Throughout my life, I have witnessed various spectrum of “Sycophancy”. Some included,few classmates “buttering” teachers to procure “extra marks”, some employees in organisations, “boot licking” their bosses for “promotion” and “perks”, but,all, I can say is “Nothing,beats NDTV,(Hands down!!) in SYCOPHANCY”!!

When,billion Indians,around the globe were busy watching,tweeting,feebing,expressing, Team India’s brilliant performance during India Vs Pakistan,Semi Finals match at Mohali on March 30th,how could NDTV miss this “golden opportunity” of performing their assigned PR job for Congress’ prince “Rahul Gandhi”?!

NDTV and its journos were busy capturing and reporting various “moods” of Rahul Gandhi and frantically tweeting about his “presence” at the match,the moment they spotted the prince at the stadium. Tweeple were already frustrated with this irritating sycophancy,but the “last straw,which broke tweeples back, was this below MAIN banner on NDTV website after INDIA won Semi Finals”! Hang on, isn’t the man with dimpled grin,on the extreme right of the banner,Rahul Gandhi? Why is he juxtaposed along with Team India?!

So,according to this above banner, it was not Sachin’s 85 runs, not Yuvraj Singh’s and Harbhajan’s Singh’s terrific bowling attack, not Indian team’s performance, but it was “the auspicious presence of Rahul Gandhi,that India won”?!

Really NDTV? I mean, Really?!!!! How low,can you stoop in your “yellow journalism”?!

There were dozens of media,cricket,bollywood celebrities out there,who had taken a day off their busy schedule to be present at the stadium, and the ONLY person you spotted amongst the heavily packed spectators,was RAHUL GANDHI?!! Hmm… “Eagle eyesight,I must say”!!

If you desperately wanted to portray politics and cricket,you could have at least photoshopped the picture of Manmohan Singh,juxtaposing with Team India,after India’s win. Or,does Rahul Gandhi,hold more priority to you,than our own honorable Prime Minister,Manmohan Singh?!

With your every tweet,every news,every photo,every video and every link on your website,you are just reinforcing the fact that NDTV is indeed an acronym for “Nehru Dynasty Television”!

Why this level of sycophancy? Eyeing for “Padma Shri” or “Bharat Ratna”??

According to Newton’s third law,”Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. This sycophancy had an equal reaction too! Frustrated tweeple,threw “brickbats” left,right and center,at NDTV and their journos Barkha Dutt,Vikram Chandra,Prannoy Roy,Nidhi Razdan,etc,demanding explanation as to,what was Rahul Gandhi’s contribution to India’s win”!

Finally,NDTV had to “cave in” to tweeple’s demands and change their main banner. Find out how..

Few screenshots of tweets from frustrated tweeple: (These are just a sample,there are thousands of tweets out there, bashing NDTV for its “yellow journalism”!)

Believe it or not, within 20 mins of this avalanche on Twitter, NDTV changed its main banner to this:

According to ancient saying,people can be mended in three ways : “Saama”,”Beda” and “Danda”.

Some people mend by sweet words,

Some people mend by harsh words..

But NDTV mends by “brickbats”!”

P.S: If you are one,amongst the crowd out there,who still think Twitter is a place where people update statuses like “what they drank”,”what they ate”, “when and where,they took a dump”, etc, its HIGH TIME, you RETHINK! 😉

P.P.S: I still cannot believe that I wasted this space to give mileage to NDTV and Rahul gandhi..!!



Howdy!! I am a Blogger,a Writer and a Cartoonist! I maintain around 14 blogs ranging from cartoons,food,travel,photography,sci tech,music to reviews on books and movies.
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21 Responses to BREAKING: NDTV SOLD OUT!!

  1. Prashanth K.P says:

    I guess with the ‘new-age glamour’ imperatively becoming a prerequisite for media journalism, a sense of snobbery entails it. This lot subjugates to, pretend to and endeavor to showcase news & events with rancor and ambiguity. If you attempt to somehow point it out, they treat you with unabashed disgust. More often than not, they are partisan, obnoxious, gossipy and honestly cantankerous. Moreover, they come with an attitude that they are the intellijerks of the whole world and the rest of us are mere fools or much lesser in IQ in comparison with them.

    Your confrontations with the obnoxious likes of Sagarika Ghose, Nidhi, Barkha, Rajdeep, Vikram Chandra et all are all justified and I thank you for taking it up.

    This piece was brilliant!

  2. suresh says:

    sycophancy in journalism has become the norm in India. Cash or favours buy news coverage. It is too much to expect ethical conduct from journos.

  3. abhay shahi says:

    it is india frnd. mght be nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnDDDDDDDDDDTTTTTTTVVVVVV

  4. Amit Raina says:

    Honestly not surprised. What else can you expect from channel which did nothing to its editor, inspite of proofs of her being involved in lobbying for DMK in UPA Cabinet formation? NDTV and Barkha Dutt represent the bottom of yellow journalism pit

  5. Absolutely rivetting article and it shows the absolute level to which sycophants like ndtv have sunk. they are ready to show their loyalty to their political masters at any level. Shame on NDTV and well done to the blogger!!

  6. Prateek says:

    But look at the brighter side. if India would have lost the last night over hyped game of cricket we would be having SOMEONE else than Dino Morea to blame.

  7. Chandra Shekhar says:

    There r reports 2 suggest that an unknown women journo
    had actually reported & covered ‘Kargil’ & not Barkha Dutt,
    as she claims, Barkha manupulated her reports, by jumping d gun & secured her position in NDTV ! i wonder
    why Barkha did this 2 her ?? the Truth must come out ???

  8. This is height of sycophancy. Most corrupt media house of nation NDTV. This is the same media house whose Barkha Dutt did lobbying in govt to loot exchequer, Pranoy Roy who is responsible for 5Cr loss in 1990s to DD and is facing a charge-sheet by CBI

    Go to hell you boot-licking thugs, crooks.
    Truly NDTV – Nehru Dynasty TV

    As Sanjeev Sabhlok said: <a href=""time to boycottt NDTV

    Jai Bharat!

  9. , K P Ganesh says:

    Rahul Gandhi is NDTV’s new ad sales boy. Thanks to his presence NDTV gets some advertisement revenue, which it wouldn’t be otherwise. And the biggest revenue spender on NDTV ad’s hitherto not visible is Congress, especially those close to Sonia. How else do you think they are going to spend the 1.76 crore scam money from the 2G spectrum!!! Guess 2G is been upgraded to 5G by NDTV by portrayal of the CLOWN PRINCE Raul Vinci aka Rahul you know who!!!

  10. Chetan says:

    It indeed is surprising to see blatant partisan of the channel but am also surprised why opposition leaders queue up to participate on NDTV and why viewers don’t switch?

    Meanwhile I think India needs to seriously look at why should a surname be automatic qualification for the top job and why so many competent chief ministers not even considered as candiadates

  11. Well, its a well known fact that Wife of Pronoy Roy is Sister of Brinda Karat and all this propaganda not only expose that ‘bootlicking level’ of Media but also hints a MAJOR nexus of Media with Political parties ! Which is serious concern and THREAT for this country.

    Be it Raja, Radia or HIDDEN Pawar and Hasan Ali, media some how is acting FOR some one.

    KUDOS to Jyothi and other tweeps who r very much successful in exposing the lies of so called PADMA award winner media CHAMCHAS !

  12. Rockford says:

    I didn’t expected this cheap thing from NDTV.
    Its really Nehru Dynasty TV

  13. Randal says:

    Big addict from this site, a great deal of your posts have definitely helped me out. Looking towards improvements!

  14. True Tamil says:

    read this fully to know what Anna Hazare has to tell about Sonia Gandu. this news has been completely blocked out by our honorable media. please do something to spread this news.

  15. We need internet writers desperately. After reviewing your article, we decided we want you on our crew. We pay $35 TO $50 hourly. Our leading people are pulling in over $90 THOUSAND per year, composing part time.
    Please swing by and see us.

  16. Animesh Dasgupta says:

    Its Really Awsome…..Atleast Some one Landed up in leadership to show the people’s anger against this Corruption of THE GOVT !!!! WE SUPPORT TOU ANNA HAZARE !!!!

  17. Urban Lama says:

    They just love photoshop. Don’t they.

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  20. depan says:

    I m from older gen,& thought am alone till I saw reaction of Youngistan (cricket).This channel smeared with veneer,is totally heavily loaded in favor of Sonia Gandhi’s party in all debates & discussions, thinking that audience r fools.Despite all the scams & goof ups committed by ruling party, n.d.t.v helps them to wriggle out by cleverly shifting emphasis several times, Whenever ruling party is cornered.their favorite sham is equating Karnataka misdoings with trillion dollar scams committed by party in rule.n.d.t.v is at its best,in trifling, billions of dollars salted away in foreign banks.The queens in n.d.t.v pack, r Barakha Datt & sonia singh.The gleeful mirth on their faces,when they think they had befooled Non Congress participants & audience is too obvious to miss.They fanatically pretend they r sole proprietors of secularism & their brand of secularism is supporting those who demand,Sharia law in in England,purged Kashmir of Pundits,named a mountain range Hindu Kush, helped Taliban to develop sleeper cells in India & innumerable other similar situations….. The list goes on & on. Silver lining is they r young & would see in their own lifetime. results of their brand of secularism .

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