telecast was of depressing nature, .. now I don’t know what’s their content but based on the web postings it seems they are a tool of congress.

    One more info to the Indian public, if you hear that some journalist got award from other country, you can saflyassume that the awarded journalists have betrayed their motherland.

  11. Sharad says:

    Quite simply they are guilty of acting as a conduit for the polictial parties. Barkha Dutt is clearly a Congress lobbyist; All her shows are indicative of the same, so why deny @BDutt. Journalistic reporting should have been in the questioning tone, not in a concilliatary manner in which @BDutt was conversing. Shameful. I doubt reading from her posts that she is going to improve?

  12. msr says:

    thanks for great job,
    truth will not hide for long.
    some sites and blogs tried to expose the people like B Dutt, Pranoy, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Vir Sanghavi, Vinod Sharma of HT, Shekar Gupta of IE.

    all the channels like IBN, NDTV, Times Now and news papers like HT, TOI, IE
    their only aim is try to support Gandhi Family, congress and go after majority community, sadhu santh and criticise any thing related to Hindus.

    at least now lot of people realiazed and seeing their true colors.

  13. Tarlemaga says:

    Watch this

    Karan Thapar will have to change his name to Karan “THAPAD”.

    Enough of “Thapad’s” from Jaya.

    Was this the same man who reduced Kapil Dev to Tears ?

    Karan seems to have got a treatment of his life time.

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