Congress’ “Jaw-dropping” Truths!

As an old joke goes:  “Since Pro and Con are opposites of each other,so are Progress and Congress”! 🙂

Disclaimer: This post contains explicit Truths that are not suitable for faint-hearted,congress/upa maniacs. Read at your own risk. 🙂

All materials presented here are virtue of articles found on various news websites and shared on twitter!

Here you go!

1)Lets start with Congress history: Nehru-Khan-Gandhi link:

2)Sonia Gandhi’s hidden trial:

3)Sonia Gandhi’s SHOCKING History:


5)Rahul Gandhi’s SHOCKING HISTORY!

6)”Schweizer Illustrierte” scan showing Rajiv Gandhi’s swiss account amounting to 2.5 million Franks from KGB.


Image: See Last Row,3rd column encircled in yellow:

7)Wikileaks on KGB

8)Digvijay says Hindu RSS are like Nazis; Confused what are Sonia brethren doing in these pics:

Hitler at Nazi’s Christmas Party during World War II

9)Congress all set to demonise RSS: By B RAMAN who is the former head of RAW’s counter terrorism wing and an expert on National Security issues.


11) ‎70 lakh crore in Swiss Bank belongs to INDIA! And they say,”India is a poor country”!

12)INDIA is on SALE:

Keep watching this space for more information! 🙂



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22 Responses to Congress’ “Jaw-dropping” Truths!

  1. Prashanth K.P. says:

    Simply brilliant Swathi. We, the underprivileged Hindus do require such precise and concise compilations to educate all about CONGRESS in general and the NEHRU DYNASTY in particular. The general public currently and since the last few years since UPA came to power is consigned to merely what the PAIDNEWS MSM airs and writes. A lie when told a hundred times becomes a make-believe truth eventually. Though the Internet Forum has to a large extent become influential, thanks to people like you, a concerted effort to take these facts to the common man, to the aam aadmi as the Pappu calls them, has to be initiated. Such compilations certainly contributes there.


  2. Mohan says:

    Dr. Swamy’s videos are very interesting… I wonder why such people never take the prominent positions in leading our media in the right direction.

  3. Jiggs says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha….Long time awaited.

    I am proud that an Internet Hindu compiled all this stuff for all to see.

    Vande Mataram!

  4. Suresh Nakhua says:

    Hi Swathi

    There is more than this to the dynasty. I hv read somewhere the Jawarhalal Nehru’s Grandfather (i.e. Motilal’s Father)was a Islamist and later changed to Kashmiri Pandit. Also the surname is derived bcos they stayed near a “NEHR”. I will surely dig up this for u.

  5. Deepak Srivastav says:

    Awesome.. Spread the news..make people aware of the truth….
    Hats Off Swathi. You doing a gr8 Job.
    We the people of India call for $onia’s prosecution for corruption and loot. Well, we don’t, but we should.
    The campaign starts here.

  6. sreekanth says:

    Clearly these are conspiracy theories are based on the fact that they are in websites. Arguments are clearly based on very loose hypothesis. Although the articles sound ridiculous and interest the feeblest and most ingenuous of the minds. A good collection of conspiracy theories once can say and the collector is appreciated for that. But to name ‘jaw dropping’ truth is far from the truth.

    We know Congress is a no saint party and is growing as an evil and Madam Gandhi is a clever and deft savior of her family and party than the nation it so proudly claims to represent. Entangled in the labyrinth of politics she is playing a hand which is no good to the nation and its people. But to term her as a killer of her beloved hubby tells something is seriously wrong with the attitude, temperament and psyche of the author!

    • Oye psychic mind! I can understand your frustrations and feelings 🙂
      Cant you see that I have just linked the articles found on web?
      Get your eyes and brain tested first,then call others psychic minds!

  7. Balu Sastry says:

    Great articles that you compile. Keep up the great work!!

    – Balu

  8. Ayush says:

    great work, hoping u take up the latest scandal of Headlines Today where they gave a platform to a convicted kidnapper to sling mud on the opposition which has now been proved to be a bluff, the entire MSM has now let go the core issues of the 2G scam and are just focussing on the BJP-Cong face off which apparently should now be a non issue ….. am sure this is a diversionary tactic employed by the Govt with the ready connivance of the entire MSM to deflect the core issue.

  9. grt post…..contains so many hidden aspects of Gandhi family. I am sharing it on FB. keep going…

  10. Tarlemaga says:

    Funtastic Swathi. Keep up the tempo. U are one “WOMEN” ARMY to take on the entire falsified Indian media establishment. It requires courage,dedication and perseverence. I guess you have all of them in you.

    You are the NETIZEN Journo of the Year 2010.

    Also, thanks for the mitrokhin archives, it is unfortunately banned in India.

    The bunch of jokers are steamed up our History text books too.

  11. Sita says:

    Enjoyed your writing. They also are right on target. Best wishes for keeping it up.

  12. paschim says:

    Even though I had nothing against “Con-gress” until last year, I find that all the wrongs that they had done ever since 1948 has come to the fore and that has really made me sick. We, the idiotic people, have voted for them in large numbers or the Congress has rigged polls and come to power. The “CON-gress” should not be blamed, but we should SLIPPER OURSELVES AND BEAR ALL NONSENSE AND MISRULE FOR HAVING VOTED FOR THEM. All self-respecting Indians MUST AND SHOULD LEARN FROM BIHAR AND THROW THE CONGRESS OUT OF POWER (both Centre and all states) FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES and START PROBING INTO ALL THEIR ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH AND PUT THEM BEHIND BARS! This applies to all their coalition partners too!

  13. hurtindian says:

    C-conglomerate of
    E-entourage of
    S-swindlers and

    It is high time they (party and partmen) became history!!

  14. A Krishna says:

    First time visitor of your blog. Great job Swathi, keep it up.

    My take on the “Sonia planned the assassination of Indira and Rajiv” conspiracy theory is that it’s as phony as Digvijay’s and Antulay’s claims of the RSS planning Karkare’s murder. Over time, some things get blurry and it’s easier to believe a murky conspiracy, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the truth.

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  16. Krishna says:

    I love this post. I have posted a review at

    Keep up your undaunted spirit to dig out facts!

  17. sochiye says:

    is this hinuism is limited to internet only, if not then how congress win again? why poeples are not doing something to stop all this, in real life not in internet life..thats it

  18. rajesh upadhyay says:

    gr8 work and thanks for sharing knowledge abt how nehru gandhi looted our country for almost 60 years… for average indians and minorities congress is still masters…its very difficult to change mind sets of ppl as indian medias, bee it print or electronic are sold in the hand of congress..only internet and web users will only knows what is white and what is black….thanks again and continue doing so….

  19. Maitri Rathod says:

    Incompetent Rahul Gandhi has been touted as the future PM of India by Congress cronies in the MEDIA. We just dont buy the idea and say -‘NO!!!’ Please join this satirical protest group, “This Monkey Must Get More Fans Than Rahul Gandhi & Why Not?”……Gandhi-Why…-Not/186456568044932
    -THANK YOU –

  20. Ashish Gupta says:

    7)Wikileaks on KGB:

    The account is suspended, can you please look into it. It really impact if one read the real stuff.

    And the piece of information collected is very good.

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