Mr PM, my 12 questions!

Mr Prime Minister,

Until June 4th, I used to proudly brag,with swollen heart,that I am really PROUD to be born in the nation which has the LARGEST DEMOCRACY in the world. The nation which harbored stalwarts like M.K. Gandhi, Subhash Chandra bose, Mangal Pandey, et all. The nation,which taught AHMISA and Non violence to this world, that, even Martin Luther King had visited India to meet M.K. Gandhi to learn the art of “non violence” from him,to practice the same, in order to bring freedom to African Americans. You will be even astonished to know that Martin Luther King museum has Gandhi’s bust size statue, as a salute to his teachings of “non violence” and ahmisa to the world.

Let’s leave USA for now, let’s go back to INDIA. On June 4th,2011midnight, I was flabbergasted to learn from the fellow tweeple(who were LIVE tweeting seeing BREAKING NEWS on television) about the massacre at Ram Lila grounds, launched by your honorable government,under the instructions of Sonia Gandhi.The horrifying scenes of women being pulled by their hair, duppattas pulled, molested, children being lathi charged, etc. Were you aware of this or were you as usual,kept in “dark” and you don’t know what happened “behind closed doors” when Sonia summoned for meeting at 6PM that day,before sending her vaanara sainya?

If you have come out of your hibernation, could you please take your precious time,off your busy schedule and reply to my below concerns?

1) Why was Baba Ramdev evicted forcefully,when he was holding a peaceful protest? When Mahatma Gandhi, now called, the Father of the nation, did fasts and peaceful protests in the past, when Anna Hazare was allowed to do peaceful fast,without any interference from your police force, WHAT wrong did Baba Ramdev do? What was your problem? Did Baba’s “saffron” robe traumatize your govt? or the presence of more than 1 lakh of his followers? or did your government have “nervous breakdown” fearing old skeletons tumbling out of closet, if Baba turns out successful? Read Wikileaks on KGB  and proof of Rajiv Gandhi’s swiss bank account containing 2.5 million Franken

2) Some of your chamchas were found suffering from “foot in mouth” disease,with their inane theories,”Baba was arrested for assembling people. Are these chamchas of yours immune to intelligence? Can you educate those dimwits that, according to Article 19 of Indian Constitution, “Every citizen has the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to hold peaceful protests”! Link: 

3)WHY did the delhi police swoop down,opening tear gas on sleeping protestors at 1:10 am midnight on June 4th? The protestors over there were sleeping, they were not playing “treasure hunt”,searching for your “spine!” The act of opening tear gas on sleeping people is so Barbaric. Even the Britishers had the spine to attack from the front! Your government said they arrested him as they received information that RSS planned to kill him. Oh yes! RSS is a terrorist org and I just saw an alien knocking at my door!

4) WHY was RAF sent to evict Baba Ramdev? Is he a terrorist? RAF squad at Ramlila grounds brought back memories of Rang De Basanti movie’s ending scene where the govt sent RAF to kill Aamir Khan and his friends for fighting corruption! Did Sonia Gandhi watch Rang De Basanti and get inspired by it, before she called for press meet at 6PM?

5) Your government gives Z class security to Kasab, feeds him chicken biryani in the prison. He is living a more secured life than you in India,despite being a terrorist. Your government has formed pro terrorist rules and laws, appealed for clemency of Afzal Guru,even though Supreme court gave him death sentence! In spite of fighting terrorism and punishing the terrorists, your goverment went hammer and tongs on “Baba Ramdev” and harmless women and children,protesting peacefully at Ram Lila maidan! Can you explain this?

6) Kapil Sibal yesterday said “He is a yogi, he should stick to yga, instead of fighting corruption and forming political parties”. Will you mind showing him the mirror and asking him “If a bartender can head congress party,why can’t a yogi float a party”? Why this double standards?

7) Digvijay Singh called Osama Bin Laden as “Osama ji” and Baba Ramdev as THUG!! He also made some inflammatory speeches on Baba Rmdev. Can he be arrested under IPC 153A,just like Varun Gandhi?

8) Your party members were crying foul over Sadhvi Ritambara sitting with Baba Ramdev! When Agnivesh, a well known Maoist supporter sat with Anna Hazare,why didn’t your government rant over it? Because he supports Maoists just like your government does? What about Teesta? She is pro LeT. But, your government has her on NAC planning committee!

9) Previously Arundathi Roy and Syed Ali Shah Gilani had made anti India speeches in Delhi. Why were they not arrested ? Why was Baba Ramdev arrested and barred from entering Delhi, even if he did not make any anti India speeches?

10) Your government had no problem with Geelani holding peace rallies following Osama Bin Laden’s death,recently,in Kashmir But had problems with Baba Ramdev’s peaceful protest against corruption?

11) Your Home ministry and police denied attacks on women and children. But the pictures and news articles show otherwise! WHY were women targetted by pulling their hair, molesting them, pushing and kicking them? WHY were children below 1 year lathi charged?

Links and proofs of women and children being assaulted and molested:

1)Rajbala a woman protester was lathi charged.Her spinal cord is fractured now and she is in ICU. She is paralysed for life.

2) 25 women gone into hiding after being molested by drunken cops

3)Pictures of assualt on men and women:

a) Man in bandage after aasault:

(b)Rajbala who is paralysed for life:

(c)Rajbala’s condition released by doctors:

(d) Police used lathi charge on protestors:

4) Videos:

a)Watch this video to know what really happened at RamLila grounds:

(b) A woman saying on TV ‘Ladkiyon ki chaati par maar rahe hain’ (police hitting on the chest of women)

I watched with immense frustration,agony and aghast, when Times Now, showed LIVE images of women being assaulted and molested. Women cried and pleaded with police,to spare them; asked them, where they should go at midnight in the city known as “RAPE CAPITAL” of India,where girls/women are molested everyday, at the blink of the eye! But kudos! your policemen were found heartless!

12) Your government took 3 years to arrest Raja,(2g scam), 2 years to arrest Kalmadi (CWG Scam), but less than one day to arrest Baba Ramdev, even if he was fasting peacefully for the welfare of the nation! Your government has no time and interest to look into rape cases in Delhi, despite being ruled by a woman,Shiela Dixit, but has all the time to assault, molest and beat the hell out of innocent women and children!

Lastly, I was very concerned over your absence,since June 4th 2011, 1:10 AM. I wanted to have a glimpse of you. I wished that, you would come out in open and say “I condemn the attacks on innocents on June 4th,2011”. Many people on twitter launched #findingManmohan initiative to find you in every nook and corner in India. Finally, news channels started flashing your statements. I felt relieved to see that you had finally woken up and smelt your coffee. But what disappointed me was when you said :” It is unfortunate that operation had to be conducted but quite honestly, there was no alternative” .

Really Sir? Really? You had no alternative, other than swooping down heavily with RAF on innocent sleeping people, who had no idea about the forthcoming barbaric act on them? You had no alternative, other than turning this Ram lila grounds into another Jallianwala Bagh or Tiannammen Square massacre? You know what? fortunately or unfortunately,your barbaric act coincides with the date,when Chinese government killed innocents at Tinnaneman square on June 4 1989!!

You said that you don’t have a magic wand! Why not,first concentrate on having some “spine”?

Yours Sincerely,

(Frustrated) INDIAN CITIZEN!


Update as on June 9th, 2011:

1) BKhush has published this post on their e-mag:

2) Haindava Keralam has published this post on their website




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30 Responses to Mr PM, my 12 questions!

  1. Noni says:

    uh… it wasnt a massacre. The police had to use force when the “Peaceful” protesters were throwing rocks at the policemen.

    • Archer says:

      looks like you did not have time to completely read my post! Please spare your time and my time by reading it completely!
      People were sleeping and tear gas was used on sleeping ppl.. how can sleeping ppl throw bricks?

  2. Trishul Nagoji says:

    You are one hell of a lady. Tweeple should award you the Jhansi ki Rani award. Forget @bdutt’s phoney Padmasri. You are the true Ratna of Bharat(atleast on Twitter). Go girl, go send this letter (hardcopy) to the spineless PM. Lets hope atleast, he gets ashamed and quits after reading this.

    Vande Mataram.

    • Archer says:

      Trishul sir,
      aww thanks a lot!!! 🙂 I m glad that I could contribute something to the cause been fought by some stalwarts like you! Thanks for the appreciation and encouragement 🙂

  3. Nilesh Kamani says:

    Sad day for Democracy in India. Good work by you girl. Keep doing it and spread awareness.

  4. Krishna says:

    You have brought out the entire horror of the act by GOI. Am aghast that this happened in India. The Congress has reduced a great Nation to Mafia Raj.

  5. kalyan says:

    Hey Archer you are making a difference and made a wonderful effort to let people know what really happened .

    I really appreciate your hard work and Love for our country .

    • Archer says:

      Thanks a lot. I m glad you liked it and valued my effort 🙂 Just doing my part,being a responsible citizen and a proud INDIAN! 🙂

  6. Prashanth K.P. says:

    It is a intelligently documented, chronologically detailed, evidence packed questionnaire that not only the insipid Prime Minister but also the Government of India needs to respond. They have to revert to the Public of India with a justification of their brutal act, not that they will by any figment of thought.

    You have sought, asked, demanded and dared both the PM and GOI with questions that are poignant in every citizen’s mind.

    Absolutely brilliant. You have voiced the concerns of the masses.

    • Archer says:

      Prashanth sir,
      Thanks a lot 🙂 I m really happy that my efforts were noted,valued,liked and appreciated. thank you for all the support sir.

  7. Viyoma says:

    With due to respect to your views and anger expressed, here are a few points; I would like to differ on.

    To begin with, whether the PM was aware or not of this Lathi Charge Operation. The question is not in right taste. It’s high time, we stop calling our PM as puppet in the hands of Sonia. Dr Manmohan Singh is a representative and part of the UPA, and the face of India at this moment. This fact needs to be recognized and respected.

    Q2: Article 19, in my humble opinion, needs some revisiting. Look at the frequency at which people are exercising their rights under this Article. Can we please spare some precious time of the Government towards constructive areas, than waste time / resources handling protests?

    Q6: Questions are being raised on his association to political parties, mainly because, Baba Ramdev had announced the nature of protest would be A-POLITICAL. However, when the protest started, it took a different form, far from what was intended.

    Q9: Govt does not have problem with the protest against corruption, the problem is the multiplicity of the issues Baba Ramdev has raised. In one of the interviews, Baba Ramdev himself admitted, that the issues he has raised cannot be tackled/ resolved overnite, then why this FAST and Blackmailing attitude?

    Finally just 1 question to you. Why did you not raise the point of the agreement Baba Ramdev is said to have had with the Govt on ending the protest in 3 days time? Was the whole protest itself a doctored approach?

    • Archer says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Here are the answers for the points raised by you:

      You say: “It’s high time, we stop calling our PM as puppet in the hands of Sonia. Dr Manmohan Singh is a representative and part of the UPA, and the face of India at this moment. This fact needs to be recognized and respected.”

      I say: He being the PM of this country IS ANSWERABLE to its citizens!! Otherwise, there is no use ruling the country, if he cannot answer to the mayhem,chaos or riots which happen under his reign! Where was he ever since 1:10 am midnight from June 4th? He was absconding for more than 24 hours, then comes out and says “We had no other alternative”!! Is this management?? Is this how a responsible person runs his country? Also, a PM who appoints PJ Thomas into CVC, says he was unaware of backdoor dealings in ISRO DAVOS deal, sits on Raja’s corruption files for 3 years and Kalmadi’s files for 2 years, says corruption is due to “coalition dharma” cannot be respected in my humble opinion!

      You say: ” Questions are being raised on his association to political parties, mainly because, Baba Ramdev had announced the nature of protest would be A-POLITICAL. However, when the protest started, it took a different form, far from what was intended.”

      I say: ” When Agnivesh,a well know maoist supporter sat on stage with Anna, was it not an issue?” Also, when Teesta,a well know LeT supporter was made as a panelist on NAC committee, was it not an issue?!! What political parties on Baba’s stage did you see? I saw muslim leaders and also sikh leaders on stage with Baba.. This was not political. Govt had problems with his followers turning out in lakhs, and also old skeletons of KGB money tumbling out!!

      You say: “Govt does not have problem with the protest against corruption, the problem is the multiplicity of the issues Baba Ramdev has raised. In one of the interviews, Baba Ramdev himself admitted, that the issues he has raised cannot be tackled/ resolved overnite, then why this FAST and Blackmailing attitude?”

      I say: “Really? govt has no problems with black money”? Then when swiss bank offered the list of black money holders in its bank, WHY DID NOT THE GOVT RELEASE the NAMES?

      You say: “Finally just 1 question to you. Why did you not raise the point of the agreement Baba Ramdev is said to have had with the Govt on ending the protest in 3 days time? Was the whole protest itself a doctored approach?”

      I say: “Kapil Sibal is a well known liar who said there was ZERO LOSS in 2gscam” BUT TODAY RAJA & KANI are rotting in jail for their corruption in 2gscam. If anyday I was asked whom I would believe between Baba and Kapil, I will definitely believe baba as Kapil is proven liar!!

      Lastly, the questions you have raised have been already answered by me in the post itself. I felt like reiterating the same thing again in this comment!! 🙂 🙂

  8. this is a great blog Thank you for your time and effort on showing this.

  9. Narendra says:

    Absolutely echoes my anger and sentiments towards the Congress party and the PM. Really nice blog. Will look forward for more.

  10. chiranjeev Rao says:

    Hi ,

    i really feel helpless after all this incidents, sorry if my language is not right.

    liar kapil sibal, barking dog Dijvijay, they are trying all the ways to de track the corruption, Lok pal Bill and Black money issue. we should not allow this, we as a netizen should form a forum and bring the awareness to throw this corrupt congress govt.

    Even Amul Baby(Rahul vinci gandi) is not seen, fool like him is projected as a PM of this country. The Less Said abt the PM the better he doesnt have spine. he is a one of the chamcha of Sonia Gnadhi.


  11. Abhinav says:

    I believe in what Baba is doing, I just hope and wish that this has nothing to do with the opposition party (BJP). what I am scare of is, this seems like it is for a cause, it should remain for a cause and should not be a political strategies. 

    • ARCHER! says:

      EXACTLY!! BJP/RSS has NOTHING to do with this! Its just Congress and paid media which is defaming BJP/RSS to protect themselves

  12. Sugeeth says:

    Superb post Swathi, ( especially your replies to Viyoma 🙂 ) sadly for the government , doing such things is only worsening its already tattered reputation of the PM and Madamji. However, they will not resign though they know about their guilt. So much for the media who during the early years of the 2G scam, kept calling him a personally credible person.

    People’s views on Hazare and Baba may differ, but now the Indian politician has recognized the potential dangers of such a people’s movement and will throw all possible blockades at them. With such a popular people’s wave going across the country, why can’t we have a movement like ” Hang Kasab Immediately” . I don’t see what we are waiting for, and any other way for Kasab to be punished, with the current justice system and Indian politics.

    • ARCHER! says:

      Thanks a lot. Glad u liked my post as well as my reply to Viyoma 🙂 Yes Congress govt has raped democracy!! Its a real sad day in Indian democracy where even peaceful protests are not respected! Media is just another puppet of Congress and Sonia, which is just feeding garbage to public and confusing the public!
      Movements of Egypt and Tunisia have thrown out their dictators 🙂 Its HIGH TIME the Indian politicians respect citizens’ views for their own good.! Hang Kasab? Then how the hell will they get muslim votebank?

  13. Viyoma says:

    Tks for taking your time to respond. Appreciate it 🙂

  14. Laxman says:

    Keep Going Swathi. Great Job.
    this page needs to have more views so that people get real picture. I did not have access to India TV at Home.after watching the link here got good amount of info of that day.India TV seem to have given an unbiased view.

    • ARCHER! says:

      Thanks a lot Laxman 🙂 I am trying my level best to educate people about reality, who have no access to Twitter or FB 🙂
      You are free to share it anywhere you want to! 🙂

  15. Gitesh says:

    Hi , you are doing commendable job,I saw what happened that night, and not 10% of it was telecast next day,i woke whole night,it was dirtiest thing that could ever happen to India, If the person of indian origin could have been at the top, he would have never took this decision., but alas we are country of idiots.

  16. nilesh vadhia says:

    thanks for such a information… i got true pic of our leaders.pls going on to give such information…great work and real indian…..REAL INDIAN…atleast i am proud of u that such person are still in india to bring awareness…now i will say this thing to other…then make other to say it other……now u post information and we reader will spread it..
    One thing to say after hearing about swiss bank black money of indian on date 31 oct 2011
    jay hind ….jay bharat ma…

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