Art or Tart?

On account of M.F Hussain’s death, I see numerous empathetic message floating on social media like twitter and facebook, as well as Indian media conducting shows,by trampling over each other,in order to offer condolences to the demise of the so called “great artist”. I beg to differ here. Today,M.F.Hussain was compared to the epic painters, Michelangelo and Picasso. Now, I can understand, why Michelangelo and Picasso died early. Had they been alive today, they would have committed suicide over this inane “comparison”!

The bombastic words “Art” and “Freedom of Expression” have been misunderstood, mis-utilized, turned,beaten and twisted according to their convenience by the so called left “liberals”. Before procedding further, lets understand what “ART” and “Freedom of Expression” actually means!

ART– According to Wikipedia, ART is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses,emotions, and intellect.”

“Freedom of Expression” Wikipedia defines it as, “The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law.”

Freedom of Expression sternly prohibits Hate Speech, which is “any communication that disparages a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or other characteristic“.

Pornography is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter.Pornography may use any variety of media ranging from books,magazines,postcards,photos,sculptures,drawing,painting,etc”

Clearly, from the above three definitions of “ART”, “Freedom of expression” and “Pornography”, any normal person with IQ of 70+ has the tendency and capacity to analyze and conclude that, “the depiction of Hindu Gods/Goddesses and Bharat Mata as nude is NOT “art” or “freedom of expression”, but is “Pornography”, intended to hurt the sentiments of Hindus, who hold their Gods/ Goddesses in the highest regard!

Let’s take a look at few NUDE paintings,drawn by M.F Hussain: [courtesy:]

1) Goddess Durga in sexual union with Tiger:

2)Goddess Saraswathi, (the Hindu GOD of Education) nude:

3) Goddess Lakshmi naked on Shri Ganesh’s head:

4) Naked Shri Parvati:

5) Naked Draupadi :

6) Naked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita on Ravana’s thigh:

7) Fully clad Muslim King & Naked Hindu Brahmin:

8. Naked Bharat Mata (Mother India) :

Clearly, we can see his burning hatred towards Hindus,where he has depicted the Hindus Gods and Goddesses in explicit sexual positions in order to humiliate them. He definitely has freedom of expression to express “sexuality” in his drawings. But, the point to be noted here is “depiction of sexuality of Hindu deities”.

Some people argue that he loved INDIA a lot, hence he drew Bharat Maata naked. My question is “Didn’t he love his own mother & daughter”?

Now,lets take a look at his paintings which are fully clothed:

1) M.F Hussain’s own mother fully clothed:

2) Hussain’s daughter fully clothed:

3) Muslim poets fully clothed:

Why this HYPOCRISY? Why did he draw Hindu Gods & Goddesses nude, but his own mother, daughter and muslim poets, fully clothed? Where is his bullshit “art” and “freedom of expression” explanation? Obviously,the self respecting and tolerant Hindus felt humiliated by this insult, and opposed his so called “art”. He ran away from India and settled in Qatar. He seemed to have bragged that Qatar permits and respects “Freedom of expression” more than India. Is it? Then WHY he didnt draw any nude paintings of their religious deities in Qatar? Didnt he love Qatar, the way he loved India?

Just because you hold a paint brush in your hand and paints in your pallet,you cannot go around frantically scribbling your canvas with bullshit,what your perverted mind suggests! Any art which hurts the sentiments of certain group of people based on their sex,creed,color and religion is NOT an Art, but an ABUSE! M.F Hussain’s paintings have undoubtedly “Abused” Hindu sentiments!!

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has done a detailed analysis of his drawings on their website. Please have a look:

Also, a staunch Catholic, Dr Mrs Hilda Raja has defended Hindus over this insensitive paintings by M.F Hussain:

Don’t we all know the case of Danish cartoonist, who was murdered by muslim radicals, for drawing cartoons of Muhammed? Why was he killed? Was his drawings not considered “ART”? Didn’t he have “Freedom of expression” just like M.F Hussain?

The screens of M F Hussains film Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities were  vandalized and the movie was pulled out from theatres a day after some Muslim organisations like All India Muslim Council and Jamiat-ul-Ulema-e-Hind argued that one of the songs, Noor Un Ala contained verses directly taken from the Holy Quran. The case of Blasphemy was slapped.

Why this double standards? When your religion is in question, you feel threatened, you go ransacking, vandalized, traumatizing the world, assassinating, murdering,beheading and killing people who portray your religion in the form of “Art”, be it movie or painting. But, when you do the same thing to Hindus, we all should keep mum and not even say a word against it? How long will Hindus tolerant this nonsense of “indifference”? Looks like we Hindus have become too “tolerant” about this “intolerance”!

My question to ALL the supporters of M.F Hussain for his so called (bullshit) ART:

Dear Men,

Would you have still sung praises of M.F Hussain’s “art”, if he had drawn your own mother, sister, daughter or wife naked and had put those paintings on sale? please answer me!

Dear Women,

Would you still have gone gaga about him and given lectures on “art”,defending M.F Hussain, if he had drawn YOU naked, without your consent?

It’s HIGH TIME these people introspect themselves,before blurting out things, just for the sake of talking,to increase TRP’s, followers, or to appease the minorities or prove their “secularism”!

I being a proud HINDU, severely condemn these insensitive paintings which depict our beloved deities and HINDUISM in general, in poor light!



Howdy!! I am a Blogger,a Writer and a Cartoonist! I maintain around 14 blogs ranging from cartoons,food,travel,photography,sci tech,music to reviews on books and movies.
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39 Responses to Art or Tart?

  1. nationalizer says:

    Good Post , exposing the hypocracy of MFH, !! He will RIP (Rot IN Peice)

  2. raghuduttc says:

    MFH said in a interview that he portrays the people whom he hates most in the naked form. Barbie dolls in MSM never bring up this point while debating the issue with candle light storm troopers who throng tv studious. Any who points out this fact is branded as communal troll.

    The saddest part of this debate on MFH is the subtext that :All religions r sacred but some are more sacred than others. Until we address this subtext, we will remain a sickular country not a secular one!

    • ARCHER! says:

      Yes, you are right! He portrays ppl whom he hates the most!! Thats why he had portrayed Hindu Gods/Goddesses nude and later gives lame excuses like “freedom of expression” crap! The barbie dolls of media are paid gold coins by congress for keeping their lips sealed..
      Yes, the so called peaceful religion is not peaceful in reality! 🙂

  3. abhijith says:

    he is a s.o.b if u know wat i mean. most of all why did he run away. he knew he had done mistake. if was not guilty he wudnt have and asked for security

  4. Sugeeth says:

    The link to the article written by Dr.Mrs Hilda Raja was awesome.. 2 things stood out… and nice follow up article by you. I had only known of Khushwant Singh who supported Indira Gandhi during the emergency, but was never aware of MFH role in supporting Indira Gandhi during the emergency.

    “Respect for religious sentiments, need to maintain peace and harmony should also be part of the agenda of an artist-if he is great. If it is absent then he cannot say that he respects India and express his longing for India.”

    “On the other hand all that the Hindus do is clog internet space to vent their anger and therefore evoke only derision from our PSMF” 🙂 PSMF = Pseudo secular media friends?

    • ARCHER! says:

      We HINDUS have been preaching and practicing NON VIOLENCE & AHIMSA too much.. Our forgiveness is the main cause for HINDUISM being trampled today! I seriously think that its HIGH TIME we stop being tolerant!

  5. AS Raghunath says:

    Very topical. And with irrefutable logic.

    The controversial painter in his life time created such deplorable art works at regular intervals that kept him in circulation. And an obliging media [whom he gifted his random strokes, and they lapped it as prized possession] kept him in focus. Most other Indian painters who were much superior in their works practiced no such gimmickry hence they perished. Whereas the regular media hypes kept this man in focus even in exile and that kept jacking up price for his works. This man was more of showman of the art gallery than an artist.

  6. Someone remembers his movie Meenakshi : A tale of 3 cities. And why he brought it down. It had a song which used a word from Quran, and that was enought to bring down the whole movie.

  7. urban lama says:

    FYI Kurt Westergaard is still alive. He had been attacked quite often though.

    A simple fact.

    What if MSF had drawn Barkha Dutt, Arundati, ms. de and any other media junkies nude.

    I wonder what would have been their comment and reactions then. 🙂

  8. P Kumar says:

    Very well written…. very logical and to the point!!

  9. Kaushik Saha says:

    This post deserves to be published in a much bigger forum where more people need to be made aware of the hypocrisy of the so-called artist

    Specially youth, who have been spoonfed on petrodollar promoted anti-Indian media’s brand of secularism and tolerance

    Hats off ma’am, but be aware of govt-sponsored trolls who will call you the vilest names if they set their eyes on this post

    • ARCHER! says:

      Thanks a lot.. trying my level best to educate the youth who believe bull shit fed by the media. this anti Hindu brigade is reaching its peak and should be stopped. I m doing my bit for it 🙂 The sickular trolls will abuse or call me anything, but I dont care 🙂

  10. kpp1991 says:

    It is a powerful and emphatic compilation of records of a Painter made more famous for his controversies than his painting. He was a Painter with meager talents akin to that of some of those whom you find outside bus stations or railway stations. The have a penchant to draw with colored chalks on the road fairly depicting forms of art they visualize. It is the same too with MF Hussain. His limited vision brought out only that extent of image to the canvas. In an endeavor to bring in some sort of fame to himself, and being a hypocrite of the tallest order, he chose to brandish Hindu gods and goddesses in the only other expertise he possessed – sexual postures. Why I said hypocrite is because if he was the Painter he is, he wold have naturally chosen to draw his Mohammed, Fatima or kadheeja in the nude or in compromising postures and stood firm to the field of ART, if it was indeed, art. Nay, he chose to Hindus because of the historical fact that we, Hindus are know to be at the receiving end of ridicule, shame, abuse, blasphemy, assault and violence from the minority community especially Muslims, and from the boastful pseudo=secular fraternity. But if one amongst them were to be pictured in such demeaning art so to speak, all hell would break loose. Perhaps MF Hussain would have become a martyr of religious backlash from his own community. He should be thankful that he was kicked out alive and left to his rotten fate by the kind hearted Hindus only because traditionally, Hindus don’t smear their hands with dregs like MF Hussain.

    Well done Swathi. Let MF Hussain rot in hell and his supports join him there too.

  11. Krishna says:

    He was a tart alright, a well paid whore in the world of Art. What a travesty of an artist this idiot was! As rightly said, Michelangelo and Picasso died early just so they did not have to see his puerile works being compared to their masterpieces.
    One thing i am sure of is that MFH works will never be displayed in the Louvre or Musee d’Orsay!

    Thanks for taking the time off to write this well researched piece with annotations and links! Great Work!

  12. Shreya N says:

    An eye opening post! Keep it up….. This is for all who still consider him as a great human being…. Hats off to you dear! Kudos 🙂

  13. girish says:


    Read the last 4 pages of Delhi HC judgement on MF Hussain.

    Delhi HC would have punished him ,if not the permission from Central/State govt to conduct trial.He escaped b’coz center-Cong was there during 2004 and no approval was given

  14. Prashant says:

    not that i support M.F.hussain or his works ..but i do wonder if this anger u feel is just because he is a muslim…if u go to any ancient temple in south india u wud see nude sculptures of gods and godessess in almost every nook and corne…r…dont u find dat objectionable or ‘pornographic’ as said in the article…moreover the kamasutra is the ancient scripture which incidently also has been written by the hindus..nobody seems to have any problem with that…i just wonder why do we have double standards when we deal with such issues..
    P.S..:..please dont assume 4m my above comment dat i liked those paintings or i support dat person..its just a thought which came to my mind…

    • ARCHER! says:

      Wow!! you have amazing logic!! Btw, why did u feel that I wrote this post becos he is a muslim? If u go thru the post completely, u ll see that I have talked about HYPOCRISY not Hinduism or ISLAM!! Wondering where u get all these ideas from! 🙂
      Btw, your argument of naked gods and goddesses on temples is flawed as “they are ORDINARY MEN & WOMEN naked on temples! NOT, Gods/Goddesses”!! Also Kamasutra doesnt have NAKED GODS/GODDESSES!! They are all normal men and women like us in sculptures and in pictures in Kamast\utra! Get your facts right 🙂 The question is not about NAKEDness in Hinduism! But,the question is about drawing HINDU GODS/GODDESSES NAKED! Hope u got the difference! 🙂

      • Prashant says:

        Yeah i completely got what u wanted 2 convey in d post…but wat i wondered was dat according to the definition of pornography mentioned in the article,our temples and d above mentioned scripture also stand pornographic….nothing for or against M.F. Hussain…People buying his paintings for millions may see something which we cannot..maybe we are not that artistic as them…and after all everything lies in the eyes of the beholder….some may find a painting artistic and some others may feel that its offensive…

        • ARCHER! says:

          Artistic??? U find him drawing naked pictures of HINDU Gods/Goddesses artistic? Just a hypothetical situation: “Would you have called him artistic or bought his paintaing, if he had draw women of your family naked”? No right? WHY this HYPOCRISY?
          Looks like u didnt understand my argument correctly in the above comment. Please revisit it. I hate repeating stuff 🙂

  15. Krishna says:

    Rather long, but I got a mail with an interesting perspective. And entirely plausible too!

    The market speaks. Did anyone who is not an Indian ever purchase his paintings? The answer is NO. In the late 1980s, his paintings went unsold for the minimum price of 20 GBP at a London auction (Sotheby’s or Christie’s, don’t remember which one).

    The reason for MFH paintings making big money starting in the late 1990s was that he was part of a money-laundering scheme for a couple of big Indian business houses. It worked this way: the business honchos would buy the paintings for a huge price, he would donate the money to a “charity” run by the same business family. The process was repeated many times.

    According to Indian tax law, money brought from foreign countries was not taxed but services produced in India were. Donations to charities were not taxed. The law required him to pay taxes as income of services provided in India were still subject to taxation. The typical money-laundering scheme involves what is called layering where money passes through multiple entities. It also involves shipping money overseas and bringing it back as white money. As you can see, MFH met both conditions.

    Now, here is the important part. He did not quit India because of some noisemakers and minor acts of vandalism. He quit India because the authorities were hot on his heels having realized that he was part of a money-laundering scheme. Lawsuits against him inevitably led them to dig into this aspect and he was almost caught. That is why he fled India. Remember that he did not feel fear when NDA was in power. He quit India when UPA was in power. There was no reason for him to do so if it was really a bunch of vandals.

  16. ARCHER! says:

    Krishna sir,
    OMG!! Thanks for the valuable insights and facts! 🙂

  17. RS says:

    sorry to say this….but, he has a suitable surname…..M (M***R) F (F*****G) Hussain…..thats when n why he gets all these perverted ideas…………….

  18. Demelza says:

    Great thinking! That raelly breaks the mold!

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