“TIMES NOW” twists tweets

“TIMES NOW”‘s Fiasco!

Thanks to @zoomindianmedia for emailing me this news piece.

A tweet from @sureshnakhua was twisted according to “Times Now” ‘s whims and fancy and aired to substantiate their stand on their show “News hour Debate”.

Similar incident of flashing tweets  from non-existent twitter accounts to substantiate the “news channel’s viewpoint” occured on CNN IBN’s “India at 9” show,on December 16th 2010. Link: https://swathipradeepworld.wordpress.com/2010/12/17/cnn-ibns-fake-twitter-ids-blooper/

Moving ahead with “Times Now” ‘s FIASCO.

On Oct 18th,2010, the original tweet tweeted by Suresh Nakhua was:

The twisted tweet which falsely showcased @sureshnakhua as “Congress supporter” was:

“Congress should not lose its focus by worrying about Modi”.

Mr Suresh was agitated by this “twisted tweet” fiasco and emailed “Times Now”, with proof substantiating his claims, and demanded public apology.

Mr Hector Kenneth, Senior Editor,”Times Now”, replied to Suresh’s five repeated emails after seven days,citing:

“There was another user with the feedback that was wrongly ascribed to you”.

Mr Suresh did not “buy” this reason. He verified with the list of tweets sent to Newshour on 18/10/2010 between 0913hrs and 2358hrs, and again, emailed “TIMES NOW” denying their claims.

Mr Hector continued to be adamant,but later gave-in and admitted to the fiasco.

Please find ALL the screenshots below:

1)Twisted tweet aired on “News Hour” debate by Times Now:

2) Suresh’s letter to Times Now:

3) Reply to Mr Suresh Nakhua from Mr Hector,Senior Editor of Times Now

4)Suresh’s letter proving the TIMES NOW’s claims wrong:


5)Reply from Arnab Goswami

6)Mr Hector continues to be adamant

7)Mr Hector gives-in,admits fiasco and apologizes




Updated on Dec 25th,2010:

This post is listed on Huffington Post! Check the word “startling discrepancies” in this HuffPost blog  http://is.gd/jpTLs



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46 Responses to “TIMES NOW” twists tweets

  1. shashi menon says:

    We have the power of tweeting and we all can be wikileaks. Lets expose these agents on daily basis!!

  2. Parshuram says:

    Well done Swathi! Your energy is infectious!

  3. dramoly says:

    lets keer a watchful eye on mediamafia

  4. Saarthak says:

    Swathi, you’re a legend. Well done exposing Times Now’s bluff..special thanks to Suresh for being persistent on his stand. We now know how much doomed we are having a media like this.

  5. zenrainman says:

    Good on you, great work

  6. Anil Kohli says:


    The need for an independent regulator is very urgent, our media is totally sold out.

    This evening while discussing on NewsHour Arnab harped on 2002 Gujrat riot and called them as anti Muslim. This has no connection with the 2G scam.

    Secondly riots are not anti any it is between 2 or more communities. Why does the media not harp on 1984 and why do they call that as riots when that is not true.

    Media is actively getting involved in dividing Indians along religious lines.

    We need to protest this vehemently.

    Anil kohli

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  8. San says:

    Hats off to you,
    Great Work.Keep exposing these pseudos.

  9. Ayush says:

    what was @sureshnakhua ‘s actual tweet ? or am i missing something ?

    great job anyway !

  10. Vivek says:

    Thanks for your great effort to expose the corrupt media.

  11. ashutosh says:

    Guys, I think mistakes happen genuinely sometimes. What would a channel gain from intentionally misrepresenting someone’s tweet? I mean, common guys, if they really had to do something like that, why not create a bunch of bogus accounts and do it themselves rather than risking backlash on twitter or facebook? Think about it…does it really add up to what you’re making it to be?

  12. Shrishyle says:

    Very good job indeed. Motivates me. The media should not be allowed to take us for granted.

  13. Venkat says:

    I see ashutosh’s point, nevertheless channel’s have the habit of forcefully portraying their point of view.

  14. we_the_indian says:

    Swathi u r a great organizer bcoz how quickly u presented the facts in a simple yet mature and trusted way You must be on the top of the list of dalalmedia now.

    Now answer to ashutosh (11th comment) : This dalalmedia was enjoying ignorance of the common people from long time and become arrogant, they don’t felt the need of fake accounts only to post some tweets bcoz nobody had questioned them. To prove my point just see rajdeep apology on ibnlies issue. Human tendency is to go for short cuts. I hope u will appreciate my logic.

  15. ankit says:

    A media on a sell out ,

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  18. rajesh upadhyay says:

    you guys are doing wonderful job of exposing so called psudosecular media..
    MEDIA mafia like NDTV,IBN-CNN and now timesnow has creates havoc and taken for granted the general public..sometime we dont know whats happening and what is true, they wanns show what they want to shows and hide what they want to…thanks to twitter and facebook otherwise truth of blackface of media would never ever reveal ,as print media also seems united with TV media.

  19. Prashanth K.P. says:

    Sadly or frustratingly Media has become a product that can be bought over and utilized to your nefarious benefit rather than for its intended moral duty of providing news. This phenomena started with the commercialization of news in exchange for monetary benefits. Thereafter, it has been a gradual deterioration of Media ethics. They created and destroyed individuals, institutions, political parties, business houses for the benefit of their masters. Media ethics, morality, responsibility and transparency was lost forever. Instead, there emerged a powerful tool in the same name that had the audacity to even determine the formation of Parliament. Now that was the heights of arrogance and somewhere sometime it had to fall. And that it did with a thud thanks to Niira Radia is not an understatement. The exposure brought the cat out of the bag and as fresh elements unfolded, Media stood glaringly naked with some of their prime actors deeply involved in the muck. NDTV and CNNIBN lead the pack in visual media. Vir, Prabhu, Venu etc. contributed their bit from the print media as well. While both the visual media houses still retain their arrogance, Vir absconded to the far east, Prabhu went into silence and Venu into hibernation – thankfully.

    Therefore, it was not at all surprising that in the pretense of salvaging some pride, omissions & commissions started springing up ; Suresh Nakuha’s one among those cases. Thankfully, Twitter has become a formidable force to reckon with and a prominent tool to pursue Media when they error.

    Thanks for putting the issue up in your blog.

  20. Mohan says:

    I am not surprised. All of these media outlets ( even the ones whose integrity is sound to begin with ) have to compete in a corporate world.
    When the main focus is on profitmaking, ethics & values tend to get diluted over time…

    We can have “independent agencies” to monitor them, but that is not a foolproof solution. Now the “independent agencies” will be vulnerable to corruption.

    Vigilance from citizens is the only way to keep them honest. I cant think of any other way…

  21. VRC Reddy says:

    Thanks to Citizen journalism the media houses are getting thoroughly exposed. With the advent of internet the media houses lost their monopoly over news and analysis and now the netizens are able to give vent to their anger against the filthy and biased journalism. I thank this website for exposing Times Now.

  22. Hi,
    The time has come for the government to establish an independent regulatory authority, which can keep a vigilant eye on media. Media these days is fully biased about one or other side.
    Media is actively getting involved in to political, cultural and regional divide. We should stood firm against it!!

  23. sreejith1488 says:

    grear work swati!!
    because of people like u & with th help of twitter its now possible to expose
    these corrupt media houses & its time we stop watching news channels th likes of ndtv,cnnibn & timesnow…

  24. khamandhokla says:

    Congrats swathi. Keep going!

  25. Balendra says:

    Lets expose these media goons and slaves of congress, the media must be nuetral and unbiased but our indian national media always favour congress.

  26. dominic says:

    good job
    let these guys not feel god

  27. Dear ,

    You article is most twitted at Facebook page Nira Radia Tapes !

    Join us at Facebook – To Expose Indian #Dalalmedia


  28. Meghana says:

    This is unbelievable. The media guys seem to be a bunch of manipulating wheelers and dealers with no exceptions. Even small pieces of content are twisted and turned to suit their politically correct language/purpose. The future is bleak for the Indian media with internet penetration on an increase with the onset of 3G and wireless broadband on smartphones. Alternative media such as blogs, twitter, facebook are the way to go!!!

  29. appootan says:

    We need to teach a Lesson to these media bluffers. Planning to spend sometime photoshopping on some intersting pic’s.

  30. ashokmkini says:

    sickular media getting exposed one by one great work !!

  31. I can’t believe this >>> New Indian Rupee Symbol And Times Of India Media Hoax


  32. Saharanpuri says:

    I hv lost all respect for NDTV & quickly change the channel thanls to obnoxious barkha dutt

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  34. Sanjay says:

    I want to congratulate you for your fine ethics and pursuit of these issues, which does a great service to society. As they say, “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

    Without civic-minded to citizens to speak out against corruption, then corruption would win by default.

  35. venkat says:

    great work

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  38. Tarlemaga says:

    In India the media is largely stage managed. Look at the list of media houses all are family owned and they have an agenda to cater

    Deccan Herald -Bangarappa family
    Sun TV -Karunanidhi family
    HINDU – N RAM family and have leftist leanings
    Hindustan Times -PRO Congress
    TIMES OF INDIA -PRO Congress
    NDTV – LEFTIST/PRO Congress
    IBNLIVE – PRO Congress
    INDIAN EXPRESS – Used to be anti establishment now PRO Congress, because of a stooge called Shekar Gupta
    Deccan Chronicle – Owned by Reddy’s PRO Congress


    The so called election commission is very good in twisting the results as well. There were about 30 EVM’s found in scrap bazaar in Andhra Pradesh recently. This explains on how Rajasekhar Reddy managed the last Lok Sabha Elections in Andhra Pradesh

  39. Rakesh Singh says:

    Perfectly followed Swathi and posted with Great Energy… Thats what is required from everyone of us… Pillars of our economy – Governance (Politics) | Media | Corporates | Legislature – has to be taken for task… Corruption/Scams have gone to the roots of not one but all the pillars and India is shaking… Request you and the readers … to join hands… Join the group – Mother India – Looted!
    Twitter Handle:- scamsalarm

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  42. hsonline says:

    Hi Swathi,

    Please read this and write something on this. Off late I have seen Open Magazine quite active on its anti Hindu agenda:


    This article written by some least qualified author tries to maligh Hindu Sadhus/saints. Please write something on your blog so that it gets proper attention.


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  44. krishna says:

    please donot call mr manish tiwari for news hour debate

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