The “DADDY” Returns…

“Oops, I did it again”, I played with your tweets, got lost in the game”

“Oh baby,baby! Oops, you think I’m genuine, holier than thou”

“I am not that Innocent”!! – [“Oops I did it again”- Britney Spears]

Previously,News Hour at Times Now had  twisted tweets of Twitter User, @sureshnakhua to substantiate their stand. Full Details can be found here:

My blog post on this issue was also mentioned by Huffington Post! Check the word startling discrepancies” in this HuffPost blog

Now,Times Now is back to its “old habits” of airing twisted tweets to justify their stand again.

Yesterday,the topic on News Hour debate by our beloved, Arnab Goswami was : “Politics as BJP says it will unfurl tricolor at Srinagar on Republic Day. Where do you stand? The News hour debate at 9:20pm”

Hashtags Lalchowkand Tiranga were trending at Twitter yesterday with thousands of Indians pouring over their thoughts on this issue.

Mr KanchanGupta, Associate Editor of Pioneer, also tweeted this:

The pic he was refering to was this:

Moving forward, my question is  “Is unfurling Tiranga at Srinagar, even a question or issue to be debated?” Since when did Times Now started to take Arundathi Roy’s words seriously?? 🙂 🙂

Many tweeple started to pour out their views,feedback, feelings,anger,disappointment,etc over this issue.

Times Now again,twisted few tweets on their show.

All the Original Tweets tweeted by tweeple and Twisted tweets aired on Times Now are attached below:

1)Malleshwara ‘s original tweet

1a) His tweet twisted on News Hour:

2)  Praween’s original tweet:

2a) His tweet “twisted”

3) Hemant’s original tweet:

3a)His tweet “twisted”

4) Chander’s original tweet

4a) His tweet “twisted”

Another user, @zoomindianmedia has also covered about this controversy in his blog:



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23 Responses to The “DADDY” Returns…

  1. kppradeep says:

    Great job Swati. Keep it up

  2. Akhilesh Mishra says:

    Brilliant work !!

  3. Prateek says:

    Aha! Again a commendable work! (:

  4. Mohan says:

    The entire media that runs with twitter integration sulks!

  5. AS Raghunath says:

    Swathi, proud of you beta! You have ceaselessly been alert on the errant news channels and have brought it to the notice of tweeples. Most news channels have constantly been twisting the news to suit their own corporate/programme objective and their own whims and fancies. News has never been presented by them as it happened but what they thought should have happened!

    News is something someone, somewhere, somehow want suppressed. What we consume is just publicity of the ruling elite.

    To buttress my point I would like to inform you of today’s incident.

    Narendra Modi organized Vibrant Gujarat saw an investment commitment of Rs. 20.83 Lakh Crores, which is US$450 billion. Or half the GDP of India! Over 1400 foreign and Indian business delegates attended it where 350 speakers of international repute spoke. 7,936 MoUs were inked, which include 470 MoUs in the social sector. All these in just 2-days. But none of the Indian News Channels covered it even in bits. Whereas if Rahul Gandhi has to go on a hollow I love poor people tours, all channels love to follow him and go with him to sleep in a poor man’s hut. They all love poverty but not do anything to create job opportunity for them.

    You would recall when President Obama visited India to attract investments to create job opportunities in US, every Indian News channel hailed Obama’s commitment for his countrymen! Today, by the same measure, Modi has created job opportunities for 5.2 Mn Indians. Yet, no news channel had put this Vibrant Gujarat on its shows through the day.

    Obviously, these news channels — big or small– have their objectives dictated by the ruling congress. And they should be pulled and shamed by such exposures.

    Keep exposing the lax Indian Media.

    A S Raghunath

  6. Deshabhakta says:

    Good one Swathi. I sent a feedback mail to Times Now News Hour. Will let you know if they care to respond.


  7. sankheharshad says:

    TWEPLE PLZ TAKE CARE OF ANOTHER #mediamafia @waglenikhil who runs ibnlokmat marathi news channel which is of congress MP Vijay Darda.he make anti hindu,anti kashmir,anti modi statements.HE IS NEXT @BDUTT(barhka dutt)

  8. pgyfr says:

    gr8 job madam..these blackmailing, fact twisting, character assassinating, misleading journos should know that we are not fools!

  9. Rajlakshmi says:

    you have really covered it well… god these new people… even tweeting is not spared

  10. Shivakumar says:

    Well done Swathi.. Keep up the heat on ‘Con’gress, pseudo-seculars/intellectuals/media. God bless..

  11. Anil Kohli says:

    Thank you,

    Good to have you back in action.

    It would be a good idea to convert this into cartoon and lampoon this Timesnow and Arnab.

    Anil Kohli

  12. After Radia Tapes and especially after CNN IBN was caught red handed, I thought the Indian media would change. Sadly, the more things change, the more they remain the same!

    It takes tremendous time, effort and dedication to expose the powerful media in all their ‘ugly’ (or true?) colours.

    Good work, Swathi. Keep it up.


  13. Sravan says:

    lol.. wat an analysis.. 🙂 politics and media go hand in hand.. everyone in this world is selfish…! selfish for their own deeds, for their money… for their senseless reasons!

  14. lilly says:

    Good work, Swathi.

    Making twitter ,the vehicle to express public opinion is nice .The upside is you dont have to shell out money on sms. The downside is your tweets can get manhandled or manufactured. Its always nice to see ‘holier-than-thou’ journalists get crimson by these exposes.

  15. Mangesh Sakhalkar says:

    Great work,.. Swami Pradeep and Co.. TimesNow’s real face exposed..

    But i feel, we should better stop crying abt this foreign media & all.. Why can’t BJP & Sangh starts its own News channel.. Both Sangh & BJP have connection and good rapport with many Top industrialists…

    Why can’t we start our own media channel..??

    As far as Sangh is concerned, we have never found any need to waste crores of rupees on this cheap publicity,.. B’coz our strategy of ‘mass connect’ is to reach out to the people through daily, weekly Sakhas, Sanghiks & ‘door-to-door campaigns’.. So what MSM channels say or do, ..We are least bothered..

    Now abt the BJP…– I feel BJP shd pay an urgent attention to this.. More so b’coz it is a political party,.. and such continuous negative coverage by TimesNow, IBN, NDTV,.. et al,. will change people’s perception about it, but ONLY to some extent..

    But, that said, we have seen in many elections, that as far as election results r concerned, ….. inspite of venomous campaign against BJP, Modi and all, has Not in any way hampered BJP’s poll prospects..

    So, conclusion is, it is anyways better to have atleast one media channel group (covering all languages..),… But we should Not much worry, & bang our heads against the brick wall, when we see so many media channels going hammer and tongs against us..

    But anyways,.. i have to Congratulate Swathi & her company of patriots, to have invested so much of time and energy, to expose these biased media channels, .. Our best wishes r with U.. U ppl r infact doing the Nation a great service.. Keep up the good work,..

  16. Shanti VR says:

    Great Job, Swati. Really appreciate your spirit to doggedly expose the pseudo media, in spite of being away oceans away, in US.

    While on Vibrant Gujarat, while all media channels unitedly blacked out this news, TimesNow RELUCTANTLY brought this out as a debate (mind you, there was not even a news scroll on Vib Guj) and that too a negative one, is Modi making up the figures? Is he lying? And there was a Congressman, who was talking rubbish – nothing he said made sense.

    Wish the BJP had a channel group.

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  18. Sujata Srinath says:

    Great job, Swathi. Keep exposing those lousy liars…And there was a discussion [if you could call it that] on Vibrant Gujarat…but hopeless as usual…Arnab pontificates that he presents ‘balanced’ debates and keeps giving people the ‘right to rebut’ but all his posturing cannot hide the bias he has against Narendra Modi or the BJP or any other so called ‘right-wing’ [I prefer, nationalist] group. Twisting tweets is just awful…reminds me of the song, “Chingari koyi bhadake so savan use bhujaye…savan ko agna lagayee to use kon bhujaye?” If our news gatherers are so biased where do we turn to for authentic news??

  19. Raj says:

    You may have spotted a typo or two but the truth is Timesnow is the only English news channel which is not pandering to the windbag liberals (read congress in India) and for this they must be commended…

  20. Vinod Iyer says:

    Hate Arnab…Hate him. I am taking the easy route out from him. AVOID watching his channel !!

  21. Manohar says:

    I pray for the day when we are united again.

  22. Tejo says:

    Good work. Is there a legal way to solve these menace? How can mediamafia get away by telling so blatant lies. When we talk of corruption in India then how can India allow to see this online corruption.

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