Communal Bill

Recently, Sonia Gandhi used her “magic wand” to make NAC draft a “Communal Violence prevention bill”. Any naive common man, hearing these bombastic words, will be rejoicing and blessing congress,for their attempt to curb “communal violence” in the country. But,lest do they know that this bill is the exact “contrary” of what it sounds!

Ladies and Gentlemen,UPA, headed by Antonio Manio, aka Sonia Gandhi and the ceaser’s wife,who is always above suspicion,whether he is a “lame duck” or not,Mr Manmohan Singh, are all set to sweep out “Hinduism” from India, with just one stroke: “The Communal Bill”! 

Don’t believe me? Read on…

Few excerpts from the Bill: (Link: )

Chapter 2: Offences: (Pages 4-7)

Clause 7: Sexual assault.– A person is said to commit sexual assault if he or she commits any of the following acts against a person belonging to a group by virtue of that person’s membership of a group:
(a) against a woman,
(i) rape;
(ii) gang rape;
(iii) mass rape-means the rape of more than one woman belonging to any group.

Very good! Finally, our Shiela didi finished reminiscing her “jawani” and is trying to care for “jawani’s” of other girls in Delhi! Shabhaash!

Clause 8: Hate Propaganda : whoever publishes, communicates or disseminates by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representation or otherwise acts inciting hatred causing clear and present danger of violence against a group or persons belonging to that group

BADIYA!! Now, Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi will be tried for spewing venom against RSS!

Clause 9: Organized Communal and Targeted Violence: Whoever engages in continuing unlawful activity of a widespread or systematic nature knowingly directed against a group or part thereof, by virtue of their membership of that group, by use of violence or threat of violence or intimidation or coercion or other unlawful means, is said to commit the offence of organized communal and targeted violence.

Wow!! So now, Godhra riots victims will rest in peace!!

Clause 12: Torture: Whoever, being a public servant, or under the control or direction of or with the acquiescence of a public servant, intentionally inflicts pain or suffering, whether mental or physical, on a person belonging to a group by virtue of his or her membership of a group, including causing grievous hurt or danger to life, limb or health or sexual assault, for the purposes of obtaining from him or her or a third person information or a confession or punishing him or her for an act he or she or a third person committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or her or a third person, is said to inflict torture.

Impressive! Now,the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy,which occurred,right  under the nose of Arjun Singh,(who safely escorted and bade goodbye to Warren Andreson), will get “justice”! But, wait a minute! Didn’t Arjun Singh recently die at AIIMS? (to which he was hell bent in bringing reservation), many tweeple also offered their “sanskrit” shraddhanjali (condolences) to him on Twitter and other social networking sites,with few “educated and humble” people,giving them “art of living” classes as to how,no one should rejoice anyone’s death?!

Btw, Why is the word “group” in “infinite loop” in all these above clauses? What is this “GROUPISM” all about?

*scratches her head for sometime and then scrolls upwards to “Chapter One” on Page Two” in this doc

Eureka!!! (Hell No, I am not in my bath tub..!! )

“group” means a religious or linguistic minority, in any State in the Union of India, or Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes within the meaning of clauses (24) and (25) of Article 366 of the Constitution of India;

Why do I get the “deja vu” feeling of “brimming with joy seeing the ad in newspaper which says: Buy one,get one free,but suddenly spotting the asterisks above the ad,which directs me,downwards to “Conditions Apply”??!!!

Bingo! You guessed it right! According to the above bill, it indirectly says that ONLY Minorities are the ones who are victims of Communal violence, and the Majority, are ALWAYS, by default, the offenders!! Any sane person with normal IQ of 70 is “smart” enough to read between the lines of this bill and analyze that this bill is all set to brand Majority, aka Hindus, as COMMUNAL, with a single yard stick! Thanks to have been born in the land of Aryabhatta( who invented 0) and Ramanujam (who invented infinity), we can introspect that any communal attack/riots on majority, aka Hindus,by the minorities, will go unheard and unpunished!!

Let’s Zoom the lens on the “elite” people,who will be seated on cushion couches in AC rooms,enjoying the scenic beauty of beach,from their glass door and scribbling away to glory, in the handwriting, which will resembling a “worm dipped in ink and left to wriggle on the paper”, purchased by Mr Kalmadi for Common wealth games.

Thanks to @kiranks (for the links) and @nationalizer (for agglomeration) here are the “hororscopes”,”biographies” and “life achievements” of those “HONORABLE” people on the “Communal” bill drafting panel:

1) Harsh Mander || ||

2) Anu Aga: 1 of India’s richest women, a harsh Modi critic & obviously a Padma Shri

3) Aruna Roy: A Magsaysay award winning anti-Hindu psec

4) Jean Dreze : A Belgium citizen who’s an Indian for less than 10 yrs ‘drafts’ bill!

5) Farah Naqvi, who pushed one Gujarat 2002 case to Mumbai & ‘re investigated’ by CBI!

6) Mirai Chatterjee, Another Modi baiter,having Guj Muslim agenda.

7) AK Shiva Kumar read a comment by Viren here. ‘Secular’!

8) Narendra Jadhav, A Buddhist by law. Seems a moderate so far.

9) Teesta Setalvad (till Feb 11). India’s loudest liar, Modi baiter.

10) Shabnam Hashmi (Advisor): Blatantly anti Modi. ‘come & shootme’

11) Syed Shahabuddin (Advisor): Anti-Hindutva, Babri masjid agitator

12) John Dayal (Advisor) India’s loudest conversion agent, anti-Hindu

13) Niaz Farooqui (Advisor), a mullah demanding Muslim reservation!

14) Just Hosbet Suresh, loudly called Bush a terrorist, with Z Naik!

15) Sister Mary Scaria – Her bio is pretty much Jesus, Jesus & Jesus

16) Gopal Subramaniam : Wasn’t his residence a 2G scam headquarters?

A big round of applause to all the above mentioned great men and women, who will be shaping the future of India, shortly! 😉 😉

Dear Hindus,

Congrats!! You have just,been featured in the latest episode of “MTV BAKRA”!! (Read UPA Bakra)!

Do not forget to lay your rightful hands on attractive “Bakra” caps, being distibuted by the leaders of Congress party, designed exclusively for you!!

P.S: If anyone finds this post “Communal”, grab your daily dose of freshly brewed coffee! We are obviously discussing “COMMUNAL BILL” here! 😉 😉 🙂

P.P.S: Feeling deprived? Want to do something, other than usual ranting, cursing? Sign this petition against Communal Bill:

P.P.S. 2: Someone raised a valid concern on twitter “If there is a communal riot between Muslim and Christian, who is a MINORITY, between them, according to Congress”?

Well, I am ALL EARS to hear the answer! 😉 😉

Btw, comic made by me on the same:



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14 Responses to Communal Bill

  1. nationalizer says:

    Goood one ! Keep it up ! nice toon too !

    • Archer says:

      Thanks a lot, Ashok!
      I have used the panel info from your post and given you and Kiran, credit 🙂

    • sreenivaas raav says:

      Dear ALL
      The article was quite elaborate and exact.Could’nt agree much more than what it was said.I guess now is the time for nation to sit up take notice of these subversive machinations of few people (NAC) and start a “KICK OUT THE UPA” campaign at the earliest.Lest the nation goes to dog’s once this act becomes a reality.
      Sreenivaas Raav

  2. Krishna says:

    There is a concerted attempt to bring in a dictatorship through the back door. Three bills will screw up all freedoms. The Communal Violence Bill is one, the one on IT and the third is the JLP which will all be draconian legislation shoved down the throat of the country.

    We are seeing the country going down in flames and the opposition including the BJP are just watching in the sidelines, not moving an inch. We should move for abolition of the NAC, or see them come up with more harebrained or downright malicious legislation.

  3. kpp1991 says:

    Essentially, the bill is nothing more that depicted brilliantly in one of your cartoon above where we, the Hindus are shown drowning, yelling for help but disdainfully ignored and left to our plight by the ever-smiling Sonia, CON, Minorities and other beneficiaries.

    The bill in its current draft evokes a direct measure for ethnic cleansing of Hindus. Fight tooth and nail is all that is left. Baba Ramdev’s movement should also spill over to the CVB too.

    To be governed by a few clauses compiled by suspect characters nominated to a committee by another illegitimate and unconstitutional body called NAC is not only unacceptable to the Nation but also a direct departure from Democratic constitutional principles of Bharat. To hell with CVB and the rest of those who have initiated it.

  4. Jay says:

    methinks yindoos shd b more subtle and incisive in articulation.our objective shd not be just to whine,but convert ppl to our side.The post brings very important points to light about dangers of CV Bill,but this could easily read as a contrarian.We shd not let our anger overwhelm us while articulating.
    Like Nitin Pai,says “Fervour is not strategy. Stridency is not persuasion.”
    I am being constructive..I think we shd also win the PR game..just reiterating that we are being victimised wont help our cause,though it is necessary to educate ourselves about these appeasement gimmickry.

    • Archer says:

      Thanks for dropping in. Hindus have been tolerant for more than 60+ years now!! I think its high time we change our tolerance about this intolerance meted out to us.
      On June 4th,2011, Hindu women were molested, pulled by hair,duppata, chest touched,etc at Ram lila maidan at 1:10 am during Baba Ramdev’s fast. If this had happened to minorities, congress would have blown this issue out of proportion!! But they sent RAF,police to swoop down on sleeping protestors and use tear gas on them!!

  5. urbanlama says:

    is the wikileaks link working,. where did you get the image of Rajiv. Source please.??

    and yeah thanks.

    Keep up the good work

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