Vijaya Karnataka

I was overwhelmed when my “Barkha Dutt” comic was printed in Kannada Newspaper,“Vijaya Karnataka” on Dec 4th,Saturday on Page 8.

Thanks a million to the newspaper editor(s) and the people who propagated my comics to reach the correct source on Twitter!! 🙂

In fact, I knew about my comic being printed in this newspaper when few people tweeted me informing about this news and congratulated me on Twitter! 🙂

I again profusely thank Vijaya Karnataka editor(s), tweeple,my family and friends for all the love and support!

Here are the screenshots of my comic printed in the newspaper:

Screenshot of the Entire Page8:


1)Barkha Dutt comics

2)Barkha Dutt cover story

P.P.S: Mr Vishweshwar Bhat from Vijaya Karnataka forced to resign:



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3 Responses to Vijaya Karnataka

  1. Bikram says:

    lao ji aap to celebrity ho gaye … autograph dijiye please 🙂

    Well done yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. VoP says:


    Excellent, I wasn’t aware of any lady bloggers from India!

    Swathi, what are your thoughts about this…

  3. VoP says:

    This is a story of ZERO TOLERANCE and ZERO RESPECT, from the land Religion of PEACE!

    Falsely accused of killing spouse, doc jailed in Saudi

    NEW DELHI: It was an ordeal that will haunt Dr Shalini Chawla for the rest of her life. Her husband died in his sleep of a heart attack in Saudi Arabia, where the couple worked. But she was told that he had converted to Islam and accused, without a shred of evidence, of poisoning him.

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